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Dental Work Trauma and Allergies

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First I must thank all you incredible mommas for your support, compassion, and intelligence -- I have been an avid reader for over two years, and this is my first post...

I need your help and advice...ds just had 4 cavities filled, and at 26 months it was hell -- I will save you all the details to keep this short, and skip to the questions.

What made this all the more difficult is ds has had severe eczema since 4 months, and was allergic to everything (really - including dust, mold, most food, chemicals, etc) -- now after 2 years of NAET, he still is quite allergic, but doing fabulous. So when it cam time to do the dental work, we had to use chloral hydrate only, because he was allergic to vistaril. Dentist refused to use demerol, which would have been OK.

1. has anyone ever heard that ALL composite filling materials have fluoride in them? Dentist tells us this at 11th hour, and so we settle on using glass isonomer cement - which we hope had no fluoride (no list of contents in package insert!) ds has an allergy to fluoride! Any suggestions where I can do further research on this stuff ?

2.ds woke up after only 1 hour of chloral hydrate - he had a gas mask with nitrous oxide, but it did not keep him from sitting up - so the rest of the work (smoothing the fillings) had to be done with dh and I holding ds down while he screamed his head off for what seemed an eternity (5 min?) I have a hunch the gas was not at proper setting...Also, dentist REFUSED to use the gas once ds was awake - he suggested more chloral hydrate, but ds refused to take it the first time - hating the grape flavor - took him 1 hr of crying and screaming to fall asleep plus had a minor allergic reaction to the food coloring...I FEEL LIKE SUCH A BAD MOM FOR PUTTING HIM THROUGH THAT! What would have been a better way to handle this?

3. Any good AP dentists in NYC area moms? Needless to say, not too happy with this one, as we spent two appointments trying to work through allergy and other issues - and still I feel like dentist was not respectful of ds's allergies (did not tell me about the grape flavor in the meds, brushed off the fluoride allergy, saying he had never heard of that), plus never said he was going to use this HORRIBLE mouth opening clamp...I would have like to have prepared ds for that!

4.We were told to come back in 3 weeks to make sure he doesn't need a root canal in one tooth, since 1 cavity was very close to the root. Should we go? Or wait for pain, other symptoms. I don't want to do ds's head in, but then again, should we go to a different dentist...or just wait...

HELP! Thanks mommas - I know you are a clear headed group!
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I'm sorry your ds had to go through this at such a tender age. I don't have any answers for you only <hugs>. And I wanted to mention I just had my first composite filling done about a month ago and my dentist said this "new" stuff was stronger than the old (actually said it was the cadillac of composite) and would probably outlast any other filling material, but he didn't say anything about fluoride content. Maybe someone else here will know more.

By the way what is "glass isonomer cement" and what colour is it? Not that the colour is that important - I'm simply curious.

Have you looked into any calming herbals like Rescue Remedy or would there be too much of a chance towards reacting to that?

Since that particular dentist has laid out his future plans for you and your son and those don't seem to be working to your - or his - advantage I would probably seek a second opinion with a dentist willing to work through these issues.

Looking for options to this dilemma only proves that you are doing a fantastic job with your son and trying to find answers that work.

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Thanks so much for your kind words - I think you are right about finding a more cooperative dentist - it's just so frustrating dragging ds around to new docs --

The glass isonomer cement is tooth colored - ds's teeth look good - but he's been complaining that one of them hurts!! YIKES -

I guess I'll know soon how he'll take more dental work...

Thanks again...
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You're quite welcome. Instead of dragging your ds around, make some phone calls and we'll hope that it'll answer some of your questions. Hopefully you'll find answers to your questions. You've got to mention to the dentist that you do see that he has pain there. Please come back and let us know how things are going.

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