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yeast, diapers and GSE

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Ok my dd has been having terrible trouble with yeast rashes and I got some GSE to wash her diapers with because I heard it helps get rid of it. How much do you put in a load of diapers? Thanks for any tips on using it.
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I've never used GSE with dipes (I've only been cding for a few weeks), but I did read all about it (and used it mixed with my drinks) when DD and I were battling thrush. I read instructions for washing bras with GSE, and they never gave a specific amount to use. Most sites just said a few drops, but I may vaugely remember something about 10 drops. Anyway, I think if you just put in a few drops, it will be OK. GSE is pretty potent stuff - maybe try using 10 - 15 drops, and see how that works. Also, make sure to wash on HOT, since that also helps kill the yeast. Good luck!

P.S. Are you BF, because you both could have thrush, which would also need to be treated to get rid of the rash...
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i'm not sure about gse, i used tto when my ds had a rash, what i did was mix one part tto to ten parts vegi oil and use it as an ointment on his bum, then when i washed his dipes i put 4 drops in the rinse cycle...my dh takes gse pills, but i have no clue on how to use the liquid...hth
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We have STRUGGLED with recurring yeast problems... thrush, rashes, and even a yeast infection on ds' penis (didn't know this happened to guys!). I never ended up getting GSE (planned to, just didn't happen), but we used white vinegar and this really helped. I washed bra, pads, and everything that he spat up on with a vinegar rinse using a downy ball and did a vinegar rinse in one cycle of diaper wash. If you've already got the GSE, use it.. it's potent stuff, probably will work faster than vinegar. I think like PP said, you could probably use just 10-15 drops for a full load.

good luck! yeast is nasty stuff!
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I Love Gse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me GSE is the BEST! It saved my life! My baby had a horrible rash around his anus (he got it after just a day and a half of using FuzziBunz pocket diapers, probably as a reaction to fleece, but then it turned into yeast rash) that I was fighting for over 2 months! Doctors would prescribe some creams (Nystatin and etc.) but it would just make the rash worse .

I was about to give up, I tried everything, nothing was helping.

I have done tons of research and found an article of a pediatrician telling that sometimes GSE helps with the most stubborn diaper rashes.
She recommended 5 drops of GSE per 4 oz of water solution.

For the first couple of days I was using 6-7 drops of GSE per 4 oz of water solution (need to apply with every diaper change; few times I'd live a cotton ball with this solution on the rash area) and in two days the rash was gone! Then I switched to 5 drops of GSE per 4 oz of water solution for another month or so, just to make sure it's not coming back.

I have been ALWAYS adding 25 drops of GSE to the laundry when wash my diapers, other baby stuff and even my bedding.
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GSE is awesome stuff! It has been the only thing that has really cleared up yeast for us. We battled thrush when dd was tiny(before I knew about GSE) and ended up doing a round of Diflucan after trying many other natural things that did not work. I guess we kept passing it back and forth to one another, and it took me simultaneously treating both of us diligently from all angles for it to go away. It was so frustrating. That was 6 months ago.

A few weeks ago, I noticed mild yeast symptoms rearing its ugly head again and jumped right on it by doing the following...all things I found on various sites regarding treating thrush:

-Acidophilus Capsules daily for me
-Acidophilus powder for dd, sprinkled on food or sucked off my finger 3-5X/day
-Wash everything on hot with vinegar in the rinse water
-35 drops GSE in every laundry load
-Wipe nipples and swab dd's mouth with a q-tip before and after each feeding with a solution of 5 drops GSE in 4oz water
-Wipe diaper area with GSE solution at every change... I just filled a 8oz peri bottle with 10 drops of GSE and water.
-And...this was the worst, but SO very effective... I took the following every waking hour for 48 hours - 15 drops GSE in 4-6oz water. It tastes bitter and revolting, but it worked so awesome.

Yeast is very contagious and thrives in moist conditions, so it's very important to change wet diapers, sweaty clothing, bras quickly. I'm so paranoid about that nasty stuff now. I plan on taking acidophilus and giving it to dd for a few months. I also plan on continuing to swab her mouth out a time or two each day for at least a couple more weeks even though the yeast appears to be gone. GSE is a permanent additive in our wipe solution and laundry routine for a while too, although I cut back to putting only about 15 drops in the laundry now that the yeast seems to have cleared.

Also, cutting out sugary starchy foods from your diet is supposed to help too.

Yeast is the worst!!!
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thanks everyone. I will try that
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What is GSE? I want to try it.
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grapefruit seed extract (GSE)
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I'm another huge GSE fan. I also put 35 drops in every load of dipes and in every load of whites (bras, undies that kinda thing) It is a miracle worker. DD and I had nasty thrush and it was gone in three days amazing.

As a side note I also use GSE as a disenfectant in my kitchen. The little rag I use to clean my counters sits in a small bowl with distilled water and GSE. I think I got that tip off of the makers web site I'll have to look.
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I also use Biokleen detergent because it has grapefruit seed extract in it. However we are a 100% prefold house and don't have to worry about fleece buildup.
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MelaPover detergent has Tea Tree Oil in it, which is also great stuff. But 25 drops of GSE per laundry make me feel even better .
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Originally Posted by Melissaak
I also use Biokleen detergent because it has grapefruit seed extract in it. However we are a 100% prefold house and don't have to worry about fleece buildup.
Melissaak, I always wanted to ask somebody who use 100% prefolds how do you deal with poop going outside the prefold to the cover?

I mean now, when my baby is 8m.o. and 99.9% of the time he poops into his potty-chair I can use prefolds just fine, but before when he used to poop in diapers and happenned to poop in prefolds I had to wash his wool cover each time, as both sides of it were fill of sh.....well, you know, this good stuff
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How are/were you securing your prefolds? I snappi them. More often than not there is no leakage outside the prefold. I would imagine just trifolding in a wool wrap I would be washing a lot of wool.
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