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Clothes: That Don't Fit, That You Don't Wear

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I'm in such a weird place in time: Not fitting into many clothes (I tend to yo-yo in weight, anyway, and then there's the post-preg body to learn) and not needing many of the kinds of clothes I have. Like, many of them. I tend to keep way too many. I have two drawers full of jeans that I refuse to get rid of because I WILL FIT INTO THEM. Right after I reenroll in WW, that is.

Anyway, they're perfectly good clothes. But it feels weird to drop a bunch off at Goodwill that seem so beautiful or worth plenty of money. Ridiculous, I know. And an attempt to hold onto a life I no longer lead. (Not as if my former life was extravagent and luscious, but at least I would wear a dress a couple times a year. Tough to do when you're BFing.)

And I'm a horder (come by it honestly. When we moved from my childhood home into the house my parents built, we had no fewer than 5 Ace bandages. I tried to convince my Mom to keep one and get rid of the rest, but she wouldn't. Mom, I tried reasoning, even if all of us were wearing a bandage, there'd still be one left!) but my husband is the opposite, which has brought great change to my natural inclinations. I am going-to-Goodwill-to-drop queen. But it's the clothes thing I struggle with.

I am not sure why I'm posting. Looking for a swift kick, maybe? Empathy? Gimme what you got.
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I had a post typed out and then realized I was no help. as I keep clothes for when I loose all my pregnancy weight. After I am back in my normal clothes I pack up the too big stuff getting rid of what I dont like.

We have a huge storage shed it its not a problem to store.

I stay get those non-fitting clothes out of your drawers and get some clothes in there that fit and look good on the new you!

Hmmm have your dh clean out your clothes for you :
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I struggle with this too! I have very limited space for clothes, so after I got out of the maternity clothes, I tried to be brutal with getting rid of stuff.

Once I get back my maternity clothes from a friend, I will keep only those that I loved to wear.

I had some success when I went through the entire wardrobe and decided that I had to get rid of X number of items. It was probably 30 or 40. So, I got rid of the things I liked least or figured would be hardest to get back into. I had a couple short skirts that were unbelievably cute. But the last time I wore any short skirt? It was the last millenium. I am the queen of long flowy skirts, regardless of my weight fluctuations.

My advice is to go through all the clothes every season and keep purging! It sure is gradual, but sometimes I hit a mood and am really good at letting go of things. I also promised myself if I get to my 'ideal' weight, I will go out and buy some decent clothes.
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Originally Posted by HydeParkB
I also promised myself if I get to my 'ideal' weight, I will go out and buy some decent clothes.
I did that (bought decent clothes after getting to a great healthy weight). Then I got pregnant again....and again. Those decent clothes are the ones still sitting there. What do I do with those????
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I read something once that really stuck with me: Stop putting your life on hold until you're thinner.

It made so much sense! I too, was keeping clothes that didnt fit 'cause one day I planned on fitting into them. But then, what little clothes that did fit me, didnt look to good. I refused to buy new clothes b/c hey, I have a whole bunch already (even though none fit) and I didnt want to waste money on bigger clothes since I'd be thin soon! (yeah, right)

So, I had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

Another reason I couldnt part with them was for the reasons you stated:
But it feels weird to drop a bunch off at Goodwill that seem so beautiful or worth plenty of money
But then I thought, wouldnt it be nice for someone who has to shop at Goodwill find some really nice, decent clothes? Why cant a child/adult have some beautiful things even if they are poor?
Once that thought got in my head, it was sooo easy to donate my non-fitting clothes (and my kids too!)

So, I'm offering you emphathy, ('cause I've been there) and a good swift kick in the pants to let them go.
The best part? You feel so good for helping out someone less fortunate; you de-clutter your closets (which for me, de-clutter my mind) and when you do lose weight, you get to reward yourself with some new jeans!

Good luck! (and get packing )
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OOPS!! double post (talk of all of my bagged up clothes got me overly excited!!)
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Here's a vote for hanging on...just because it's what I do best!!
I find if I bag up in contractors bags items that don't fit now--but likely will--that are of designer or vintage quality---and stash them away----I then find them a year later ( or whenever) and it's like a treasure!! Things that are in style agian--or my favorite color once again.....and FREE!! ..........yes I KNOW there is a price to holding on...having the clutter....but I love opening up a bag and finding some funky diane von fustenberg 70's dress that I would have tossed & realizing it's a treasure----or all of the brown velvet jackets & blazers I had stashed away....when now I am WAY intro browns--3 years later!!!

