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Hi, subbing...

I've talked about my chiro a lot on here...he has helped a ton but (warning: "woo woo" ahead!) I think he is a healer...as in he has the gift of healing. I started going to one after some scar tissue from a gymnastics injury acted up in my neck and it was the only thing that helped...traditional medicine was ridiculous, they just gave me muscle relaxers and probably would have done surgery or something! now he adjusts my feet and hips and I know it's how I've been able to run so much in the past few years.

our family goes about once a month or so. a good one should give you maintenance stretches to do and you do have to go often in the beginning but it should space out eventually.

hoping to go to the gym...I'm becoming quite a rat but I'm getting into the TM and it is cold and windy here (weather wimp!). I'm also hoping to find a hotsling, cheap. The maya is not doing it for me this time after this growth spurt.

take care y'all.
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Oh, you guys, am I having a rough time here! Ds got pukey last night, and I am afraid dd will start puking today...wait and see, I guess. My mother was supposed to come over to help out so I could get some work done yesterday and she FLAKED on me, and never even called me about it. So, I missed a work meeting and had a crazy day, which then culminated in a barf-o-rama last night. I'm about 8 miles behind on my mileage, and I feel tired and unmotivated. I really feel like it's all I can do to just take care of my kids, and my work schedule is about 2 or 3 times too intense for me right now. Not sure when it will even out. I have 2 full weeks left on my own.

All that said, I am OK with being alone with the kids. In spite of the past couple of days, I needed some dh-free days. It will be OK.

re: Chiro, I think it all depends on how you see health care. I mean, we provide regular maintenance to pretty much everything but our bodies--the house, the car, the yard...Sometimes things can be fixed. Other things can be managed. I have personally not done much with a chiro. I have a back issue, but I have come to see that it's a physical manifestation of an emotional/mental issue, and I saw a PT for strength exercises after 5 or 6 chiro visits. The exercises helped, and getting mad helps, too. But I did like the way the chiro regarded me, where my family doc wrote a script for vicodin. I don't know...

So, I hope to find the wherewithall to run some today. But I might just be too caught up in puke laundry and ginger ale shopping.

Keep running, girls!
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I just got back from a run/walk and I'm trying to figure my mileage, but I have somehow "lost" my link for that site that helps you trace your run. Anybody got it or something similar? Thanks.

1jooj- I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Here's hoping it's a fast and not very contagious virus.
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Subbing.....I mostly : on the other thread - you ladies move fast!!!

I've been having a hard time getting in 3 runs a week. Dh does 24 hour shifts at a job 2 hours away, so I get to be single mom 2 days a week, then, I work 1-2 days a week at a job 1 1/2 hours away. So not a lot of free time for me . However, I HAVE been consistently running twice a week, plus either a yoga class, ski or snowshoe outing, so I'm still seeing progress in my general fitness.

I see a chiro periodically - every 1-2 years I have problems with my left sacroiliac joint and nothing else seems to help it. The chiro I see is not the kind to make you come twice a week for months. She always tells me, see how it feels and come back if you need to. I think it's great for musculoskeletal and other structural problems, not sure about some of the other chronic disease issues. I do referrals to chiro for patients all the time, but it's to a few practitioners that I know and trust, true healers. There are a lot of quacky chiros out there, but then again, there are a lot of quacky MDs out there too!!!
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Here is the link to the book I was talking about on amazon Preformance Nutrition for Runners

He mostly talks about changing your body composition versus losing weight. Lots of emphasis on organics, vital nutrients, good foods etc etc. Also does a pretty good run down on the different sports drink/gels/bars, what is appropriate for recoveries etc. Talks about everything from 5K's to marathons. Definitely goes into things this non-anatomy & physiology schooled person needed to learn.
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Hi runners! I hope it's ok if I hijack for a moment and ask a few questions?

I'm thinking about starting the couch-5k plan at www.coolrunning.com. Has anyone here done this with success? Also, I'm wondering about shoes. I'm kind of famous for starting things and not finishing them, and i want to do a work out where i don't buy anything right off until i know that i like it. Is it ok to run in the tennis shoes i already have (they're new balance, i think they're cross trainers?), and wait until i'm into the program to go buy running shoes?
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Do you know if that book covers eating a vegetarian lifestyle? It sounds great from the blurb.

Patti~hugs to you, I'm sorry you are having some sad days. I know we all need those to work through things, but they aren't easy. Hope you get through them soon. Hugs!

HBM~it can really be an adjustment to go from running as much as you were to feeling as tired and icky as you are now, but all for a great cause. Hope you get the run/walks that you want as you go through this phase.

Po6~so cool to hear how good you feel after such a long run last weekend. YAY! on the issue of RW, I look forward to mine every month. THat was my Mother's day present last year, a two year subscription!!

When is your ultra? I swear I will print out that great list from eksmom!

Pumpkinseed~it is hard when your kids won't go to sleep! I've been there and the No Cry Sleep solution really worked for my son. It was taking two hours to get him down, and now it takes 15-20 minutes, much better. I'd like to know how you go about the crib, I'd like tips. My ds used the pack and play for a while when I started the NCSS, recently I gave up and just put him to sleep in my bed (where he was ended up in the middle of the night anyway).

Ran zero on Monday, woke up with a cold and just had my hours all screwed up staying up late over the weekend. Tuesday I ran 5.75 and today I ran 5.25 faster than I normally run and it felt really great. Started drinking some gatorade while running, yum.

