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another vent(I need baby turning vibes)

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I had the most annoying experience with my doc office this morning.
The baby is breech and so I have been doing some of the recommended things to get this baby to go head down. My ob, who I love is leaving the practice next week so I have been seeing the midwife who works at the office for the last month. I am not crazy about her, but at this point I can't change docs. I called the office this morning to make an appointment with the ob so she can do an external version. The women who answered the phone told me that I was the midwife's patient and that I don't see the doctors! I told her I needed an appointment with the doctor and to talk to her. She won't make the appointment, she just put me through to the doctor's voice mail. Someone did call me back within an hour or so, but I don't feel like I should have to explain why I need an appointment and be told that as the midwife's patient I can't see the doctors. If I end up needing a c-section then it going to be one of the doctors that do it and I have not met any of them.
So next week I am going to see the doctor and beg her to be at the birth. I am so bummed that she is changing practices.
thanks for reading
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Oh man - that just sucks!! What about going with the OB to his new practice? Did you ever end up getting the appointment? Maybe you could discuss it then. If you've been seen regularly by the midwife in his own practice, perhaps he wouldn't have a problem with it.
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How incredibly frustrating! It really shouldn't make any difference whose patient you are or aren't....if you want to be seen by the doctor she can set an appointment for you. Dealing with a possible breech babe (now transverse-ish I think) so sending you lots of turn baby turn vibes! Really sorry you have to deal with the runaround!
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I have had some trouble getting through the "office dragons" to my family doctor during this pg. The women at the front are kind of punishing me because I have a CPM. I just called and said I needed to leave a message for my doctor to call me back about _______, not neccesarily "baby" related. He then called me back, and was really suprised that that's what I had to do to get through to him. My point is, sometimes the doctors have no idea what the people out front are doing with patients. Good luck mama, and breathe !
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thanks for all your kind words!

heatherfeather, good luck with getting that baby to turn.

I did end up getting an appointment with my doc. I can't follow her to the new practice because she is leaving the current practice next Friday, Jan. 27 and won't start at the new one until Feb. 20. I am due on Feb. 14. She is changing hospitals so I don't know if she will even have priveleges when I give birth. I am thinking about following her to her new practice but it is far from me. I am tempted to talk to her about seeing her for my post partum check.
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First let me say, I'm sorry you had to go through that! How annoying. If you feel up to it, I would complain to the doctor/midwife. Sometimes they aren't fully aware how their support staff is acting and are mortified to hear.

Next let me say, there are a lot of lovely people working in medical offices.

Then let me add, there are also a seemingly inordinate percentage of people working the front lines in medical offices who have serious power-trip issues! I have been through the unstated but obvious message of "you'll be lucky if someone calls you and *I* hold all the cards here" thing a few times myself. Puh-leez.

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I couldn't read without sending you a hug.
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