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Breaking Your Own Water?!?

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I am 35wks pregnant and am supposed to be induced next week or the week after. I would really like to go into labour on my own, I have tried all the "Natural Labour Inductions" nothing has happened I am already 2cm dilated and halfway thinned out. I would like to try breaking my water on my own. My Doctor did tell me that there were ways of doing that, but he couldnt discuss how since I wasnt a doctor, but assured me I could do it if thats what I wanted. Does anyone know how to do this?? Or do you know something will FOR SURE start labour?? This would be really helpul if you dont mind.
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Sorry, but why are you being induced at 36 weeks? Natural labor induction techniques (including water breaking) will only work if your body is ready to go into labor. If your body is not ready to labor, then you are on the clock with ruptured membranes, and you will probably be given some sort of augmentation in order to facilitate dilation. Once your water is broken, there is the potential for infection, and the hospital's clock starts ticking. JMO, but I would not break my own water at 36 wks. It seems like there is a really high potential for ruptured membranes and no contractions, which would lead you to a myriad of other interventions.
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Heather, I agree with missbliss. I think you're right to want to go into labour on your own. Why do you have to be induced? - (sorry to be so nosey)
I'm not a medical person, but If you're already a little bit dilated and thinned out won't things just take their natural course anyway.
I don't know how to break your own waters. As missbliss said, you'd be on the hospital's clock then - you'd have 24 hrs here and would face a great deal of intervention.
I don't know your circumstances, but I don't think you should try to break your waters. If your body/baby aren't ready for labour I don't think you should force it on them.
Sorry, I can't be more helpful.
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Hi Missbliss, I am scheduled for a repeat C-Section Feb 24th. Which is my due date. The Doc told me he would rather me have my c-section done either next week or the week after, because of having a big baby and also because the baby has been under some stress. So, either way I have to have a C-Section (well I dont have to but have chose to) So, I would like to break my own waters, and I have no clue of knowing how, and was just wondering if anyone else knew how to. Or if they knew something to put me into labour, I have tried a couple of the natural labour inductions and nothing has worked.
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I have to reply here because I have had PROM 3 times and the last time both my baby and I developed a dangerous infection. I would not break your own water - there is just too much risk and things can happen very quickly. The most serious complication is cord prolapse - that is part of why there is such close monitoring after you have ruptured.
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Originally Posted by hbranson
because of having a big baby and also because the baby has been under some stress. So, either way I have to have a C-Section (well I dont have to but have chose to) So, I would like to break my own waters,
hbranson, sorry if I'm not clear about what you're saying....here's what I'm understanding:

The doctor wants to do a c-section because the baby *might* be "big."
What type of "stress" has the baby been under?
And you said that you don't *have* to have a c-section, but you *chose* to.
By having your water break, are you trying to have a vaginal birth before the Dr. sections you?

I don't understand why, if you want to have a section, you want to get labor started now when you know how it's going to end. Most mama's who want to go into labor on their own are doing so in hopes of avoiding a c-section.

Why would you *choose* to have an unnecessary c-section?

And just my 2 cents, I have known quite a few women who have been cut open because their baby "was going to be big" & the baby ended up weighing less than 8 lbs, which is *not* big. Our unnecessary c-section rate in this country is sky high & it has many draw backs for both mama & baby.
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I can't believe your doctor is *encouraging* you to break your own water at 36 weeks! : That seems more than a little negligent. I don't totally understand *why* you need to be induced or have a c-section. Unless there is something very wrong, I wouldn't consider either option at 36 weeks. Maybe you could give us some more information?

I am really sorry you are feeling so pressured. That's awful.
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Heather, we need more information if you want advice. Your post sounds familiar to me. Didn't you start a thread somewhere a few days or a week ago asking basically the same question? If I'm recalling correctly your response at the time was that the doctor was willing to induce next week if *you* got too anxious. I'm sorry if I'm thinking of another poster here, and honestly I just tried to go find the other thread and couldn't in the time I have at the moment.

However, several thoughts come to mind that probably do apply to you, and I'm going to share since you're asking for advice, even though this is not the advice you're asking for.

-If the reason you want to start labor is so that you can experience it before the section and expose the baby to some of the hormones present during labor, that would kind of make sense. But - if you've already tried other natural methods of getting labor started and they're not working, it means that your body and your baby really aren't ready for it. You have to respect that! Why not keep to the schedule that you've got already and give yourself and your baby time to get closer to ready? Try to enjoy what's left of your pregnancy, even if you are big and uncomfortable! Keep having lots of sex, do some nipple stimulation, do whatever it takes to have some orgasms. If you're planning to have a c-section, the size of the baby isn't really important - even if you end up with a 10 or 11 pounder, it doesn't have to fit through your pelvis!

-You're not even considered full term till you're 38 weeks. If your due date calculates you out to 36 weeks right now, you could really be at 33 or 34 weeks and the baby would be premature. You should be avoiding going into labor at this point.

