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Mindful Parenting Book Club Part IV - Page 11

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I have been telling people lately that Meg and I have too many extracurricular activities. We are always running. That's the way I prefer to be, but I'm thinking maybe there are too many waves and not enough stillnesses...
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Analisa~That's how I used to like it before ds came along. But my life seems to spiral out of control so easily now from lack of sleep, a terrible teething day/night, an illness, and before I know it I dont know whether i am coming or going (and that's when I feel ppd). So I try to stay a little more focused thru yoga, meditation, and down time. But with the nice weather we had here last week I can see down time is going to be hard to come by with ds and I wanting to be outside 24/7. : But yeah, I love the that stillness between the wave idea. It gives me hope that I can still have my waves and stillness in between....as long as the waves dont turn into TIDAL WAVES....

Hugs to all!
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Need help locating a passage?

So JKZ talks about mediatating as being anything and that nuns, priests, monks all do repetative things like gardening or sand mandalas and that work is temporary and has agreat intrinsic value but is not valued because it doesn't last.

I have been looking for this passage and can't find it (why didn't I highlight!?)

Can anyone remind me of the chapter or page #?

Things have been out of control for us since our house was broken into and about $13K of stuff was taken. We are now getting the run around from our insurance company. Aaarghghghg!

So anyway, poor ds was, as usual, the barometer for our stress and he was acting out a great deal. We were not very mindful parents and were yelling a lot.

Well I realized that I needed to center myself and I did a little reading and figured it out.

So I am meditating on the hour every hour. just stopping and breathing - whatever I am doing - I just have to to keep things sane.

Send positive vibes - we really need them!
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I remember reading that but unfortunately I dont remember off hand what chapter. I believe it was in Part IV though. When ds takes his nap I will look in the book. I'm so sorry about your frustration and am sending you happy and kick butt vibes to get your insurance company to cooperate with you.
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I have a used copy of this book for sale at the Trading Post if anyone needs a copy
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FirstTimeMom~Thanks! I hope you are able to find a buyer.

Iguanavere~I scanned the book for that quote you are trying to find and I didnt have any luck either. Maybe one of the mamas here will remember where it is in the book.

I'm taking a down day today. I feel like I am getting a cold. Mindful vibes to all...

(I wonder how MDC moms will use this one ~moon????)
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New thread for Sunday ~ “Everyday Blessings” Part V ~ Book Discussion & Tea Party <=Click this link...

At some point in time, please go to the new thread and post or subscribe so you will get the email notices.

I'm so excited about Part V and I hope you are too. I'm looking forward to our discussion of Part V as it relates to our daily lives in so many ways and I think it will bring about a lot of great discussions.
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