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Running Mamas - running into mid-winter

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this is a thread for all the running mdc mamas, all newcomers welcomed!
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i took today off from running so that i could skip out of work a bit early.

tomorrow i'm off to Dallas for about 24 hours for a meeting, i'll take my sneakers but not sure if i'll have a chance to use them or not.

Patti - thinking about you, hoping things are getting easier but understanding that sad days are important as well.

Poppy - hope you're hanging in there this week. At the moment I'm so glad that my dh isn't employed, otherwise he'd be at SIA this week and OR next week.

here's my question - are Chiropractors good or are they more like Quack-o-practors? For various reasons, I've always put them in the Quack category - maybe because of a fear that you start going and have to keep going forever and forever? One friend told me that it would probably be great for me after all the crashing i've done with mountain biking and so forth. i'm interested to hear what you have to say.
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checking in to sub real quick, back later if I can, trying to get kiddos into bed and toddler is crying.
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My chiropractor has done wonderful things for my health and is keeping my sciatica under control. I struggled with pain for a few years ( and a couple BAD chiropractors and then found this guy. He's into a lot of other holistic type health care too.

My mom was just telling me about an HMO in/near Chicago that was requiring patients to go to a chiropractor before going to a medical doctor for certain ailments. One study showed that before these requirements were put in place there was a 23 percent C-section rate among the patients and afterwards it was almost 0.

I don't even go to a family doctor anymore, but then again, I don't believe in drugging myself or my kids. I like the fact that when I take my daughter in when she's not feeling well, she leaves and actually feels better after a visit to the chiropractor and didn't have to be doped up first

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grnmt - i am of the mindset that chiros are great for some muscular/skeletal issues - mine has helped greatly with my headaches and back - but many claim that they can fix other things - like my dd's esotropia or ibs - i'm not so sure about that.
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Subbing, no time for personals, just a quick update...

I am currently dealing w/ some GI issues... my Imodium dosing before going running turned out to be a pretty bad experiment. I think I got a little carried away. One cup of Smooth Move tea later, and I am now on the BRAT diet. : No more meds for me for a while, I'm trying to get this under control naturally. I couldn't run today. I'm hoping I can go tomorrow, but even if things have settled down from the senna, I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about the underlying problem.

Anyway, I did have a good 5 mile run on Sunday while we were in Williamsburg, VA. I got to run through the historic area and campus and it all brought back lots of good memories of my college days.

I'll try to do personals soon; I have been reading along...
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Hi you guys, I am so glad for the fresh start. I was so overwhelmed.....

EK's Mama, you sound like you are in the same boat I was a few days ago. It is gone now for me and all I have to show for it is a 5 pound weight loss, so now all is good. Hope the GI tract comes to it's senses soon.

GreenMNt. I think Chiro's are good for musculosceletal and neurologic issues. My good friend is a chiro and you wouldn't believe the vast medical knowlege she has. Chiropractic school is very rigorous, kind of like med school with all the different body systems.

Patti, my heart hurts that you are having a hard time. I will go read the other thread to see your post. I am sending you love.

I promise to do better keepingup here.

Did a quick hill work out today. It felt great. Watched some junky TV. LOL the TM sure has increased my dose of reality television I am a total project runway junkie now.

Love, ND
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Kerc, your doggie is beautiful

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chiropractors: I have had good experiences, but only with non-bonecracking types. Network chiropractors have a very good rep., although I don't have personal experience. I went to someone (non bone cracking) while pregnant and it was a great help.

eksmom, I am still dealing with my GI issues, although I gather ours are quite different. I am hopeful I am on the mend (treating with acupuncture and herbs), but it is depressing to have my stomach completely expand and blow up after eating. Hope you are on the mend soon.
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Chiro ~ I have not had any personal experience with them, but I have considered going in the past. I'd rather try that first than resort to any medications I may have to take for a long time.

I do know a family that decided to take their infant to a chiropractor because her skull was misaligned at birth and her face looked "crooked." Many doctors suggested she wear the helmet and take the risk of having to get surgery or they could go to a chiropractor and possibly skip over all of that. They took her, often, to the chiropractor for about 3 months and you would never guess she ever had a problem. She's almost 2 now.

But for now I'm subbing as I take a break from Foundations of Education class. After that's done, I'm going to do yoga and go to bed early (I hope).
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Originally Posted by grnmtnmama
Poppy - hope you're hanging in there this week. At the moment I'm so glad that my dh isn't employed, otherwise he'd be at SIA this week and OR next week.
that's exactly where my dh is right now, SIA/vegas. i was supposed to go to OR [last season i tried to hook up with monikita there for a run - remember her?] but i cancelled my plans to go to ...ISPO. bummer. hate being that far away.

in regards to chiro, i actually don't go regularly and have also had my suspicions in the past about if it works or not. i do know that it has done good things for my kids, and i still don't take them that regularly. the important thing, as others have mentioned, is to find one that works for you and your needs. i never saw one the 2 years i was in vermont, but i'd ask around to see who people like rather than finding one out of the phone book, etc.

we've had 3 days of which has everyone in good moods around here! but the rains return tomorrow *sigh*

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Still no running but the leg is feeling better and better. I am having to restrain myself from running. I know I need at least a few more days if not a week to get it better to "good". Just because it feels better does not mean it feels good. That is my mantra right now. I've been doing the elliptical trainer, walking on the TM and swimming. Actually I am enjoying the variety. It's so much easier diving into these things being in shape than the other times when I have in the past being so not in shape. I need to stay with the cross training even when I plunge back into running...remind me please

I too have wondered about Chiro. I too reside in the realm of skeptic...
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moonshine, I thought about you yesterday when I was blown up like a 4-5 months pregnant mama... I'll tell you what... my pants magically grew bigger with each trip to the ladies' room today...

