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Still Biting!

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My 16 mo dd is still biting. She knows that when she bites we stop nursing and she's using to keep from going to sleep. When I tell her no (firmly and loud!) she laughs. She does this when it's bed or nap time, she'll bite me and then laugh and get up. Last night it took me 45 minutes (half of it screaming) to get her to sleep without nursing-post bite. Any help? What other ways do you get toddlers to sleep? Rocking, reading, baths have all been tried with no success in the past - is it time to revisit them? I need brilliant and creative strategies!
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I am not dealing with the biting anymore! TG! But we are working on weaning from night nursings. Last night when Nate woke up at 1am I told him "No Nurse, Nurse go nigh nigh Nate go nigh nigh, too." He cried then I sang a little lullaby then tried saying nigh nigh to all of our friend and family out loud, it worked like a charm, he even started saying nigh nigh with me. Hopefully that will work tonight! Good luck!
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My dd did the exact same thing! What a fiesty little one you must have
If getting an angry reaction from you makes her laugh (and doesn't it just make you angrier when it does?), try any intervention you're comfortable with that gets her the least emotional reaction from you. I know that's really hard when it hurts like that. If you've tried telling her "no biting" after she does it, try telling her and putting her down or walking away. She both wants to play a game with you and feels awkward because she's made you angry. I might give her a couple chances to try it again, but if she just refuses to stop after you've walked away from her for a while, finding another way to fall asleep might be the only option for now. Can your partner take over at bedtime for a while? And you might try going for a drive at nap time. I used to bring a book and read in the car. Of course, if it's too cold out that won't work too well. After a while, she may have moved onto another way to push your buttons.

Toddlers love to test their own power. Isn't it great?
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All 3 of mine bit me, but dd#2 was the worst. It took several month of repitition and "training" to get her to stop. Usually it happens at the end of a feed. But if it is happening over and over again, before, during, after, whatever, she is either:

testing cause and effect, or

teething badly

Whichever, take charge. Consider it a homeschooling unit study. During the day, when she is well fed, either after a good nursing session or a table food meal, practice where and how it is OK to bite. You may bite this: bottle nipple (if she has bottles), teether, wet washcloth, receiving blanket, toy, etc, etc. But no biting people, biting hurts people!

Then, when it is time to nurse, have one of those objects (wet or wet frozen washcloths were my favorite) nearby. If she starts to bite, or gets "the look," offer the object, saying "No biting Mommy. Biting hurts Mommy. Bite this, it's OK to bite the washcloth," or words to that effect. Try not to scream or yell when she does get a bite in!

Have patience, it will work eventually, I guarantee.
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All great ideas! So many peoplesay to me "just say no". Maddy is definately not the kind of kid that passively follows orders. She is teething, and testing her power - at the same time! It's good to know I'm not the only one with a spirited kid. Last night went better thank heavens, and I'm feeling much more positive. Day to day parenting...
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I really liked the following books:
Mothering Your Nursing Toddler, The Discipline Book, and Raising Your Spirited Child.

I gave the suggestion of having an item that is ok for biting handy when you're nursing to a friend recently. You might tell your dd to ask for it if she feels like biting something.
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