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How do you create some space?

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I don't mean de-cluttering, but how do you create little pockets of space/time for yourself during the day, and how do you use them?

I find being alone all day with a 4 yr old and 10 month old taxing to say the least and if I don't have 10 mins here or there to "re-group" myself I lose it.

But boy it is challenging finding that space. Right now they're watching Angelina Ballerina but we only watch 1 hr of tv a day at the most.

And babe is a callin' already!...
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I make frequent trips to the bathroom. Or "The throne of privacy" as my friend calls it. I keep a book or magazine in there and just take a short break.

Good luck.
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When my youngest hit 18 months, everything changed. The two kids would play together for longer periods and I would get time.

Hang in there. Do what you can in small amounts and know that you will get bigger spaces in a few months.
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Originally Posted by chrfath
"The throne of privacy" as my friend calls it.

I guess it just got particularly hard because DD is suddenly mobile and follows me everywhere or I have to worry about her getting into unsafe stuff when I'm out of the room. Our flat is tiny and impossible to completely childproof. So my trips to the loo are rarely private or relaxed!

Yesterday I put them both in the car and drove to the library and remembered how driving is a good bit of "space" for me; they're both taken care of in the back seat and I can have a little space to think and breathe.

Other ideas?

mschatsalot, thanks for the reminder that things will change...I can lose perspective quickly. I had just got used to having time and space again before dd came along, then it was relatively easy for a while before she got mobile...this too shall pass, eh?
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Dh watches her while I take a bath. That's about it until I put her to bed. That's why I'm on the computer right now Sometimes I look at the clock and think "is it bed time yet?"
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My kids can keep each other busy now, but when the going got rough and I needed a few minutes just to read a New Yorker article or chat with a friend on the phone I would make myself some tea, bring it, dcs, portable phone, magazine or book and head to the bathroom. I'd plunk them in the tub with some good tub toys--tea set, plastic cars that need a wash, playmobile toys, plasstic animals, spry bottles, funnels and measuring cups--and let them have at it, while I sat aon my stool and did my thing. Everyone is always restored and happy after, including me.
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I really don't get much time during the day. Occasionally dh will watch them (more so the toddler than the baby) but that never lasts too long. I just grab the time whenever I can...right now the babe is napping and dh has taken dd to do errands so I am getting some uninterrupted computer time during the day (very rare!). August can now sit up and is happy playing on the floor for 15 minute periods and dd is good at keeping herself entertained so I sneak some time in that way.

I've scheduled my day so that I get a 1-2 hour block of 'me' time at night after I've put the kids to bed (8ish) and tidied up the house until 9:30.
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