-Breaking of waters is NOT a reliable way of getting labor started. Lots of women have their water break on its own and never go into labor. Breaking waters is a great way to introduce bacteria into your uterus and to your baby. Babies die from infections before they are born. I'm going to be fighting with my midwives at the hospital NOT to break my waters even once I'm in serious labor because having it intact makes labor less painful and helps the baby move into the best position to come out vaginally.

-If you're scheduling a c-section, you don't want to go breaking your waters and doing labor at home for too long. A planned c-section is a lot more fun and relaxing than an emergency one. I am not a proponent of c-sections in general, but I had a scheduled one for breech with my DD. It wasn't a bad experience. We came in relaxed and rested, the staff was relaxed, they let us participate the way we wanted, and I got to be awake and hold my baby right away, even on the operating table and in recovery. An emergency section the way I've heard it described many times involves a lot less commuincation with the mom and dad, often involved general anesthesia, longer separation from your baby, poorer outcomes with nursing and recovery for baby and for mom.

Why don't you tell us the whole story and maybe we can give you better or more specific advice? If you're going to make a decision to do something drastic like this, don't you want it to be an informed one that's well thought-through with support of people who care and want to help? If you're scared or frustrated or worried, things usually seem a lot worse with fewer options when you're thinking about them on your own instead of talking them through with others.

If you really want advice just on how to break your waters, go look on Google. I'm sure you'll find an answer there. But I'd much rather see you come back here and talk through the whole situation first.

Okay, and I'm editing to add: Which is it? are you going to be induced or are you going to have a c-section? You've said both. I don't know of a doctor who would bother inducing labor so that you can then have a c-section. I really feel like there is a lot more to your story that you're not sharing with us, and I don't think that is very fair.
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I think you're thinking of this thread from back in December which was essentially the same question--

"Ok I have a couple of questions. #1) I have a scheduled C-Section for Feb 24th 2006, my doctors are telling me that I'm like 28 weeks far along but the ultrasounds are saying Im like between 30-32 weeks thats like a whole month further along. Which should I believe my ultrasound or doctor's say? #2) Im in such a hurry to have my baby and have been thinking about trying to go into labor naturally with a little help as in nipple stimulation, black & blue cohosh things like that, but I dont want to start it until Im 34-36 weeks. And I was wondering what ALL natural ways are there to go into labor? #3) Ok, last question I promise..lol.. I was asking if my doctor if there was anyway he could put me into labor much quicker than 39 weeks (which is how far along I will be on the time of my c-section) and he told me some of the natural ways to go into labor (nipple stimulation,black&blue cohosh) those are the only two he told me. So, then I decided to ask him a very steep out of the way question of how to go into labor. I ask him if there was a way I could get my bag of waters to break without a doctor doing it, as in me doing it at home. And he told me there was a couple ways of getting my water to break before it was ready, but the only problem was he wasn't aloud to tell me those ways. So, I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this one...Please If you can help me. Thanks!"
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One very confused pregnant mama or a troll, I suspect.
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Troll. She is also asking for free baby gifts.....
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Thanks, Heatherfeather, Sleepy and Boobie mamas. My BS-meter was blinking red and bright with that one, but I have to say to the original poster - if you really are thinking about breaking your own waters, I still would love to hear your real, true story and help you figure out what the actual right thing to do is for *you* and your baby's sake. I feel like there is some grain of truth hiding here, and if you are confused or upset and can share that truth with us I still feel compelled to try and help you sort things out.
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What's a troll?
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According to wikipedia: "troll is a person who posts rude or offensive messages on the Internet, such as on online discussion forums, to disrupt discussion or to upset its participants. "Troll" can also mean the message itself or be a verb meaning to post such messages. "Trolling" is also commonly used to describe the activity."


Something tells me that this woman is not necessarily a troll, strictly-speaking, but someone who is confused and/or seeking help but doesn't know how to ask for it properly or for some reason isn't willing to share what's really going on. But then, I tend to try to see the best in people.
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ok ladies I have read all your post to my thread, and ya know it seemed kind of sad that you would call me a troll and be rude to me without even knowing me. But since the nice lady is asking for my story I will tell her. My doctor DID say he would induce me for a C-eSection, it's a repeat c-section to be exact. I got pregnant 6mon after my last child was born and the doctors and family and friends agreed that my uterus hasnt had time to heal completley from the last c-section. I would like to break my own waters because my doc wants me to come in be induced with a c-section. Im sorry if I confused you about being induced, what I meant by that is being induced with a c-section. But I would like to break my waters and have that feeling of knowing my baby got to experience some sort of actual contraction or something before having my c-section. Doctor said that was fine on my terms. So, he gave me an amniocentesis test to make sure babys lungs were developed and it came back positive, and said he would be fine if he was born at this moment. I had an ultra sound and some blood work done about 2wks ago and they come back with me actually being 37wks and 4days (as of today im 37wks and 4days) giving me a new date of Feb 10th. I just got that result at my appt this morning. Im sorry if I got you guys angry with me, I have already gotten a response from a lady on here (not mentioning any names) and she has been a great help because she has done this herself. Thanks for listening you guys and please next time dont be so rude I was just asking a question to other moms and ya'll got real defensive you could have been nicer and not called me a troll. But I guess its ok... Bye!!
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My DH was a C-section. His little brother is less than a year younger than he is. (Early due to placenta previa) His mom was VBAC in the late 70's. It can be done. My own two are 14 mo apart but both of them are natural birth stories. I feel you are not in need of a C-section but you are the one who has to make that decision. I really wouldn't try to start what isn't ready however for the sake of your child. My Sister in law was recently induced a month early because they had her due date wrong. The U/S had her date four weeks early. Her little guy was in NICU over Christmas for two weeks due to a collapsed lung. I would really try to find another route. I don't see that the babe is ready.
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Okay, Heather. Your story makes a little more sense now.

