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Best way to do a belly cast and paint my belly?

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I am 30 weeks pregnant with twins.My big ole belly is measuring 42 weeks:0 So, my boyfriend and\I thought this would be a good time to do our first belly cast and belly painting session.Anyone care to offer any tips? What worked,what didn't, what materials you used....What kind of paint should we use? We'd love to see any pix of belly casts and painted belly's.About the only things we know for sure is we'll use plastic wrap to protect my belly from the plaster and we'll shave my hairy belly prior to painting it.

EDD 4/6/03 with twin boys
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I don't have any answers, but I am looking forward to responses as I want to do one with my belly as well!

Don't have much time!

Violet 7-14-00
Zoe EDD 2-14-03
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My sister is going to order a cast kit for me and we are going to have a bellymasking party later in my pregnancy (I'm 29 wks. now). Can't wait to hear the responses though!!! CONGRATS.


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I love belly casts! For my pregnancies, I went out and got the gauze with the plaster stuff for mask making at the craft store. Then I liberally smeared olive oil on my breasts and belly, but you can use vaseline or unpetroleum jelly too. I put a lot of oil on because I did not want the plaster to stick. Then I stood naked in the kitchen on newspaper while my husband cut strips of the gauze, dipped it in water and layered it over my belly and breasts, we did about three layers. Then I let it try for about 15-20 minutes, and then slid out of it and let it sit and dry for a day or two. Then I painted it. Some people spray a fixative over it but I didn't. Both of my casts are hung over our family bed. They turned out really great but I don't have any photos.
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the book Birthing from Within has a nice little section on how to do a belly cast
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Thanks for the replies. I knew I could count on m Mothering Goddess'!

Tinyshoes~ I've been meaning to read that book anyway

Brett~ I jotted down all of your step-by-steps

My boyfriend has suggested we use acrylic paint on my belly....is that safe?

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I would think that finger paints for kids would be safe to use on your belly? Not sure about acrylic though I think it would make me nervous to use those not sure why.
Good luck, please post pics if your comfortable I'd love to see your masterpeice
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a friend of mine did a belly cast of me for a school project when I was about 30 weeks.

we first tried dental alginate spackled on, but it never dried properly, and was really cold. broke into chunks trying to get it off.

then we tried those plaster-gauze strips. worked much better, though you can't make a solid cast with detail from it. she decoupaged and painted the outside, it turned out beautiful. the technique we used was the same as brett's. I didn't have any trouble with my happy belly trail sticking, since we used alot of petroleum jelly (not my first choice, but these were her supplies).

happy casting! and if you have access to a digital camera, consider posting it for us to see. I love pregnancy and birth art and I can't even imagine how ripe and lovely you must look with twins!

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May I put in a plug for site? I just did my cast today from a kit I ordered from www.proudbody.com. It was $35 (shipping included) and included the drop cloth, vaseline, gauze, gloves for dh, tips on painting, etc. All in a pretty purple box with a bow It came in like 3 days too.

It was great fun. Do get a very comfy chair to do it in as it takes some TIME. I am so proud of my cast. Dh said we could use it as a chip bowl with tortillas in the belly and guac and salsa in each boob. I think instead we are going to have his brother, who is an artist, do some kind of cool painting on it and then hang it in our bedroom.

I think I might start giving this as a shower gift!
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