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What are you drinking?

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What are you drinking these days?

Im not a big water drinker, and was really into tea for a while, now not so much. My current craving is lemonade or cherry or strawberry lemonade. Yummy! Im going to try getting some red raspberry leaf tea to be healthier...but in the mean time...what other yummies are you enjoying drinking right now?
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Besides water (I always try to get my 6-8 glasses every day), I'm a fan of chocolate soy milk. I also like cran cherry juice.
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Water with LOTS of lemon! I, too, am on a lemonade kick, but for the most part I'm trying to do water with lemon in it because I don't drink anywhere near enough water. I also try to get 8 oz. of milk each day, and lately I've been treating myself to a glass of cranberry juice every few days (soooo yum!) I don't know what it is about stuff that makes me pucker when I'm pg, but I just can't get enough
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: peppermint mocha - that's the only kind of "coffee" that really appeals to me these days and I usually drink a cup of coffee/day but it's just not palatable unless it's peppermint mocha so now I have probably one 'coffee'/week b/c they are expensive or a pain to make.

I have the BESTEST friend though - the other day she whipped out her expresso maker at home and made me a peppermint mocha - I honestly had tears in my eyes it was so good (but I think the tears were mostly from the fact that I have such a good friend willing to pamper me )
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I stick to a few certain things.
Like LeighAnne... (decaf) Peppermint Lattes are on the menu at least three times a week. It's a good thing my MIL showers me with Starbucks cards all the time.
I'm also addicted to milk with chocolate ovaltine in it and ruby red grapefruit juice. I also drink a decent amount of water.

Drinking cranberry, grapefruit, and other acidic juices should actually be really good for us in preventing UTI's and bladder infections which can lead to preterm labor. So, aside from the sugar aspect, I don't usually get down on myself for drinking those too often.
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I drink a bunch of water (it's what I always drink anyway). But I'm also in love with gatorade, orange juice, and decaf peppermint frap's at Starbucks. Sometimes I'll make a cup of red raspberry leaf tea or pregnancy tea or decaf mint green tea, but I've never been much of a tea drinker (or really hot drinks for that matter), so it's not too often.
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I drink INSANE amounts of water! Even when I'm not pg, my dh says he thinks I'm a camel storing it up, LOL!! But I also loooooove coffees and teas of all types....I have some with a little caffeine in the morning and then decaf coffee/tea the rest of the day, and pregnancy tea at least once or twice a day. Also I like the new V8 Fusion - have you seen that yet? It's a combination of vegetable and fruit juice in one (sounds weird but it's very good!) I try not to have much juice because of the sugar and extra calories and all, but this stuff having veggies AND fruit makes it a little better. One 8 oz. glass has 1 serving of fruit and 1 serving of veggies, and there's no sugar, artificial stuff, etc. added.
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my routine is
OJ w/ calcium
water (sometimes with lemon)
RRL/ NEttle Tea - will be adding alfafa shortly
I just got some organic apple juice the other day - yum!

Milk w/ dinner.


I try to stick to water. I second chocolate soy milk, yum!
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Aside from tons of water (DH and I finally gave up soda at home about 3 months ago...), I have been ADDICTED to chocolate milk lately - like 2-3 glasses a day also, occasional glasses of OJ or grape juice.

That's about it for me. I usually like iced tea a lot, but not so into it right now...
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water water water. and the occasional Recharge, half cup of coffee with no sugar, or ginger tea. ive never been crazy about sweet drinks.
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Water a lot + strong nettle tea (I make a big teapot and I drink it throughout the day) + OJ sometimes.

A bit off topic, but I've been told by midwifes that drinking apple juice during labor was excellent for maintening a good level of sugar in the blood during this important time
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LOTS of water at home, but when we're out I love some good lemonade! All the better if it's raspberry. Ok, now i'm drooling...

I'll have some occasional decaf, and I've tried to add the Traditional Medicinals Pregnancy Tea into the works, but it makes me nauseous. Does anyone else have this reaction? Sometimes I'll have peppermint tea. Oh, and some OJ every morning! I've found that switching to the low acid variety has greatly improved my tolerance for it (before being pg I could drink a gallon a day, but since then regular oj has given me severe sour stomach).

I just bought some lactose free milk to make chocolate milk with. Think I'll go get me some right now!
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i've really been trying to get all my water in. im not a huge water drinker. but i've been drinking more than 8 8oz glasses a day so im proud of myself! i love iced tea w/ sugar! also if im out at a restaurant, there's nothing better than a rasberry or strawberry lemonade! yum!
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Pretty much just screwdrivers and fuzzy navels.... you know, a pregnant girl needs her folic acid
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Erika, you totally stole my answer.
I was going to say tequilla shots and beer chasers

water water water.
a little juice.

But mostly tequilla.
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Mostly water for me. I tossed all the junk when we moved and now I have my 1 packet of hot cocoa mix waiting for a splurge. Also lots of milk and some calcium oj. Every so often I have tea.
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