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Ok, nevermind...just found the post with the great summary! Thanks a lot! That is a great starting point, I will go from there and take a look at those links.
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I just found a link to this in my inbox and thought it sounded very interesting http://dentist.net/dn-article132.asp
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hi there! joining this after reading much of the last few years of posts...phew!

so i have some questions if anyone has info on this-

from reading the book Cure Tooth Decay, i gathered that supplements supposedly do not work to cure tooth decay. i don't fully understand this. why couldnt a person expect results from taking vitamin d3 rather then cod liver oil? is there something else in clo that is effective other then the natural vitamin a and d?

also, we buy grassfed, local, low-temp pasturised milk from the grocery store. from what ive read vit k2 is not affected by heat, so is this type of milk still helpful? i would assume that calcium and phosphorus and all the minerals are still intact in cooked food, right?

i asked this in another thread but am curious if anyone has heard of/tried these supplements- www.thedentalessentials.com. the company claims they work (of course or it would be a hard sell) but i am confused on the different types of k2 and wonder if they use the "correct" one for optimal dental health.
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As an opening caveat, the kids and I haven't had cavities. We've had other health things going on, and I think they had higher than average risk of cavities due to their nutritional deficiencies, but no actual cavities, so no healing of cavities here.

That said--I don't get why supplements wouldn't work, as a rule. I love supplements, they've done a lot for me and the kids. Food is clearly fundamental, but I've seen positive changes with supplements, and some of them are dental related and similar to dietary changes--my teeth will get sensitive if I eat too much sugar, and I can either stop the sugar or increase my magnesium and calcium, and the sensitivity lessens. Depends on my stress level as to which I choose. I've seen supplements change the color of my teeth--they were looking somewhat transparent for a while, and I bumped up a few of my supps and that went away.

I haven't seen that supp before. I think the list of nutrients seems reasonable, we take more K2 as MK-4 than that, but you could probably buy stand-alones that aren't tablets (the binders in tablets often aren't that great) for a lower cost--we buy mostly capsules, some liquids.

We use Thorne's liquid K2 supp, I know it works for us in the sense that I see positive changes, and I tweak the dose based on that, but we haven't specifically healed cavities with it. I think our supplements are what saved the kids from caries--maybe they would've been some of the really lucky ones, to have more significant than average nutritional deficiencies and not get cavities, it's possible.

Specifically for vitamin D, I think most people are more D deficient than A deficient, so a combo of CLO and a stand-alone D3 is appropriate--even if you take a well-balanced CLO, if you're starting out of balance between the A and the D, you may not be helping a lot.

I think the biggest risk with pasteurized milk like you're describing is that some people don't tolerate the changes in the milk proteins well after they've been cooked. We don't consume any dairy (well, we're trialling butter right now, but that's it), and I'm not sure raw vs pasteurized would matter to us, but for some people it really matters, and if you're one of them, the extra stress on your body due to consuming a food you're intolerant of would likely outweigh the nutritional benefits of the milk. Consuming foods you're intolerant of, in general, is really stressful on the body--IMO that's a significant thing to consider when trying to work on health problems of whatever sort. I don't think I could supplement enough nutrients to overcome the stresses we'd be under if we were still consuming gluten, for example. But everyone needs to explore that for their own families and see what factors may be in play.
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I'm going to try to grab a few posts and links that would be a reasonable summary of the topic.  I can see that >40 pages could be intimidating to someone new to the topic. 


Somehow I accidentally embedded Panserbjorne's quote into the one below, I meant it as a separate post... forgot which post it was in this thread.  But she knows cell salts (and other stuff, of course  :lol).

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This thread is almost 800 posts long, is there a Coles notes version please?

Dd1 has demineralization on her front tooth, due to her neglect. The dentist wants to bond it, I'd rather fix it first, if possible.

From what I can gather here, cod liver oil? What else, how much, etc.? I'm not holding out much hope, but I'd like to try.

Yes, there's a cheat sheet. Read this post, so you'll have to re-read post #1 as well, but that's easy.


To me, the very quick and dirty rundown is: more minerals (esp the big ones like calcium, phosphorus, and mag) and more fat soluble vitamins (A, D, K2), and if you've got any specific health issues that are impeding healing (gluten intolerance or celiac, heavy metal toxicity, digestive issues, or other stuff) then work on those and consider more nutritional supplements than the average person.

