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Can teething cause vomiting?

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(x-posting in Health & Healing)

My 7 mos DS pushed through his first tooth last Wednesday, and the second is not far behind. His poops have been 4-5x per day (eeeeewww, they are sticky & somewhat greenish & SO stinky!!), instead of his typical once-a-day constitutional. Thursday night & Friday he ran a fever of 101, never higher than 101.8, then his temperature normalized Friday night. OK, all that sounds like standard teething issues. But during that fever he vomited his guts two times, and now today (Sunday), two days later, he was fussy all day and had a low appetite, and tonight he vomited his guts out again twice (but no fever.)

DS is exclusively breast-fed, he has had a few banana encounters but not in the past week or so, and we gave him some Camilia drops (by Boiron) for the teething. Generally he is a blurper (he often spits up with his post-feeding burps), but he has never vomited like this before.

I will call the Ped in the morning to confer (spoke with her on Thursday night - she said to watch the fever and come in if he gets worse). But in the meantime, I am wondering if others have had the experience of their baby vomiting from teething?

Or maybe he also has something else wrong with him, like a belly bug. I was feeling somewhat queasy and achy myself today. I guess that is what the Ped is for.

Other insights or experiences??

Many thanks --
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My dd has had problems with reflux in the past and that caused her to vomit more when teething - at least in my personal opinion. It sounds like your dc might have had a flu of some sort though. I "think" a little spitting up with teething is normal, especially since there is so much drool and they might be nursing more. (At least that is what has happened here - and drool can make the stool more watery and frequent as well) HTH!!! I am not sure if I offered too much advice but I wanted to reply for you! Take care!!!
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Babies' immune systems are stressed while teething, and they're more likely to get sick from stray germs that normally wouldn't make them sick.

The best "treatment" is to nurse, nurse, nurse, not give him any drugs if you can help it, and let his little body heal itself. IMO, the only time you'd need medical treatment for an illness like this is if the baby becomes dehydrated- and that risk is minimized by frequent nursing.
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My reflux dd always got very vomity with teething. There is more saliva and the stress of it makes the stomach produce more acid. That can cause vomiting in some kids.
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my ds (6 mos), who would appear to be currently teething, is spitting up a lot more frequently now. sounds like it might all be par for the course...

good to know the increased spitting up can be normal with the teething, though.
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Thanks all for comments - we made it through another day, and the Ped said that it is probably a stomach virus. It will just take time to clear his system the old fashioned way (out at either end), and that in the meantime just keep him hydrated (in other words, "nurse, nurse, nurse" -- thanks, Ruthla!) Ped also suggested offering DS some banana and/or rice cereal to help bind him up a bit but that if he doesn't want it not to push it. Not sure if I'll do that though, I don't want to throw DS off kilter any more than he already is -- we'll probably just wait it out, maybe a bit of banana because he likes it.

In any case, DS's nursing appetite was better today so I am less concerned about dehydration at the moment, and he kept most of it down - he only vomited once today. Ped said to call again if DS is still vomiting by the end of the week.

But we are washing hands & clothes like crazy to minimize the spread of germs and really hoping that the blow-out poops will end soon.
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