I got an email this morning from the race directors of the half marathon that I am running in May asking if I want to provide proof of my time so that I can be seeded in the first three corrals or in the preferred start corrals after those. I had planned on trying to do taht but this is extra motivation. they were asking me since I stated on my entry form that I would finish under two hours. (this race has 35,000 runners)
I'm a little worried about started near the front for fear of feeling forced to start out too fast. The last time I was near the back iof the middle and spent most of the race trying to get passed people.

got to run, little man by my side askign me to play knight and dragon with him.

Hugs ladies,
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Shantimama - 15
Kpinny -

2babybees - 15.05
Poppywise -
Naughty Dingo - 11.6
Eksmom - 17.15
Doctorjen - 21.25
BBM -8
Geofizz - 4
Po6 - 56.5
CrebRun - 27.75
Aprildawn - 10
Total 186.3

Okay, so I am stepping down from the bug throne and annointing Geofizz as queen of the bugs or rocks, or whatever.

So those that still have mileage to report, please pm Geo.

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I haven't been around much, but I am still here. I am finding it really hard to get back into running/walking. I feel fine now, just more focused on stuff other than exercise. :

Miss you all.
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Patti's Power Mama's January 15th-21st


Totals so far-174.26

Thanks for all the kind thoughts everyone. Yesterday was the 4 month mark so that was the reason for the sadness. No run for me today. I've been feeling really sluggish lately. Hoping maybe to walk 3 tomorrow and run 3 saturday to still make it to my goal. Have a great night everyone. Will try tomorrow for personals.

Peace and love,

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who asked about the couch to 5k? Yes! By all means many of us have done it. I think you start out walking, which means you could give it a go in your tennis shoes. Just be sure to pay attention to how your feet and legs feel.

I did chiro. care during my last pregnancy. She totally helped. She was a back-cracker type. The person I saw first -- network kinda person -- didn't help much. My reasons for going were to help with baby positioning and it totally helped. I'd go again if I could make time. Maybe I should make time? I'm not sure I'd see a chiro. for things other than muscular/nerve/skeletal stuff, but it did really make me feel darn good.

working, working working.
blech. not fun. dreaming of a nice sunny beach and my family having fun. anyone else wanna meet up for a nice run on the beach? followed by a knitting session with kiddos running around?
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The kids' school closed today due to weather - it was fine where we are, but the highways are closed because of blowing snow just a few kilometers away. Turned out to be a nice day - we spent the morning with a neighbour and two of my kiddos are still there. I spent the afternoon cleaning, again. keeping this house spotless is the best antidote for my asthma, apparently. I don't think I can live like this long-term - I would rather run than mop I go see my doc tomorrow and will ask about adjusting my meds so I can breathe easier and will probably also ask what I can do about my knees. Sometimes even kneeling on something soft like a bed sends knife-like pain through the side of my knee. Then we are heading into Toronto for the weekend - I will take my running gear with me. Maybe I'll even use it!
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kerc - we must have cross posted. I am definitely up for a trip to the beach, knitting needles, kiddos, cool dh's and all! I drove past the beach here today and loved seeing the waves - I really miss running along there.
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I second the C25K! I didn't follow it exactly, but used it as a guideline, and without it, I would not be running now--I know I'd have felt discouraged and quit. Well, without the plan and this thread. My shoes advice is to go ahead and get started with what you're wearing now, but if anything feels tight or uncomfortable, for God's sake go out and get new shoes! Black toenails do grow out, but they can hurt, and when other people see them, if they are not totally supportive of your running to begin with, they'll use your messy feet as ammo against you. :

I might be back to C25K soon. Feels like it, anyway. I MUST run this evening. Must must must. I'm at that point where I have not run in long enough to feel like I need a run.

This is me this evening. After dinner, before American Idol.
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1jooj~ that will be me before American Idol tonight too. I just got my new Fuelbelt, and I want to take it for a spin.

....got to find out what Simon freaks out over
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I'm a blubber babe right now, but working very hard to lose weight. I've started the couch-5k on coolrunning (very slow going because I'm probably too out of shape to be considered a runner of any sort). However, I would like to try. I was running 6 miles a day... 5 years ago. And I want to get back to that or something similar.
May I join this thread/group?
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Jump right in Tori!! We would be glad to have you. The C25K program is hughly recomended here. I haven't done it myself, but lots of moms here have. Just jump in and share your thoughts and feelings about your running, walking, and how you make it all work with your family and kids.

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hi and welcome tori and mamaley!

I 2nd what 1jooj said about shoes. You can start with what you're in, but if your shoes are bugging you it might be a reason to stop running when all you need are better shoes! Hope that makes sense. C25K is a great thing to start with! good luck!

I ran 3.4 today and it was nice. I think the "speedwork" (quotes because I'm so not speedy) helped with running outside. I made it up all the hills (KWIM Paige?) without totally getting winded. But I totally need some new music!

hope the puking kiddos get better for everyone!
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Patti I think of you often.

kerc - I am so up for the beach...I can only knit a straight stitch so I guess I would be making a scarf, but hey better than freezing here and going to work everyday

Shanti - When I was in grade 7 I got stranded up your way because of snow for a whole week after Christmas vacation. It was awesome. I am with you on the terrible election results...Yikes! Oh and re: the asthma, I went to the respirologist today and he said I absolutely have to get rid of the cat. He said animal hair is the worst

1jooj & party_of_six - I am a closet American Idol fan too :

Tori Gollihugh - This is an awesome thread!

Not much to say, just trying to keep up with the thread for a while
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