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Working FT with m/s - How do I do it?

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My m/s started yesterday...... and it is HORRIBLE already today. I've been breathing through my mouth everywhere I go, in fear that a wiff of something wrong will make me puke all over! I barely made it to work, as I was in my bathroom trying not to puke. I didn't pack my lunch, because I was afraid to open the fridge. I take the bus to work, so I was hoping that nothing would happen on the bus. I walked into the coffee room and just about lost it from the smell of coffee (which I normally love). I've been sitting at my desk all day today accomplishing nothing, as I run to the bathroom every 15 minutes(which happens to be on another floor in our office tower - because they picked this week and next to renovate the bathrooms on our floor - AUGH!). I can't admit to anyone that I'm feeling gross, because my co-workers always say, "You must be pregnant", as a joke - but I won't be able to deny it (they'll see it in my face). I don't want my manager or anyone to know. I had pretty bad m/s with ds, but I figured out how to handle it..... and that's not working this time!!!

I don't know how I will do this for the next several months. (The m/s lasted 7 months with ds.)

I guess this turned into a vent more than anything. I sort of hate to even complain, in a way. I want to be pg soooooo bad, and this really confirms it! I guess I'll never be one of those people with an "easy pg". Oh well. :
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Its horrible, isn't it? Worse than labor, I think.

I worked in a rehab center when I was pg. with #1. HUMAN smells are the WORST but I'll spare you the details considering your current state.

One of my female clients approached me very seriously one day and asked me if there was a possibility that I was suffering from an eating disorder -- she noticed that I was running to the bathroom during mealtimes and loosing a lot of weight! (I lost 16 pounds during my first trimester.)

I ended up cutting my hours significantly. The swing shift I was working combined with the stressfullness of the job was getting to me. When I finally started getting more rest, the constant nauseau subsided a little bit. Also, eating a high protein snack before bed, and having dry toast in bed before getting up the morning helped. Ice cold water with a little fresh lemon in it was helpful throughout the day.
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I feel you sista!

With Kailey I was lucky enough to be a nanny during the morning sickness phase. At 6 months I had to quit because I just couldn't function. It was horrible.

I think, they may have motion sickness meds you can take? Maybe ask youe OB/midwife about them?
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Hi Christine, morning sickness (I mean all day sickness) is horrible!! I too have terrible m/s, to the point that I couldn't even keep down water. I was sick every 10 minutes, even if it was just dry heaving. I noticed that you live in canada, as I do. I chose to start taking diclectin, a medication for morning sickness. It may be something you want to discuss with your midwife or doctor. I just decided that being completely dehydrated and eating nothing was worse for my babe than taking the meds. I hope you feel better soon!!!
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I found that the best way to combat my morning sickness was to eat small and often. I didn't throw up once..but when I went too long wihtout something in my tummy, I felt like I would. Also, if there's ANYTHING you crave, eat it and right away.

Try to sip water as much as possible or take up an ice-crunching habit. If there's a smell that doesn't make you gag, have that scent handy all the time...you can sniff that as you walk past the room with the coffee.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Good luck!
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