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Eczema and vaccinations

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My son has bad eczema and he is almost 5 months old. It is doing a lot better this week I think because we are only bathing once a week and I have started taking omega 3 pills. From what I understand eczema is linked to allergies and allergies can be excaberated by vaccinations. I am looking for articles and studies to build a case for my DH as to why we shouldn't vaccinate or why we should delay longer. My son is exculsively BF and hasn't recieved any solids yet. We plan to start solids around 6 months and we aren't going to give him any dairy until a year. He has only received one DTaP at 10 weeks and we are planning on getting one HIB shot at 6 months. Any help or advice would be appreciated. We so far vaccinate my DD on a delayed and selective (no Hep. B, Hep. A, flu, chicken pox shots). He is otherwise healthy but he seems to catch everything compared to my DD (thrush, viral rash, bad cold, etc.) and he is only 4 months old. We have not put him on any antibotics (and we don't plan on it) but I am a bit concerned that he has a weak or weaker immune system. My brother had reactions to the DTaP as a baby and my son looks so much like my brother I can't help but wonder if he has some of his genes. My DH is a hard sell. Thanks again!
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here's my small thought.

I would seriously hold off on any vax until your DS eczema has cleared up. If you could please tell your husband you are not saying 'no' to all vaxes forever, just until his eczema has cleared up and is leveled off for at least a couple months. Then if you do choose to get more shots you can see what happens to DS...and if the eczema comes back...well there's an answer for you.

just so you know. I never had eczema before in my life. I got the rubella vax when I got married (I didn't know as much as I know now..sigh). Anyway, I started getting eczema 3 years ago on my hand. now here is where things get interesting. The derma gave me cream to settle it down, of course the cream has steroids in it. Well, I went to a homeopath in December, she said, please stop taking the cream. I did. Then I took the remedy she gave me. I took the remedy once. The eczema cleared up within 2 weeks. I am amazed.

I would take your DS to a homeopath because I think there could be some help relief there....

good luck.
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I would hold off with the vaccinations. My DD had her first set of jabs (DTaP) and developed debilitating eczema very shortly afterwards as well as other problems. She hasn't had any more vaccinations and we have used a homeopath which has completely cleared up her eczema.

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Vicki-How soon after did she get the eczema? My DS didn't get in until 2 months after his one shot. Did she have more than the DTaP? I am going to definately look into homeopathy. Thank you for the advice.
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Eczema or other rashes

I never thought about vaccinations being a cause of a persistent rash. My daughter is almost one year old and has had a bumpy/pimply rash on her face since she was 6 months old, which is when I introduced solid foods. She was exclusively breast fed until then. We've been to pediatric dermatologist 4 times now, and are treating it with anti-fungal creams (nizoral then naftin) and now also with an acne cream (acnemycin - which is topical erythromyacin). I don't think he is sure what it is -- maybe a bit of keratosis pilaris he says also. It is very frustrating for me because I can't "cure" her. We're eliminating all cereal from her diet for a couple of weeks to rule out a food allergy, although the doctors say it isn't a food allergy. I'm even wondering if it will go away when I wean her, which is very soon - at her one-year birthday. The rash seems to get better sometimes but never completely goes away, then gets worse, almost like teenage acne. At the end of the day it seems worse too. She is a large baby so could it be immature sweat glands or a digestive disorder?? We're taking her to a holistic doctor next just to try to treat the cause rather than the symptoms. Any advice would be very very appreciated.
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This is the short version about my knowledge regarding excema.
Eczema can be an autoimmune response gone bad. An allergic response. Various allergens can therefore provoke it.

Eczema can also be a manifestation of the inability to metabolise essential fatty acids.

In 1931 Dr. Arild Hansen found that children with this condition had abnormal levels of omega 6 EFA's in their blood.
People with eczema, hayfever and asthma lack a key enzyme that converts essential fatty acids into prostaglandins.
Evening primrose oil and blackcurrant seed oil can relieve symptoms.
Dr. Leo Galland ( Superimmunity for Kids, 1989) recommends that toddlers recieve 2 X 500 mg capsules of evening primrose oil per day by piercing them and rubbing them on the skin of the inner thigh or arm. If you don't see improvement increase the dosage to 4 capsules per day (8 per day for adults. Half the dosage with blackcurrant oil). Other necessary co-factors are vitamins A and B, magnesium, zinc and iron.

