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Can a 2.5 yr old and 5 yr old co-sleep safely together

Poll Results: Do you think it is safe for a 2.5 yr old and a 5 yr old to co-sleep?

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My boys are 2.5 and 5.

We have bunk beds, but sometimes ds #1 decides to come down off the top bunk and sleep with ds #2 (who has the full size bed underneath).

Both boys are happy sharing the bed, but I'm wondering if it's safe.

Do you think my 5 yr old could smother the younger one. My 2.5 yr old is kind of a big guy - 37lbs and my 5 yr old is only 43lbs so I imagine if one rolled on top or squished the other they could push each other away.

I keep a baby monitor on in the room, so I could here them if one of them were crying or yelling.

Ok - I think that's all the details, so do you think it is safe for them to co-sleep?
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My 6 and 2/1/2 year olds sleep together on the top bunk of thier bunk beds. I truely feel thier is less risk of an injury from them sleeping together than from them being awake together .

Seriously though. I can't imagine ope of them even being able to roll over on the other much less sleeping through it. both of them are pretty much in the same place in the morning that they were in when they fell asleep.
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My 8 yo 46 lb dd is currently sleeping (I hope!) in her single bed with her 2.5 yo 25 lb sister. I have no concerns. The bed is pushed to the wall and dd1 is on the outside, plus it's not that far to the ground!!
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OT -- I'm feeling a little strange about the fact that my 6 y.o. weights 75 pounds!
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I think they can. We plan on having our children share a room, and most likely they will, at tmes, want to share a bed. The more the merrier I say
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My 5 y/o weighs 47 pounds and as I type she is curled with her 9 month old brother who is about 24 pounds. We all sleep together, but when I get out of bed, they are in there alone.

I had concerns, too, and I would check literally every 5 to 10 minutes when the baby was less than 6 months. Now that he is older I feel more secure. Also, I read in Dr Sears that siblings could sleep together safely once the baby was past 9 months.

At 2 and 5 I think it would be quite safe. And nice!
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Thanks for the responces. So far it looks like everybody feel that it is safe - this is a big relief to me. I didn't want to tell them not to sleep together, since they're both happy with the arrangement, but I didn't want to spend every night worried that one of them was going to get squashed.

It's so cute to see them snuggled up together!
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Mamaduck - If it makes you feel better my 6 year old is as about 65#.
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Thanks to everyone!!! I expect that my two babies, born 9/01, will sleep with my older child, born 10/98. From the responses this will happen right on "schedule'. I wonder what would happen if I let my wonderful, loving, caring 4 y/o snuggle with them now??? Maybe I'll get two full hours of sleep....................

PS Mamaduck....How tall is your 75#er.....always a factor to consider!!!!
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