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Question about vaxes and roseola infection

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Hi there everyone:

I'm one of the lurkers...I just wanted to say that I love this forum and have learned a lot from you all, so thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I have a DD who is 14 months old and has not had any vaxes. I was OK with delaying them until I had researched them enough to feel comfortable with proceeding, but guess what, that day hasn't arrived yet...

I just had a question/comment about a friend of mine. Her 7 month old just got his 3rd dose of the DTaP and that night he developed a bad fever. She was thinking that it was a vax reaction, but it turns out to be roseola, caught apparently the same day as he was vaxed. I was thinking that it's no coincidence that he received his vax that day and then caught a viral infection after his immune system had so much to deal with. I wanted to see if this has happened to others you know...vax and then infection right away. I was also trying to think of a kind way of mentioning that the two might be related and suggest some ways (vit C, acidophilus, homeopathics) to maybe help her son through his next set of vaxes (I don't think she would consider not vaxing)...any info/advice would be appreciated...

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That's really, really common.
There are a few thread here about that phenomenon.
I, personally, think that ped's waiting rooms are just filled with babies with roseola, so newly vaxed babies are both compromised by the vax and introduced to the virus at the same time, causing really alarming roseola symptoms.
It's interesting to me that totally unvaxed babies don't really seem to get roseola the way newly vaxed babies always seem to.
I'm honestly unsure what to make of that...
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