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Luteal Phase?

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Hi there,

I have a 1 year old son who is co sleeping with us and still gets most of his food from breastmilk. He nurses a lot at night.

We are trying to conceive our second soon and I have a question re: my cycle. Despite nursing my son 100% day and night, my cycle returned when he was 16 weeks. It has been regular since then with noticeable cervical mucus midcycle. I had no problem conceiving my son and have always had regular cycle.

I notice that my luteal phase is shorter than before. Before pgcy, it has always been about 11 days or so. It jumped to 12 days when I started taking B6. Now it's more like 9 or 10 days. I'm not taking temperatures right now so I don't know exactly when I ovulate if I do.

Will this prevent future pregnancies? do I have a low progesterone problem? I have had one miscarriage at 5 weeks due to blighted ovum, and I don't want this repeated. I'm not planning to wean my son soon and am planning to tandem nurse.

What should I do?

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Luteal phases, if I understand correctly, should be at least 14 days long-- shorter phases can mean low progesterone levels, and it can be more difficult to support a growing baby. I hope that helps. Good luck.
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according to TCOYF - less than 10 days is too short. longer than that and you have a chance. average being 12-16 days. Mine is usually 13 days long.

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how do you calculate your luteal phase again?
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From the day of O - one day prior to temp rise or the day after OPK positive - to the first day of normal red af.
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It's pretty normal to have short LP while breastfeeding. Just give it some more time... I know, easier said than done. Lots of women don't even see AF at all until their babes are lots closer to two than one!
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