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bye bye maternity clothes!!!

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I packed them all up today! I finally got up in the attic and dug out several regular turtlenecks and sweaters to last me until spring, when hopefully I can get some new, smaller stuff. Luckily I had a bunch of large sizes to fit my current self. Pants are a whole other headache. The maternity ones were falling off, and all my regular ones are waaaayyy too small. I definitely have some fat storage on my boo-tay. Makes for a good milk supply, I guess.

Anyway, I went out and found some non-maternity pants to fit. So between those and my tops from last winter, I'm good to go for now. Farewell, big belly clothes! See you next time!
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yeah amy!!!

my maternity pants are fitting great now (3 weeks PP) but they are all the kind with the low belly stretch stuff and three pairs of pants have buttons and zippers, two which i could not wear at the end. the shirts are best too b/c my old shoirts are to short or to tight, yes my belly is still to big, but i am walking a lot and i want to bust out the pilates dvd tomorrow and do some with dd (well she probably won't quite do them but it is a yoga dvd and se was looking at a yoga book today. she wanted me to read it to her.
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i've been back to my prepreg weight for a few weeks now but my old pants don't fit at ALL! i think my hips are still pretty spread out. my shirts fit everywhere but the boobs. my body is just different post-partum...was last time too. i gotta get new clothes.
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Don't hate me

I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans two days after giving birth. I haven't worn maternity pants since then. But I did wear maternity shirts for a while when my milk came in and I was so engorged.
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i am sooo frustrated w/ clothing right now! shirts are fine but pants are driving me crazy. the maternity pants are way too big but i still cant get into my regular pants...can't get them over my hips..so i guess i have the same problem. but i don't want to buy any larger pants. i have ONE pair of pants that i will go out in public in from LL Bean (theres an outlet here). they are nice and have elastic waist..but jeez!! i feel like a grandma in them!!! lol!
im 3 weeks pp now so i think i can start doing some sort of exercises this week...at least i hope so..im going to start anyway.
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I'm back to me pre-preg weight too (which still is FAT!) but my pants arent fitting right either. I even weigh LESS than before but my flubby gut hangs over my pants. All that stretched out skin sure is purdy.......NOT! HAHAHA

I sold a bunch of my maternity clothes. LOL I think we are done with babies......and even if not, I'll want new ones should that time come anyways! HAHAHAHAHAHA
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Yea for you!! I fit into my pre-pregnancy pants but not my shirts. Well not shirts that I really want to wear in public. Luckily Kohls was having a good sale and I bought 4 shirts and they were each under $10. I'm going to put my maternity clothes on Ebay I guess. Most of my friends are done having babies and so is my sister. We are done
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Clothes are a depressing topic for me. I am happy for you though. Congratulations
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I donated the bulk of my maternity clothes and kept a few favorite pieces *just in case*.

The only jeans that fit me now are maternity. I refuse to buy any jeans in a size bigger than my pre preg jeans, so I'll just wear the maternity until then. It's the kind with no panel, so they don't really look maternity, thank god.

I still have about 20 lbs to go.
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i hadn't tried any prepreg. clothes until this morning when i finally unpacked a few. my jeans fit! woo hoo! (granted they are a little snug, but it feels great to wear them!)
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What is up with the short shirts? All my old shirts are too short. LOL
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i admire all those willing to try on their pp jeans. i won't do it, i am afraid it would just be depressing.

as for shirts boobs being bigger and belly being bigger, bones being spread out makes the shirts a little smaller. that combined with the fact that we have been wearing sich long shirts makes them look shorter and a year ago shorter shirts were in now the style is going towards longer shirts.

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I sold all of my stuff on ebay at 3 weeks or so.

I wore maternity pants once (at 2 days) post birth. Never wore the shirts after birth. Wore nice sweats/lounge pants for the first week. And then I was back in my jeans.

It is weird..before pregnancy I was stuck in the middle of sizes in most brands of pants...that is exactly where I am again. My body just naturally likes this size.
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Originally Posted by aisraeltax
im 3 weeks pp now so i think i can start doing some sort of exercises this week...at least i hope so..im going to start anyway.
FWIW...my doula and midwives said it was important NOT to do anything strenuous for 6 weeks because that is the time it takes for the uterus to fully return to its former shape. doing too much before then can wear you down (as if we aren't all getting worn down anyway!). but that said, they did give me some mild stomach toning exercises to do.

As Michelle posted above, I think my hips have widened too! It's so weird, my weight and measurements are back to normal, but I can't get any of my regular old pants buttoned. The "big" pairs (all 2 of them) fit me, but my regular pants won't work with my new big mama hips. This didnt' happenw tih DS but he was 3 pounds smaller than DD. Maybe her head did me in ...
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