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Hello, everybody!

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Hi, everyone! I'm new here!
My name is Meg and I'm the proud mom of my two beautiful girls, Katherine and Natalie. I am happily married to J.
I live somewhere-in-Canada!

I'm very excited to be here and I hope I'll get to know all of you soon.

P.S. How do I get an avator?
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w e l c o m e !

(i'm not sure how to get avatars...sorry.)
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you pay $20 through paypal and you go to the control panel on the top bar...I have lots of trouble trying to cut/paste/drag/post, etc and find one that has less than 50x50 pixels, but I have done it three times in the last couple of months...I even put up my yahoo avatar for a while.

Good luck...you can use the image part of google or yahoo search engines to find somethin cool. The one for my first name was too big.
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Welcome!! Wishing you all the best, from another Canuck!

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I'm also married to a J.guy.
Living in Japan.
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Hi Meg Welcome to MDC! Hope you enjoy it here
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Welcome to the boards.
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Hi Meg! Welcome to MDC . I'm in Alberta.
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Welcome to the boards, mama!
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome! So good to have you here!

I am new myself.

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