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ouchy end of pregnancy--any tips?

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My groin muscles and my pelvis have been sore and are becoming increasingly painful. I'm at work today even though I thought I might just stay home. I figured I would be suffering the same at home--as long as I sit still on my tush it's not too bad.

I can sing "Back in the Saddle Again", I learned all the words! I feel like a cowboy but I think I walk like a sailor.

does this mean I'm at least getting closer? My EDD is tomorrow! the baby is still moving around enthusiastically and I'm still getting infrequent B-H contractions. I lost my mucus plug the night before last, still waiting on the water-breaking part. I guess that means I shouldn't take a bath, right? I have a midwife appointment on Friday. Any recommendations?
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Nope no suggestions just here to cheer you on !!! I am due in 8 days I think (2/7?) and my pelvis has come completely unhinged, I think I am dissolving. So maybe it IS a good sign, has to be right ? LOL Had c/s with ds #1 never had any of this. Also a little "juicy" but not plug particularly.

Hopefully your time is upon you and is an enjoyable experience !!

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Every day you get closer! You certainly couldn't be getting farther, anyway . I am with you in the saddle sore club. Ouchy, ouch, ouch. I had a very strong nesting urge yesterday, and decided to vaccuum the house (I was on bedrest until Monday, so I haven't been able to vaccuum in a couple months). It hurt so much to be standing, that I ended up sitting down on the floor while vaccuuming, lol! I don't know why I never heard of all this pelvic pain before . . . Perhaps that means the memory of it will fade quickly after the babies are born.

Last night I thought maybe things were starting b/c my BH contrax started to really hurt, and were five minutes apart for a couple of hours. Alas, they stopped about 45 minutes after I went to bed. I think my babies have dropped even lower today. I look very funny. I haven't lost my plug yet, though. My mom never saw any of hers'.

If only we could just know when it would happen. Wouldn't that make the waiting easier? I asked my OB the other day if there was anyway to know when I'd go into labor. She said, "nope."

Hey, maybe we should actually go horseback riding! I bet that would get things started .

Keep us updated!

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It's a great image, lexbeach, of you sitting on your floor in Western Mass determined to vacuum even if you can't stand up!

If that's not nesting, it's still kick-ass house keeping.
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I am just starting my 3rd trimester and feeling the exact same way! ouch!

Have you tried a materity belt? It fits right under your uterus with a strap on top to stabalize it. I bought mine at a local pharmacy, but I believe they also sell them at Babies R Us.

It takes some getting used to, but it has allowed me to get around a lot easier for at least the fist half of the day.

I have also started swimming, with a kick board, at the high school. It is an amazing feeling to float and have no pain. One warning though, plan to swim late when you can just crash afterward. Thay night is usually a little painful, but the next day is usually a littel easier.

Good luck!
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There is a lengthy discussion of this topic in "February mamas" on page 2. Check it out!
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