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Hollysmom - I am just relieved the election is OVER. Disappointed in the results, but it isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. I don't think this country will ever go NDP all the way - but I can fantasize, right?

I know that animal hair is the worst - I am constantly sweeping up after my dog. I keep saying that when she goes, that's it for pets - but I love having her around. I have a feeling that once I get used to the easier air to breathe and the decreased housework, I will settle for enjoying (and sneezing and coughing around) other peoples' pets. We have had her for 10 years though, heated with wood too and this is the first time I have been so bad. We think it is living in a newer house - one that actually has insulation and is well sealed. Great for teh heating bills, not so good for air quality.

tori and mamaley - : Great to have you join us! Warning - we get pretty chatty here at times - especially when we have a new thread started.

Okay - must start procastinating and get packed.
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Hi from Dallas. no running today because there was far too much tedious meeting going on. i'm off to dinner in a few and i'm going to try to eat as healthy as possible. my dad brought up a box (a whole box!) of potato chips the other weekend. chips aren't my thing, but since they've been around i've been eating them and my skin is out of control with zits. my diet really manifests itself in my skin - and it sucks.

Kerc - i'll come for the beach run / knitting party. not enough knitting going on lately.

Hi to the new mamas! couch to 5K sounds like a great way to get started, and once it's in your blood you just can't help it.
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Hey runnin' mamas! I'm having a great night here. After getting DD to sleep at about 8:30 (and nearly falling asleep myself) I went to the gym and did 4 on the TM. I am happy to report that there were no GI issues... AND I was fast. I think it was a PR for me for a training run. After my system got all cleaned out yesterday, the first thing I put in it was kefir... so I am trying to be optimistic and think that maybe my intestines will be more cooperative from now on, with a better bacterial balance or something. Anyway, I'm happy. Off to the shower...
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tori and mamaley! glad to have you here!

i did 6.2 today - not sure exactly how fast - but i believe my mile splits were hovering around 8:00, more or less - including waiting for traffic : .

eks - glad to hear things are clearing up - and congrats on the great run! sometimes a little time off can be so inspiring and energizing that way.

i'm not an american idol fan - tonight is my new "biggest loser" night - since they've moved it to wednesdays. i that show.

shanti - our schools were delayed on monday - which means no school for dd since they only go for 2 1/2 hours - because of the tiniest bit of ice at 4am. oh well! glad you had a fun day with the kiddos.

kerc - i will join you for the knitting beach-fest. any day, mama, any day!

which reminds me - dh and i are going to grand cayman in november!!! we just got a save the date card for a friend's wedding. we've been batting around taking a bigger vacation with the kids or going away for just a few days alone - and this kind of clinched it, i think. the kids are invited to the wedding, but i don't know...dragging two kids on four 2 1/2 hour flights for a two night vacation?

aaaaaaaaand, i was offered the internship i applied for - for the next academic year. i am beside myself with excitement!
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sigh. I'm kind of a running flop this week. I was up most of the night Mon. night with my young mom (who pushed her baby out in under 20 minutes in the end, and has been nursing like a pro) Then last night, I had another baby (5th baby, to a mom 20 years older than the young mom!) who was pushed out in 1 minute! If I hadn't already had gloves on, I would have missed the whole thing. she spent 15 minutes talking about how she didn't think she wanted to push, because she knew it would hurt and the nurse and I encouraged her to just do what felt right (but I put gloves on, because this is not the first 5th time mom I've attended!) Then she said "Oh, the baby's coming!" and she was not a-kidding! That was actually early in the evening, but then I had a sick baby with RSV that took a turn for the worse and I ended up stuck in the hospital most of the night, until a helicopter finally arrived from our tertiary care referral hospital to wisk her off to the intensive care unit.
I really, really wanted to run today (since I'd already missed yesterday's run,) but I'm just too tired. Hopefully, tomorrow.
On a positive note, I think ds has made a college choice. After originally insisting he didn't even want to visit there this past fall, he has decided to attend the same college dh and I attended, North Central College. Now, we just have to set about paying for it. We looked at the list of fees and dh and I were like : . And I have 3 more kids!

