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Low Amniotic Fluid

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I just had my 5 month ultrasound on Friday. I was so relieved to see two arms, two legs, and so on. The only thing that the dr brought up as a possible negative is a lower than expected amniotic fluid amount. She said it doesn't necessarily raise any red flags but now I need another ultra sound next month. I wasn't worried at first but now that this is all sinking in more I'm begining to feel concerned about him/her not having enough cushy fluid to swim in.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever been given an ultrasound reading like this before.
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Try to make sure you're getting lots of fluids, especially water, hopefully that will help.
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sorry to hear about the low fluids...I havent heard of that, I do know my friend had more then the norm, not too little. I too would suggest to making sure to drink lots of fluids. your amnio fluids are always replenishing themselves, atleast thats what i thought I head. So maybe get as much luquid as possible and see if that helps. Hang in there mama, glad your ob is keeping an eye on it for you!
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I had the opposite problem... excess fluid. But, reading up on that I've come across lots of good info on low fluid too. First thing, if it was a serious case of low fluid, they would have made that very clear to you, so I wouldn't get all worked up about baby running out of fluid just yet. Like the pp said, drink lots of water! Your fluid level depends on it and you can have it up long before your next u/s. Also, you can soak in the tub and that supposedly helps. Just be sure the water isn't too hot. More than likely, if it wasn't a serious case of low fluids, they just caught it at a bad time and it'll all be fine at the next one.
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I've heard of this. There was a woman on another Due Date birth club who had low amnio, accept hers was excessive. She was told to drink a gallon of water a day, from what I remember. Try not to worry about it as ckhagan said. You'll probably get more as time goes on. I'm sure that you'll get another u/s to see if there is any improvement.
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Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that other people with the same thing were able to overcome.
This is a great site!
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Good luck!! To make the water easier to swallow (pun intended) add some lemon juice or put an assortment of sliced fruits/herbs/veggies into a pitcher and keep that full. Apples, oranges, melons, cucumbers, mint, lavendar. Whatever tastes good to you. I have to drink a gallon a day and it really helps.
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