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Frugal Anniversary Ideas

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Our anniversary will be here in a couple weeks, and we're a little tight on funds but still want to do something fun, romantic and memorable.

Before DS arrived, we'd often go on weekend B&B trips but spending $300+ for our anniversary is not a realistic option right now.

So we need something fun, romantic and inexpensive--and something that we can take DS to do with us too since we don't feel comfortable leaving him with a sitter.

Camping is not much of an option 'cause it's really cold her (-40 at night).

Please share your ideas!
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Heres a few ideas you could alternate to fit your family.

Make a nice big supper together. Drink some wine. Sit on the floor and go through old photo albumns.

Give eachother massages.

Make a coupon book for him. Good for stuff that he likes. Like one movie rental of your choice, one night with the guys...that kinda stuff.

Have your child help you make a card for him.

Frame your favorite photo of the three of you.

Have a pizza party. Everybody has their own crusts but you can add your own toppings. Rent a movie. Make popcorn.
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Starr gave you some great ideas!

Make DH his favorite dish

rent some movies- a family friendly movie for you DC to watch with you and then a movie that the 2 of you can watch when DC goes to sleep.

Buy some inexpensive massage oil and give eachother massages after DC goes to bed....
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Hey girlie........

I've posted with you on another board....*waves*. I really like the picture of you and Solas on there.

I am having the EXACT same issue. DH and I don't really celebrate the commercialized holidays, but since having Annabelle we would really like to do something nice together in February. We've discussed it and a sitter is not an option (I hate pumping, blech!).

So we decided that we would rent a movie, get some really good fresh fish from the farmer's market and some tasty veggies, and make a night of it at home. We don't usually splurge on seafood (really pricey where I am) so it'll be nice for us and much better for us than going out to eat.

We've also recently started taking long walks together, all three of us, plus our mini weenie dog. It's really nice because he and I are on opposite schedules because of his work hours and it allows us to chat.

So how about you go take a nice walk (weather permitting) at a nearby park or recreation area, then come home and share a nice evening together with dinner and then some of the other poster's ideas.


Elizabeth & Annabelle
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Call the local restaurants that have bars & see if they have happy hour specials. One very nice restaurant/bar here does free munchies during happy hour on Friday's. They also do $1 off all drinks bought at the bar. So you can go sit at the bar, visit, get some free muchies, have a couple cheap drinks & get the whole "going out" experience for a fraction of the cost.

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Hey Dachsundqueen!

Good to see you over here!

Thank you guys so much for all your suggestions!
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Our 18th wedding anniversary in in August. We've done so many thing over the years. Our 1st and 3rd we drove to Tucson to see DH's grandmother and spent little more than the price of gas. She had a friend who left for the summers and we used her condo.

Our 2nd anniversary we cooked at home (sauted mushrooms over asparagus with a salad - those early vegan days) and rented Gigi for $1.

4th anniversary friends invited us to stay in Santa Barbara. 5th DH's company sent him to the Bay area and felt so bad about it being our anniversary that they bought me a ticket too.

6th - no idea. 7th we used an Entertainment book discount and stayed in L.A. and went to a concert. 8th and 9th - no clue. Probably nice dinners out.

10th is where we start simplifying. We went to the movies. I was pregnant with DS#1. What I remember most was watching the sunset, knowing I was expecting our child.

11th-12th, again I don't have much of an idea. Those early baby years (2 babies in 14 months) are a blur.

13th we went to see Tom Petty while my mom babysat.

14th no clue. We were probably camping.

15th we went on vacation in San Diego. MIL watched the boys while we did a dinner cruise. Whoop-dee-do. I wouldn't spend the money again.

16th we were on a family vacation up the coast to Oregon. We had dinner in a little bistro in Santa Cruz, with the boys.

17th we were at the Grand Canyon. I cooked at the trailer.

We just booked a long weekend camping trip for our 18th, beach front. It'll be a family thing again.

I guess my point is that over the years we don't remember a lot of things, but nothing really beats that anniversary when I was pregnant with DS#1 and saw the sunset. The sunset was free. The love is free. I finally got over the idea that we should do something expensive and romantic. Love is something we do everyday. Just like that 2nd anniversary, when we were so broke that asparagus was a splurge. It's about what you feel and now I am just happy to share that day with my boys, the tangible result of that love.

DH isn't a massage and coupons kind of guy. He's given teddy bears, chocolates, and flowers in the past, but he isn't that guy either - that is some guy made up by Hallmark. He is just a man who loves his wife and family and wants to be with us.

That said, he does thing we should try to do something really great for our 25th anniversay (the boys will be 13 and 14). We may plan (and save for ) a big trip to Europe...but we'll take the boys with us.
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