Also, as a support for the nutritional stuff, I'd consider cell salts, at least bioplasma, but a few people in this forum mention calc phos and something else [eta: I looked it up, it's calc fluor] and maybe silica. You can Search for more discussion on them, I think they're the coolest thing I've discovered in at least a year.



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The tissue salts are similar to remedies, but they are all a 6X potency-meaning that unlike most homeopathics there is still residual substance. They are essentially homeopathic vitamins. They are inorganic materials introduced in minute quantities so they are delivered directly to cells. They are mazing at correcting imbalances.

There are only 12 tissue salts and I always have them on hand. Dd was missing the enamel on her teeth and we used them daily with great results.

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I got thru the whole thread  bouncy.gif  YAY


I think I understand most of it, I'm familiar with NT and in process of transitioning to traditional way of eating.

I have one questions for now, may have more later. I have decided to buy vit A&D for myslef, Country LIfe brand has 10000 IUs of vit A and 400 IUs of vit D , do you think that it is safe to give it to a 3 yo in addition to HVCLO ? 




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I'm currently on page 30 of this thread...  so forgive me if this has been asked already shy.gif


Has anyone noticed that on the bottle of Hyland's #2 Calc. Phos. 6X homeopathic tablets it states:


"Do not use more than 2 days or administer to children under 3 years of age unless directed by physician"?


I just started my 2 year old daughter on these yesterday and am concerned that I shouldn't be giving this to her on a daily basis (3 times per day) as others have recommended on this thread.


Anyone have some info on this?



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you can certainly ask your physician (not that they'll have information.)  It's a basic CYA that is on most homeopathics.  It would be good for you to have a solid understanding of what cell salts are so you feel comfortable with them before using them.


I can't tell you to do it, but I can tell you that my kids were on cell salts well before 3 years of age for long periods of time.  Beyond that it's best to do your research and make sure you are comfortable with any decision you make.  I know that's not overly helpful, but it's the best I can do!

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Thanks so much Panserbjorne :)!!  It does help to hear that someone else "out" there has given this to their children for longer periods of time.


My 2 year old, over the course of a few weeks, developed white ridges on her two top front teeth right under the gum line and then under the ridges valley's started forming and turning yellow.  I found this thread and read it entirely over the course of 2 weeks.


This is what I've gathered:


We are doing Local Raw Milk here and there (My 2 year old dd still nurses and prefers mama milk), Organic Valley Pastured Butter, Concentrace Mineral Drops, Hyland's Calc Phos, Bone Broth and CLO/BO here and there.  I've put a chlorine shower filter in our bathroom and fill up the tub with it and we've recently switched to Toothsoap.  We have an appt at a Holistic Dentist next month and I will report back if we have any success! 


Thank you to all the Mama's out there who have contributed to this thread blowkiss.gif



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I was reading a book that someone mentioned at our local WAPF meeting recently (about home treatments, mostly herbal, but I can't remember the title! and I don't own the book...) ANYWAY, the author talks about black walnut oil/extract (from the husks) being able to remineralize teeth & heal cavities - very quickly. Has anyone heard of this? Anyone know what book I'm talking about?


Also, I have a bunch of cell salts in my shopping cart - would it be overkill to use Concentrace as well?



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I just want to comment on the recurring theme of oxalic acid in greens. From what I understood spinach and some other greens are high in oxalates but Kale is not. I keeep seeing it get a bad rap here. Spinach has an oxalate content of .97 whereas Kale is only .02. That's considerably lower than both garlic and lettuce, for example. Chives, parsley, purslane, rhubarb, lambsquarters are all really high ( over 1%). Anyone know of any other reason why Kale would not be good to eat or why it would not be a good source of vitamins and minerals? Just curious..


Does anyone have the source for this? I tend to lean on kale more than any other green - and collards. That's a shame about purslane. I wonder how heat affects purslane's nutrients?


Thanks again!




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Couple more questions - I'm completely changing up our dental hygiene routine - here's what I'm thinking of adding:


Pascalite Clay and/or Christopher's Herbal Tooth and Gum Powder - any reason why I should choose one over the other?


Adding oil pulling - can we just use coconut oil?


