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clomid takers?

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Hi, I am looking for stories, good and bad, about clomid. I am ttc, I ovulated normally, except for two anovulatory cycles this past year. I should add that I am ttc with donor sperm, so time and timing is an issue. I have tried three inseminations, unmedicated. I have conceived in the past, three previous miscarriages. Anyway, my RE is encouraging clomid. I have been very anti-fertility medication, but she wants me to consider it. So, I am wondering how you all feel? Anyone have side effects, at what dose? Did it "work"? Are you concerned about cancer risk? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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I am on my first cycle right now, so I am not sure if it worked or not-- the dose was 50 mg, days 5- 9 of cycle. I had some heartburn days 6 and 7 and that it is. I ovulated day 15 (like normal). I am on it to increase progresterone levels rather than help with ovulation. I have not heard anything about cancer-- what have you heard? I had a bit less cm than usual, but I still had some. I hope to take hpt around Feb 9 if no af by then. I will keep you posted.

Good luck!
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Hi, I'm on my first round of Clomid, too. Just ovulated yesterday on cd17, the earliest I've O'd on my own since TTC was cd19

Anyway, there's different reasons women are prescribed Clomid, mine is one of the most typical, irregular cycles with late ovulation, waldohoods is another, short lp.

Anyway, I responded quite well. I took 50mg from cd3-7. On Tuesday cd15 I was just beginning to get my LH surge but a bit later than my RE had hoped so she had me go in for an u/s. It showed one big ole follie 22mm and a 11mm lining. Unfortunately there's also a polyp in there taking up some implantation space so if we're not successful this cycle I will have to undergo a D&C to have it removed.

Anyway. I didn't have a problem with reduced cm. I was also taking a generic Robitussin until Monday and my cm quality was good. Yesterday it was a bit thick so I should have kept up with it, but it wasn't to bad. Since you're doing IUI, that's moot.

My mind could have been playing tricks on me, but I think I had some minor hot flashes and some minor heartburn.

The trigger (synthetic hCG) made me feel like when I was pregnant. I just didn't have an appitite for much although I was hungry and I was bloated and tired. The trigger must be out of my system because I'm feeling fine again.

From my research Clomid is only linked to cancer with prolonged use (over a year) and I think high doses. The recommendation for Clomid use for pregnancy is only 4-6 months I think because if it hasn't worked by then it probably won't.

Also, I started a thread a week or two ago about Clomid, there's some stories there. HTH.

Has your RE given you any explanation for your m/c?

It sounds like you are going down a tough road. I hope we can help you out a little bit.

I hope you have success very soon!
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22mm?! You go, Girlfriend!
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