I still stand by everything I said above. If your doctor is willing to induce you before the c-section, I think that's great. Why don't you just wait till his deadline, and if you haven't gone into labor naturally before then, get induced? It wouldn't be my first choice in scenarios, but here is how I could see it going successfully.

You go in and they start the Pitocin. I'm having a VBAC at 2.5 years out, and I'm having an entirely healthy pregnancy with midwives, and they still want to break my waters and put in an internal monitor the minute I show up at the hospital, so I imagine that you will be getting your waters broken and be monitored the whole time you're being induced. If so, they would be able to tell right away if there were any problem like rupture or fetal distress (and they always err on the side of over-cautious, which in your case might be a good thing). You know, at that point you can just wait and see how far you want it to go. You might get farther into labor than you expected, maybe even far enough that the doctor would let you consider pushing the baby out if that's something you want. If not, do as much labor as you feel comfortable with and then say "Okay, time for the section!"

I still stand by what I said before. If you break your own waters at home, you are asking for trouble. It sounds like your doc is bending over backwards as far as OBs go to help you get the birth experience that you are looking for. It is a lot easier to bargain with the people at the hospital if you have more chips on your side, and coming in with your water already broken will only serve to put you on a clock for how long they'll let you labor.

Also, about the term "troll" - it is an internet term. Sleepymama and Boobiemama were not saying that you were the kind of a troll that lives under a bridge and scares billy goats. They were referring to the kind of internet troll I explained in my post. Believe it or not, some people come to discussion boards looking for trouble and trying to cause disruption. If this doesn't apply to you, now is your chance to come back and continue an actual discussion with us.

Now that I've invested my time and energy in offering you heartfelt advice and defending your motivations, I would love to hear your response to what I've said and find out whether anything I've said influenced you at all.
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Thanks, I really think what you have told me, is a great idea and Im going to talk to my doc about that my next appt which is next tuesday. Thanks for not being rude and for having the patience to talk with me about this. Also, I dont know know who said I was asking for free baby gifts, but Im not really, I dont want to be a charity case, its just that I have nothing for my baby and my cousin bailed on me at the last minute and decided not to do my baby shower and none of my family will help out because they are upset with me for having another baby which is fine. I cant afford to get all the baby gifts I need and I have tried the thrift stores and salvation armys around here and all there baby stuff is worn out. Thats the only reason I even asked if you ladies done the virtual baby showers online or just got expecting mothers things that didnt have much. Someone on a mommy forum like this done something for my cousin awhile back but I dont know which mommy forum it was.. Sorry if you ladies thought I was begging for freebies thats not the case. And I wasnt on here looking for trouble either, Ijust thought I could talk over things with you guys. But right now I have to go get something to eat. Thanks for talking me out of breakin my own waters.
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I had premature rupture of membranes twice. My labors were both pretty intense because the cushion of amniotic fluid wasn't there to soften the contractions at all. My daughter, born at 36 weeks, could breathe fine, but weighed only 5 pounds 4 ounces, had some jaundice, was extremely sleepy, and had some nursing issues for her first 2 weeks. I understand that you'd like to experience labor, and give your baby the benefits of labor, but I agree with other posters that it is probably best to wait until your body is closer to labor and your baby is a little more ready to come out. Why not wait until Feb. 9 and then start with the nipple stimulation and cohoshes?
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Ultimately the decision is yours. I don't think anyone here was trying to be rude. But for many of us here where are first and main concern is the babies health, it was hard to hear about your doctor giving you a thumbs up on breaking your water at home.
You said that you are scheduling a c-section to avoid (possible complications) from a previous recent c-section. This is a hard choice I am sure. But please understand, although your intent to do something good for your baby by breaking your water beforehand could and probably should be considered a greater risk to you and your baby. Please research this more. You don't know your babies position or the place of the cord and it could prolapse easily, then you put you and your baby in serious life threatning danger.

So not wanting to be rude. Just hoping to give you info that your doctor obviously hasn't offered. At this point you would be in less danger if you just waited for your body to do what it knows how to do. Statistically speaking Many VBAC moms have been successful even with bigger babies if they are not strapped to a bed and are just allowed to do what there body already knows how to do.

PS. Remember when you come to a Natural Parenting group site such as MDC and post a question like yours, the majority of the responses will be natural based, and not nessisarily what you are looking for if your more medical minded. I am sorry you felt attacked or offended. I wish you the very best with your upcoming birth and hope you make the best decision.
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