Geo - Queen of Bugs and Rocks! I'm not doing so great this week so far, but will try to pick up some here at the end of the week.

Chamamama - you guys need to move closer to your jobs or get jobs closer to your home - that's a lot of driving!

eksmom - yay on the no GI-issue-run!

Welcome new mamas!

I have to go to bed now. See you all tomorrow!
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Hi there Running Mamas,
2Babybees, I hope your leg is back at 100% soon, it totally stinks when you can't run.

Oh jooj, our GI bug travelled up to your family, so sorry I hope you guys feel better soon.

Paige, wow good for you for staying motivated, it is so hard when you are exhausted. Take it easy when your body needs it Mama.

Hi Pumpkinseed, I like Elizabeth Pantley, she has good ideas and good philosophy. Hope you get to run soon. I have been more heavy on the running than the yoga, been having such a hard time carving out the time..... Can we have 2 more hours in the day please?

Jen Love, you feel better now woman, you hear me?

Po6, that is awesome that you feel great, it sounds like you are recovering well. I am so excited following your training for your ultra.

Hey, have we hard from Sally Z lately? How are you Mama?

Hi Mamabeth, good for you for getting on the TM. So were you a competitive gymnast? Wow, when i was a kid I dreamed of that....

Chamamama, hi there. Good for you for sticking to your routine. That is great how you are making your fitness a priority. I agree that it is really hard to cram it in when you are already tired and juggling other stuff. I am glad you are feeling that it is paying off for you. Yay

Mamaley, good for you for getting out there. Running is pretty hard on your body and it is really important to have good running shoes. A good basic training shoe is worth the investment in my book. Keep it up Mama

Runningmommy, I think you should definately try to get seeded. That will help you so much. How exciting. There is nothing worse than being stuck in that back of the pack "Shuffle"

Holly's Mama, what have you been up to girl? How is it going? It is nice to see you

BBM, thanks for serving as our bug sovereign with such aplomb. How are you feeling?

Patti, I hope you got out today and are feeling some positive energy. I am thinking of you

Kerc, sign me up for the beach run and then the knitting. Yum, and a running Mamas potluck of course, mmmmmmm And i would make Mr Dingo come along and entertain us all, he is one funny man

Shanti, dang woman! What are you going to do about the house? Do you have lots of carpets that you can remove? That must be hard to spend so much time cleaning. And the knees. I periodically have knee pain. It comes and stays with me and then I slowly work out of it. I don't really understand what causes it. Do you have access to a pool that you could get in and take the strain off your knees? Not as fun as running but sometimes a different routine just for a day or two a week and break you out of the cycle of knee pain. Also, speaking of pain, I am sympathising with you about your election. I hope your new PM doesnt F up things as badly as our prez. has Blah.

Hi Tori, welcome and good for you! This is a great group and wonderful motivation. So you write? What sort of things? Sorry I am so nosy, I am a wannabee writer......

Green Mnt, I feel your zit pain mama, we are the pimple sisters at the moment. Enjoy the warm weather if you can, it sounds like you have a busy trip and then it is back home. It must be hard to be away from DS....

OH EK's Mama, I hope your intestines are back with the program Mama. I have been following your saga with sympathetic pain in my gut. And look at you running fast already. Woohoo!

Katemom, you are one speedy Mama, that is so awesome, And Grand Cayman. Wow, 2 days alone, a wedding, bahamas? What is there not to like about that. Very very cool deal. Oh and congrats on the internship. What are you gonna be doing?

Dr Jen, hope you get a chance to have some time for yourself and get a run in. you are a busy woman.

Everyone else, Hi there,

I did 5.5 today hard. I woke up and all day looked forward to it. Did a mixed hill and speed interval set. It was so good. My body is feeling strong and my speed is coming back. today the hills were actually harder than the speed so that was a big deal for me.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow, I need to see how I feel, maybe some straight up speed sets....