What do you clean your teeth with? Baby brush? Waterpik? I have a Sonicare, but I think it might be too rough.


I've also thought about making my own cleanser - maybe coconut oil and/or olive oil, Celtic salt & essential oil.


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Sequoia, I would pick the clay over the herbal powder.
Oh and we use whatever toothbrushes are on sale, lol! (but I like ones that have different length bristles.)
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The book is "Be Your Own Doctor" by Rachel Weaver



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Why the clay over herbal stuff, koalamom? Just curious. :)

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Unfortunately, I"m back!  When I last posted, 4 yo DS had a tooth that turned brown and 1/2 fell out, and 5 cavitites in one dental visit- totally out of the blue.  We had been off of raw daily since we had recently had a baby and the pickups/ordering was too much (it's illegal here and complicated to get).  Went back on it after that, 2 more dental visits went by with no problems.  Went off raw dairy again due to it becoming even more difficult legally to obtain, and another tooth turned brown and a chunk fell out, and 2 more big cavities.  Needless to say, we're back on raw dairy again as of yesterday!!!!


Went to our ped. who is holistically minded and knowlegeable about homeopathy and she rec. Calc Phos 30c once a week.  But now I'm reading about cell salts, and people using Hylands 6c- what is the difference?  Should we switch???  Do both homeopathics and cell salts?


Went to holistic dentist yesterday and didn't get a whole lot of advice other than what I already knew.  She didn't advocate for fluoride routinely but wasnt strictly opposed to it, if I try all these other things and it doesnt help.  She said there's not enough research on the other types of toothpaste- Toothsoap, etc.  But I'm going to try it anyway based on the recommendations here.


Also- started Fermented CLO yesterday and that stuff is NASTY!!!  It took both kids 1/2 hr to drink it in OJ, I can see this is going to be hard to maintain :(   I gave them 1 mL and that was hard to get down.  I can't see how we're going to get to the recommended 2.5 mL per day! 


He's also eating the raw butter daily (no problem getting him to do that!), and pastured eggs, and all pastured meats.

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Awaken, I think that drawing the CLO out is worse - best to just take it (off a spoon or from the syringe) & then follow with a chaser. My kids (& I) chase with water.

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Originally Posted by Metasequoia View Post

Why the clay over herbal stuff, koalamom? Just curious. :)

Just that I have tried both and saw amazing results with the clay and not so much with the herbal powder. I prefer my herbs infused for the benefits and not sure how dried powdered herbs are long term. Not that they are harmful but that I am not sure how it is beneficial. But the clay on the other hand is beneficial.
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We don't take FCLO anymore as we realized that we would need so much to get our Vit D needs that we just couldn't afford it anymore. I give my kids each 2000ius per day or Vit D (not always in the summer though), and I take 4000ius.

Awaken, not sure what your question is about the cell salts?
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Just that I have tried both and saw amazing results with the clay and not so much with the herbal powder. I prefer my herbs infused for the benefits and not sure how dried powdered herbs are long term. Not that they are harmful but that I am not sure how it is beneficial. But the clay on the other hand is beneficial.


Ah, thank you! And you like Pascalite?


Originally Posted by Koalamom View Post

We don't take FCLO anymore as we realized that we would need so much to get our Vit D needs that we just couldn't afford it anymore. I give my kids each 2000ius per day or Vit D (not always in the summer though), and I take 4000ius.

Awaken, not sure what your question is about the cell salts?

We take FCLO as much for the vit A & DHA as for the D. Are you taking another form of A? Liver? I've thought of just getting our intake of A from liver and taking a D supp (+ K2) to save money, but we're still taking FCLO because I think it helps with my mood in the winter. Just be careful that you're getting A & K2 with your D - they're important to balance.


I'm pretty lax with the D drops in the summer because we spend most days out in the full sun for 3-5 hours in bathing suits with zero sun block.


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just chiming in here that we have had good results with clay. I have personally healed a tooth by packing it with clay every night and I have since started brushing  ds  (2 1/2)  before bedtime. I have been  trying to actually paste 2 of his molars ( they have the most decay) but with a squirming toddler it is not really working. I also give him the pasicalite internally. I also give him xylitol and calc phos.

Anyone have any ideas as to why with such decay he does not seem to be in pain at all?

Anyone know about acidic being condusive to decay and alkaline, not?

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