In some cases supplementation with lecithin can help (watch the source if you're allergic to soy, soy lecithin is everywhere) as well. Lecithin is an emulsifier. My spouse used this for a time but he needed to take 8 capsules a day. He no longer uses it as he discovered he is allergic to wheat and that is what ultimately provokes his eczema.

Personally I would not consider vaccines, as the eczema tells me that the individual already has a skewed immune response and is sensitive to any number of allergens, or has a biochemical challenge that they need to cope with.
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Originally Posted by InfoisPower
Personally I would not consider vaccines, as the eczema tells me that the individual already has a skewed immune response and is sensitive to any number of allergens, or has a biochemical challenge that they need to cope with.
I agree, my ds has horrible eczema and that is just one of the many reasons why we do not vaccinate.
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I buy Evening Primrose Oil and break open the capsules and spread it all over any outbreaks. It's the only thing that helps. Also, if you have a chiro, there is a disc that can be manipulated that will help relieve symptoms. I've had it my entire life and so does my mom. I was vaxed as a kid...so was my mom. My dd is not vaxed and has shown no signs so far and she is 22 months.

Eczema can also be triggered by food because of the inability to break down the omegas. My triggers are chocolate (BLAST! : ), and dairy...mainly ice cream (DOUBLE BLAST! ). Stress and hormones also trigger mine.
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Originally Posted by Jennifer Esser
I'm even wondering if it will go away when I wean her, which is very soon - at her one-year birthday.
OT- but I would strongly advise you to keep nursing! Humans need to nurse until at least 2 years old. If she has food sensitivities they will be harder to work around if you're not nursing.

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My son has intense eczema and also a major, scary reaction to DTaP (which is what made us stop vaxing). We tried everything, and just recently had his reactions to food tested. He's allergic to wheat, eggs, and various other things. He also was diagnosed with Celiac's. None of my other children have eczema, and none, so far, have had issues with gluten.

On some level, I do believe, without study or annals of wisdom, that his eczema (and quite probably his Celiac's) is because of the vaxes. Maybe not because they CAUSE them, but certainly because his little body was not able to do what it needed to do, as nature needed it to. (This may have all been due to the egg allergy, also...)

Hope your child finds some relief.
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My son-in-law has eczema, so does his brother. Both had it since they were very small babies, both are vaccinated with everything that was available at the time.
Son-in-law has a child, 2 years old now, completely vaccine free had a little eczema at birth but it disappeared by the time he was 6 months old. No sign of it anywhere.

I attribute the eczema in my grandchild due to being born in the tub with (chlorinated) city water. Because why else would it be gone now?

Somehow I still feel that it may be caused by vaccines. Allergies, asthma, all that is closely related to skin problems.

It is pretty much accepted in Germany that if you try to cure a child of eczema too radically (with medication) that child will get asthma as a result of it.
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Eczema means a compromised immune system already, don't add vaxs to that picture. Read "Causes of Autism" for a more complete picture.

In my DS, eczema was the first sign he could not handle grains. I didn't know as much then as I do now and thought it meant a food allergy... so much more than that.

If you have thrush, that is one of the causes, imbalance of intestinal flora causing a functional problem of the digestive system, not a problem with a particular food per se. Are you taking probiotics or making homemade yogurt?

Absolutely completely avoid all trans fats, they come right thru your milk and compete with essential fatty acids.

How much omega 3 are you taking and what kind? Pills are rarely strong enough. Take 1 T. of cod liver oil. I second the evening primrose suggestion.

Do not give grains as first foods, see the sticky "Solids for an Allergy Prone Baby" in Allergy Forum. Stick to fruits, veggies, meats and egg yolks for the first year at least, preferably longer.

Do you have digestive/thrush issues? As with my DS, it all begins and ends with us mamas.
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Originally Posted by onlyboys
On some level, I do believe, without study or annals of wisdom, that his eczema (and quite probably his Celiac's) is because of the vaxes. Maybe not because they CAUSE them, but certainly because his little body was not able to do what it needed to do, as nature needed it to. (This may have all been due to the egg allergy, also...)
Makes sense to me... the mucus lining and flora of the intestines got attacked and now cannot function and properly digest food.

The diet we are on to heal intestinal flora has also been shown effective for celiacs:

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JaneS-I don't have any issues with thrush. Both times my children have had it I have had no symptoms. I haven't had any digestive issues in a long time. I did have a lot when my endometrosis was out of control but pregnancy and BFing have kept it under control for awhile.