I have been knitting like a crazy lady. I finished big little dingo's pants on Sunday and she has been wearing them every day. I am so happy. And I finally tried dying yard with kool aid. did it with little dingos and it was so fun and came out so well. I am even dreaming of knitting these days Oy

Take care. Talk to ya tomorrow ND
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Yesterday I did get to the gym. I ran for 10 minutes and walked for 20. I have been feeling a lot better (less tired especially), but my nose is still running A LOT. I had to run with tissues yesterday and I kind of felt like an old lady.

I also had really bad side cramps, but I ran through them anyway. Hopefully I can up my running minutes on Saturday.
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not much new here. It's supposed to warm up big time (45 degrees) and that'll possibly melt much snow. so last night I went out for one more ski despite being tired and all.

no time for personals as my boss will be here momentarily and I have a little baby who needs to nurse.

wanted to add: www.sierrablue.com is where I buy my favorite bra from. "An exclusive offer to our Mailing List customers...Save 10% off retail when you
use coupon code: Enell

And Coming soon...Get ready for a rare opportunity to save on the Best Selling
Bravado Nursing Bra from February 20th to March 5th. Be sure to check your email
for an announcement on our upcoming Promotion."

they are a canadian company for the canadians amongst us. but they ship quick and sell the bra I really like for everyday use in a 40 B.
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Other passions

Hello ladies!!
I want to say a big, "I hear ya, girlfriends" regarding toddlers that do not sleep. My almost three year old has always had major issues. We go in streaks of doing okay and pulling our hair out.

So, I was thinking of you all this mornig and wondering what other passions you have. We are all pretty passionate about running, obviously. What other hobbies, activities, etc are you also passionate about?? (I know we're all passionate about our children and family...I mean things you love for YOU)
Other than running, my biggest passion is riding my motorcycle. I ride to work most days Spring through Fall. People see me in my suit, or skirt (with jeans underneath) and pink biker jacket pulling into the parking lot and think I'm nuts....especially when I was 8 months pregnant I rode up to the week of delivery with Amelia and got LOTS of comments and dirty looks about it. It was cleared with my OB as safe and acceptable, so I always said I'd have a shirt printed up that said, "My OB says it's OK" And one that said "it's NOT a beer gut" But I never did it.
Tied for second with my bike would be photography. I was enrolled in the School of Journalism at Drake, for Photojournalism, but didn't end up getting to go there... my dream job would be to own a photography studio specializing in children and pets. Others include my 73 VW Bug which we are working on restoring for me (my dream car since Jr High) and art, although I haven't done much in quite some time. I used to own a gallery/studio and do watercolor paintings, handpainted furnishings, and in-home murals. I kind of burned out, doing it for a living, so I don't do so much now.
What are yours????
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hi all--
so, how crazy is this...just after I talked about my neck injury it flared up again in a big way in the middle of the night and "crunched" up. Ow. It's never as bad as it used to be but wow was it annoying, just after getting ds to sleep finally. I did get to the chiro today and weirdly, it's my pectoral muscles that are terribly tight and probably caused it, from lugging the baby around just in my arms. tHe chiro is a fan of babywearing and slings because he says that having arms free is good for your muscles, so sling it is. and I'm considering that an excuse to buy another one.

crebrun, you rock. I love the mental picture of pg mama on a bike! Passions...I am pretty passionate one way or the other about my church. Right now I am loving it, and loving my little church and feeling so proud of what's happened in the past three years. We totally turned a corner after I decided to stay for those of you who know my story, and it's going amazingly well. I'm passionate about women in the ministry, any religion.

and I'm passionate about bringing my kid to work, and just for that I just got crapped on luckily I'm wahm today.
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Hello all.

Thank you for the welcomes! I'm grateful to be included even though I'm not exactly a REAL runner yet (or again?).

I haven't been able to actually run since Tuesday because of the weather. Wed. I actually did walk outside (3 miles), but it was so windy I had a rough time pushin the stroller much of the time. Today, Thurs, it was far too cold to be outside, so I had to fall back on Mall walking (3 miles).

We cannot afford any sort of membership at this point, so I have to use the completely free resources and they are rather limited in my area. I'm planning to go to a park tomorrow, so I'll be able to work on my 1 min run with 90 sec walk again. I'm actually looking forward to it!

