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strange pg symptom

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OK, anyone have this one? This being my 3rd pregnancy, I wasn't expecting any suprises, just my usual heartburn and occasional headaches, but here's a new symptom I never had either time before and it's driving me crazy - my hand is itchy!!! : It sounds weird but it's the strangest thing and it's SO annoying! It's only my right hand, but it itches like crazy all day and night, I've been scratching it til DH says I'm going to make myself bleed!! It's like my palm and the inside of my fingers. I'm assming it's a pg thing as opposed to some other condition because there's nothing there - no rash, no scaliness or eczema or anything, not even a slight redness or anything (well, except when I'm scratching the heck out of it!!) Looks totally normal but is driving me insane!! Not sure if it's related, but I also have occasional periods throughout the day where I get "pins and needles" -type tingling/burning in that hand. And I'm not doing anything different - I'll just be sitting there and it will happen. Am I losing my mind? I thought I might have read something somewhere about itchy skin in pregnancy, particularly hands and feet....but I could be imagining that
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Lurking here..I have read about itchy hands in one of my pregnancy books when I was pregnant last year. Most of the time it's just itchy hands or eczema. Rarely, it *may* be related to a liver condition called cholestasis. I'm not saying that's what you have. I'm not a doctor and I don't play one online. But it might be worth telling your doctor just in case it's something to be checked by additional tests. Congratulations on the baby btw!!
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I have heard about itcht hands/feet...but I don't know what causes it. Can you try some Eucerin lotion? That has helped me in the past..

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I can't speak to the itchiness, but as far as the pins and needles, 'pregnancy carpal tunnel' is not uncommon, and the nerves that innvervate the wrist also go down to the hands, so that wouldn't surprise me either....one of my good friends IRL had to wear carpal gloves a lot towards the end of her preggo cause the carpal tunnel was so bad...but it went away after the babe was born.

And now that I think about it, an irritated nerve just *might* cause an "itchy" sensation even if nothing is there....hmmmm.....

either way, I'd mention it to your provider next time you see them and see what they say.
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dh said those are signs of carpal tunnel. He treats prgnt women all the time for it. Call your provider and see if you can get a few physical therapy treatments or see a chiropractor as well. I had it much later in the prgncy last time.
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Agh! Did you have to remind me of this symptom? I had almost forgotten about it.
For me, last time, it started at about 30 weeks. Initially it was itchy palms, then itchy feet, then legs, arms, and abdomen. It kept me up all night long! My husband also thought I was going to shred my skin off. Luckily, I bite my nails, so there's not much to scratch too deep with.

My OB tried several times to figure out what it was. It wasn't carpel tunnel or PUPPS or anything she could pinpoint. She did tell me it was ok to put a little (tiny) bit of hydrocortisone on it, but that didn't help much. I itched myself through labor and I swear, never itched again the second after he was born. Whatever it was vacated with the baby! I definitely feel for you though and hope I never have that again.
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Thanks for all the input - some things to think about - I will mention it next OB visit, last month I didn't bother bc my doc was overseas on vaca so I was seen by a random doc who was covering for her and he spent all of 15.2 seconds with me. Ugh. I miss the midwives!!! :
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Sometimes the tingling in hands in feets could be from your back or shoulders or neck. Some masseges might also help. I have been doing that this time and I feel much better this time around. I'm going on Friday and cannot wait!
Of course it helps to have one at dh's office!
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I was thinking carpal tunnel too! I always get that when I sleep - the arm on top will start to tingle when I'm on my side (you know how it's usually the one under you that "goes to sleep"?) - TBTG it's not all the time - it drives me nuts enough at night!

I wouldn't worry - but I agree it's worth mentioning to see if there's some relief
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Originally Posted by donosmommy04
I can't speak to the itchiness, but as far as the pins and needles, 'pregnancy carpal tunnel' is not uncommon
I just got dx with this. What a PITA!! My ob said it was from the swelling pressing on the nerves. I never noticed a lot of swelling but he told me lots of water, lots of protein, little salt and to wear a brace. It has helped a lot and only been about a week.

I first noticed it when I was sleeping then it started happening when writing or driving or just doing nothing and then my middle and ring finger started hurting.

Good luck! I hope it is something else and easy to fix because this brace is a
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