My system seems to be settling down. I'm thinking I will be able to run tomorrow, but it may need to be on the TM in case I need the facilities. I feel like a real for doing this to myself. From now on no more pre-run Imodium unless it's for a race.
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2babybees... I am glad your leg is better and you are enjoying the cross-training. Good for you for taking care of and not doing too much too soon.

I have been meaning to ask you about something you said a while back... about trying to run at enough of a caloric deficit to lose weight, while still having the energy for running. How's that going? I've decided I want to take off about 8 more lbs. and I figure that training for the half is a great time to do it. But, I know running totally increases my appetite. I just thought we were in the same boat on this one and I wanted to see how it was coming for you.
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Eks- I totally plateaued for the past 4 weeks and it has been killing me. I bought Runner's World Guide to Preformance Nutrition(or something like that). Basically he says to not focus on the calories, dieting etc etc. Improve the quality of food you are consuming, be conscious of portion control/serving size(ie be realistic) but do nothing other than that. Make every calorie count towards fueling your body efficiently for running and the rest will take care of itself. When I finally cut the last bit of "crap" out I broke through and lost 2 lbs this week, despite not even running(only cross training). We'll see as the weeks go on. I really want to loose ~8lbs now too...
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Hi everyone. I'm going to try and get out for a run/walk today. I am still deep in the early pregnancy funk of tired and quesy. Yuck. I feel so lazy, but I'm just completely exhausted.
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Good Morning, Ladies!
I have a big goose egg for running so far this week. We have family in town, not staying with us, but with the ILs so, we have been trekking down there everyday to spend time with them. Hopefully, I will get some runs in soon. I have been doing some yoga though-and really enjoying it

grnmtnmama-I also thought chiros were quacks, until I got a bad running injury while training for my first marathon. I could barely walk, let alone run. I went to a chiro who is very well known in our running community-so I think that was a little different. It was wonderful. There are two partners and they are both seasoned marathoners. I would go to one from word of mouth though-not just from a list.



eksmom-I have a good friend who went to W&M, she lives in Wmsbg with her family-4 kids later Her dh also went and grew up there. I love visiting them-its so pretty down there.

Hello to everyone! Off to do family stuff-and pick up the No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers at the library-has anyone ever read her stuff, do you like it? Nio problem keeping K down once she is down, but getting her down to sleep these days are miserable. She used to go down on her own after books, songs, cuddles and prayers-no more-its getting rough-and she won't be rocked to sleep and has a tough time getting to sleep if we are in the room with her - she is in a crib now. Can't do CIO, just looking for some alternatives...
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Pumpkinseed ~ I'm glad you are liking the yoga.

Homebirthmommy ~ I hope you feel good enough to get out for a run/walk today.

2babybees and eksmom ~ Good luck losing that 8lbs. The nutrition book sounds really good. I may have to look it up on amazon.

poppy ~ Have you heard from Monikita lately? I miss her around here...

I plan on going to the gym in an hour to do another 30 minutes of running/walking. I wanted to do more running today, but I don't know if my runny nose and cough will let me. We will see.

Last night I did 30 minutes of yoga before bed, and it was great. I slept so good.
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Good morning ladies!

I still really haven't run all week. I did 30 mins on the TM last night, but it was more of a walk. I still feel great...no soreness.

MIL told me that FIL made a bet with her that I won't finish the 50. MIL called me and told me I better do it. (she thinks I can do it!) My MIL is awesome.

We have piano lessons this afternoon and probably a trip to the library too.

Oh...I got my first issue of RW the other day..

eksmom~ I'm sorry that you are still having GI issues. I wish I had some advice. Hopefully it will pass soon and things will go back to normal for you.


pumpkinseed~ I'm sorry about the sleep issues at your house. I hope you find something that works. I wish I had some advice....I just wanted to send you a Enjoy your visit with your family!

HomeBirthMommy~ Sorry you aren't feeling well.

2babybees~ It sounds like I need to check out a book like that. I have about 10 lbs I would like to get rid of, but my appetite won't let me. Before I was running I was tandem nursing and had a huge appetite...then I started running...I lost 10 lbs, but my appetite is still there. I don't know if my body just won't let that last 10lbs go because I'm still nursing or if I just eat too much. Hopefully this summer I will be able to get it off. I could really benefit from a book like that....I eat too much crap.

poppywise~ enjoy the sunshine!



Hello to everyone else!!!!

I don't have any experience with a chiro. I know lots of people swear by them. I have had a few running related issues that made me want to go to one, but I solved the problem myself with a lot of good stretching.

I hope everyone has a great day!
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