I do feel that his immune system is compromised. Anyone have any suggestions for convincing my DH that it is? My son has had a variety of rashes (he got a horrible "newborn" rash at 2 days old, then a viral rash at 2 weeks and then ezcema at 4 months), congestion and the one case of thrush since he was born. I just know something is up. How can I build his immune system when I am not giving him solids?

Thanks for all the advice.
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Originally Posted by Jennifer Esser
I'm even wondering if it will go away when I wean her, which is very soon - at her one-year birthday.
So Happy Birthday and no more nee nee milk? No more yummy mama's milk? No more nursing at all ever? That's the saddest birthday I ever heard of . Please reconsider.
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I agree with watching the diet, but I'd be wary of meat. Meat will acidify the body and make mucous. It's optimum to have an alkaline balance in the body. The fact that baby is suffering form thrush and other things really points to an acidic body. Supplement with probiotics, like homemade kefir and homemade fermented veggies. Skin eruptions can be greatly helped with homeopathy. They can also be a sign that the liver is not functioning properly. You'd want to see a naturopath for a nutritional and body systems eval. Electrodermal screening is great at pointing out blocked systems, organs etc. Other modalities like Contact reflex analysis with applied kineaseology and specific nutrition are very effective in finding the root cause to body imbalance. The Dallas Chiro school teaches courses and you can also go to www.crahealth.org
I've lived with eczema since I was a small infant (so over 30 yrs now) and What helped me the very most was going to a 70-80% raw diet with lots of juicing. In my last pregnancy some eczema returned. I upped my liver/gallbladder support detox herbs and it was gone in days. Red Clover, Milk Thistle and Dandelion root are my choices. You can do teas, tinctures or capsules.
Good Luck.
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I'm not sure exactly when the eczema started after the vax, I would say less than a month, but couldn't swear on it.

I've noticed she's started getting a bit blotchy (not eczema) these last few weeks, which I'm pretty sure is down to the fact she's eaten some bread over that time. She's breastfed, eats very few solids and I eat a high raw diet which I'm positive really helps. Just struggling to give up the bread at the moment, which I know I must.
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Wow - I was pointed over here from the allergies forum - sounds like there is a lot of knowledge about eczema.

My 4 month old EBF dd3 has eczema - started to get really bad on her face about a month ago. She is not vaxed at all.

For the past 1.5 weeks or so, I've been dairy-free, as well as cutting out chocolate and citrus. About a week ago, I think she reacted to both eggs and tomatoes, so I've cut those out as well.

So far, I do think she is improving, but her face still looks like it is breaking out (as in, the skin is broken and sore) a little bit (although much better).

I took flax oil tablets throughout my pregnancy with her and had continued those, although I stopped them about a week ago, because I wondered if I'd taken too much of them, and she'd developed a reaction? But then I've read about Omega 3 oils being good for eczema, so I was thinking that I should restart them.

Is there anything else you could recommend? Or does anyone have links to good articles about how to deal with this problem? What are the future repercussions for her - is she more likely to be asthmatic, etc as she gets older?

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What an interesting & informative thread!! My oldest son (fully vaxed) and my daughter (Had a couple as a babe before we decided vaxes suck) don't have any problems. For reasons I have no desire to go into my DS2 was OVER-vaxed (recieved them more than recommended - looooong story) and has HORRIFIC eczema. He also has Autism-like "symptoms." Now that he's in Kindergarten it's gotten to the point he needed to be evaluated. 20/20 hindsight & all...*sigh*...
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I need your help here... My 5.5-month old has terrible eczema on his legs. It is raw and he scratches it viciously if it is not covered. He is unvaxed and I am delaying/selecting to do only a couple a lot later, because he seems to be allergic to everything I eat... Sigh!

I am vegetarian but I cannot eat any dairy (including goat products) and eggs. He appears to be also sensitive to all nuts, legumes, soy, tomatoes, grains... There is nothing left for me to eat... I tried an elimination diet when he was smaller, but gave up because I was not getting enough nutrients.

I take probiotics and flaxeed oil every day. Should I stop the oil? Maybe it is contributing to his eczema.

I am planning to delay all solids as long as I can hold off...

What should I do to help him?

Thanks so much in advance for all your help!
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