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Nesting early in pregnancy...could I be in trouble?

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My last pregnancy was a nightmare. Terrible bleeding at 5 and 10 weeks. Contractions that needed to be stopped at the hospital at 20 weeks, 23 weeks, 30 weeks, ect. I'm now around 12 weeks pregnant with baby number two. I've been nesting bad the last few days. It's been obsessive (cleaning the cracks in the door of the dryer) and it's worrying me. Could it be a sign that I'm going to have a miscarriage? (I have a history of them). Did anyone else do the cleaning thing this early in pregnancy? I'm nervous, but it's probably just hormones. Any reasuring words for me?
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I've nested on and off throughout both my pregnancies. My dd was born very healthy at 41 weeks (even though I had spotting in the beginning and an irritable uterus later on), and I'm currently almost 30 weeks pregnant with this baby with no problems. I think some women just feel that nesting urge early on, other not until they are close to labor. Obviously if you start having any symptoms that concern you such as bleeding, cramping, etc please call your midwife or doctor. At 12 weeks your risk of m/c is very low, so everything is probably just fine. Maybe you are just getting some of that 2nd trimester energy (that I wish I had gotten! ) ??? Try to take it easy!
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I wouldn't worry about it. I've did some serious nesting at about 14 weeks, again around 20 weeks, and then the most recent time at 32/33 weeks. And I'm still here (although I'd like to be moving on any day now ).
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I'd agree that it's the energy levels of pg and the hormones.
I had a burst in the beginning also, did a lot of house cleaning, then definitely petered out until a few weeks ago.
Enjoy the results, don't get too tired out.
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I had the nesting urge early on in this pregnancy (now 28 weeks). It comes & goes for me but I distinctly remember obsessively nesting very early on, like you. I also have a history of m/c's and I don't remember going through that with those, fwiw.
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Ok, feeling better. I think that I'm farther along than the estimated 13 weeks. Not knowing is making me panicky and I have this urge to get things done before it's too late (since I don't know when too late is). Everything seems healthy, so I shouldn't worry I guess. Thanks everyone
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I just found out for sure that I'm pregnant on Saturday and I'm already driving my family

I've taken every single thing out of my pantry and fridge and cleaned them and de-cluttered and put it all back. Then I made my shopping list for my 'feed the freezer' meals, though I haven't done the shopping yet.

I made two loaves of pumpkin nut raisin bread with odds and ends from the pantry.

I cleaned my preteen daughter's nightmare bedroom and it is spotless now. Then we (she and I) converted her two twin beds to bunks and moved wall things around, spackling, sanding and painting where necessary.

This so far in two days. My mind is going a million miles a minute making lists of things to do as soon as I can. Sigh.

Oh, and my dh went out of town today for the rest of the week so I am going to clean out his closet tonight after the girls, or at least my toddler, goes to sleep.

I feel this urgency to do these projects while I still have energy, before it gets too hot and I get too sick to feel like doing anything. I don't think it means there is anything wrong with the pregnancy though! So, OP, I'm sure everything is fine if you aren't having any other symptoms of trouble.
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I totally "nested" early on. I've actually nested MOST of my pregnancy!
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Any of you nesters live close to me??? I've got a house you could clean.

No nesting here. Dh is hoping it kicks in soon.
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Originally Posted by Jish
Any of you nesters live close to me??? I've got a house you could clean.
My next door neighbor is a pack-rat, there are literally just pass throughs in some rooms, and I have had the thought a few times in the height of my nest-a-thon that I should just sneak over and clean up a bit.
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Erm... I, too, am having anti-nesting sentiments. Rat-nesting, maybe. I'm utterly slovenly now, more than i've ever been in my life. I just don't want to do anything at all. I don't care if the bed is made. I don't care if i'm stepping on cat food while I make my protein shake. I don't care about the leaves on the porch. And I feel really bad about it, but at the same time, i'm having trouble taking anything but this tadpole seriously.

At the same time, I tend to think that if I could move my husband's junk out of the teeny office space and make a wittle nursery, I would become turbo-charged-super-nester-elite. But since we're just planning on keeping the crib in the bedroom, meh. I'll clean. Someday.
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