Mind you .....I have a huge stash to start with as in my 20's I lived in Cambridge MA & religiously frequented $1 a pound.......a warehouse of used clothes--some very high end--all for $1 a pound. Fill a trash bag & pay by weight. Some fridays were 50 cents a pound!! So dressing out of a trash bag of collected designer clothes is just second nature to me.............
(And I have purged A LOT...mostly the gap--ambercrombie--ann Taylor--the recent stuff...the rare dolce & gabanna & designer stuff is just too cool to toss)
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^^^^I know a lady that works at Goodwill and the employees have to let the merch. be on the floor for 24 hrs before purchasing..Not saying they all do though
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Well, I've got a nice little stack of clothes on the couch, ready to go. I'm too lazy to go in there and count, but I think it's about 7 pieces.

You don't have to give things to Goodwill. I have given things to a women's shelter before. The bummer is that some of the things that are really nice happen to be dry clean only, which I don't think is a realistic item for someone who's between homes or working on gaining employment (except for the interview, perhaps).

Speaking of living your life now, versus waiting until you're the ideal weight: Has anyone else "punished" herself for having to buy fat(ter) clothes? When I finally grew out of all my jeans, I bought cheapy polyester pants and skirts, thinking that I'd not buy anything nice while I was at that weight. WHat better incentive to get back into my 10s than wearing hot, itchy, black polyester?
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If you have anything particularly nice (like an expensive purse) try selling it on eBay, the TP, or at a local consignment store.

A huge pile of jeans that no longer fit, in assorted sizes? Bless somebody else with them, and donate them. Jeans need to be tried on, they're hard to buy online.

It makes sense to hang onto one or two special items that are classic styles (ie, you WILL want to wear them again even if they don't fit for 20 years.) But you don't need to hang onto a whole bagful of stuff that doesn't fit! I've dropped off a large bag of stuff at the thrift store, and then gone shopping on my way out. If you can't afford NEW clothes that fit and flatter, then buy some old clothes that fit and flatter!
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I'm no help. I have three big boxes in my basement, marked:
"fat maternity" (for 8 months and on-- I gained a LOT of weight with DD)
"fat postpartum" which I only recently stopped wearing.

and then a big bag of really skinny "oh I hope someday" clothes.

Then there's what's in my closet.

I plan on having more babies, and who knows what my weight will do through all that, so I hang on to everything.
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Let it go mama....let it go. Buy a few things that fit you NOW that make you feel good. Clear out the clutter and bless another mama with it. You will feel fantastic!
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I agree with Ruthla- "...hang onto one or two special items..."- donate or sell the things that you won't use in the near future. Keep only the things that are right for you.
There are more "deals" and nice hand-me-downs ahead of you.
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I have just decided what to do about this problem. I will keep the things that are really cool fabrics, and put them in a bin to someday make a quilt out of. The rest I'm just getting rid of. I don't want to keep any clothes around that are for a larger weight than I am (and I am pretty much at the bottom of my weight "range"). I've been giving those away left and right.
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Here's a great piece by Geneen Roth in Prevention magazine about this issue. It really resonated with me and caused me to give away some really nice clothes that didn't fit me anymore (or never did to begin with but were used to "motivate" me to lose weight):


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I would take them to a resale shop. Take the money you make from them and save that. When you are fitting into that size again, take that money and go back to the resale shop and buy some nice pants for yourself!
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Beth, thanks for that link. That article is very good. I am going to print it.

The resale and saving for future clothes is a good idea.
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I finally let it all go recently, my "baby" is 2 and I still haven't lost the weight. I'm not motivated enough to try to be honest so I finally got rid of the "thin" clothes. I figure if I ever do get motivated enough to lose the weight, I must have worked very hard and I "earned" new clothes anyway!

Sell them or put them in storage tubs (rubbermaid or similar will keep them safe and dry) and then put them in an attic or somewhere out of the way at least. If they are too expensive or nice to give away ebay or a local upsale resale shop will give you something at least.
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I'm purging a lot of clothes, but I am keeping my jeans. I am joining WW sometime in the next week or so and joining a local gym. I know that when I am finally at a healthy mental place about my body, I'll either fit into the jeans or be able to give them away. I'm just not there yet.
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