NaughtyDingo: Mostly I just love to write. I've only had stories published, so far. Two of those published are religious subject matter and 3 are personal stories about my time in Japan. But I have a couple novel ideas - one of which I'm going to focus on developing this year. I've been letting it mull and build in my head long enough, I think.

cRebRun: As I mentioned above, I LOVE to write. I am also very passionate about learning and constantly research the subjects that I'm interested in personally and relating to my writing ideas. I'm currently the leader in my church group for an education group and we're doing a program just like a college (but completely free and on a volunteer basis). I crochet as much as I feel drawn to, which happens in spurts and fits. I'll crochet a LOT for a while and then not at all. I attended art school at CC, but didn't finish the program. However, I enjoy drawing and painting a great deal (though I haven't been able to do it much since DD's arrival. Connected to my learning 'fettish' I LOVE to read. I'm most interested in Biography and History right now. Well, that's all for me for now.

Look forward to learning more about the other ladies here! Thank you again for the welcomes!!
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Today, Thurs, it was far too cold to be outside, so I had to fall back on Mall walking (3 miles).
I was giggling to myself this afternoon at reading that thinking what's too cold for you is likely warm for me. Today for instance, 40 degrees out and I'm out of the house without a jacket. Good thing we all have places like the mall to fall back upon though. We have a huge university so I can walk (~2 miles) around inside and not pass the same place twice.
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40 and sunny meant a smiley outdoor run for me today! Not as long as I would have liked, but I am a beggar this week, and therefore not a chooser! Did 7.25 on the TM last night, and 4.5 in the sunshine today. Hoping for a short sunny run tomorrow again, and then 10 miles and coffee on Saturday AM with cRebrun!
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Hi mamas,

I'm totally totally behind on the thread.

I'm having a hard time doing anything over here. Now we're seriously thinking meds. I may not be able to keep up for a while as I'm trying to keep my "to do" list really short, basically everything is optional.

Missing you all and sending and .
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Hi you guys,

LucenaMama, don't fear the meds. They can be really helpful to bump your serotonin levels back up to a point where you can function productively to implement positive changes.

I did a kick A$$ speed workout today. It was so hard and I wanted so badly to cut it short but I did it. Woohoo! It is funny, I feel much better running faster than I do at a moderate pace. I think my stride and form must be better, it is interesting. Does anyone else here notice that?

We are off to our friends house tonight for supper. Yay, no need to clean out the sty that I call a kitchen tonight

Take it easy Mamas, ND
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ND - yeah, I agree about feeling better running faster (especially on a TM) EXCEPT for those little things called my lungs... But the rest of my body likes to go fast.

I'm off to the gym in a bit for another 4 mi. on the TM. Looking forward to it. What has come over me? I'm a reformed treadmill tripper!
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Thanks for all the welcomes!

Do any of you get up early to run? I've been getting up early for a T-Th class, and am thinking of rising earlier than i usually do on MWF to run. I'm typically not a morning person at all, but i've actually enjoyed being up early on tues and thurs--once i actually wake up, that is.
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Y'all, this is me:

I made it to 3.5 miles and had to stop. Came back and did another mile just for spite. Granted, I went to the gym about an hour after finishing dinner... but I did more or less the same thing last night and I was fine. So what's up?

I'm feeling pretty low about the whole thing. How am I gonna train for a half marathon this way? For that matter, how am I gonna run the race? I was just telling DH, maybe I should run 3 miles before the start of the half to get it out of the way.

I promise I will catch up on personals soon.
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Evening Running Mamas!

I have not been keeping up the thread lately but guess what I ran today!! The leg went from feeling iffy to almost normal over the past few days. I went to the park on the nice soft dirt trail and did 2.9 miles. Felt a few twinges at first but kept the pace slow and easy and felt great by the end. Stretched like mad afterwards and iced it down for a bit after wards and it feels fine. Went swimming after the kids went to bed tonight and it actually feels better than it did this morning. I just couldn't pass up the sunny and 35 degree day.

Crebrun- I was a poet and playwright in high school and college. Also spent the majority of those summers hiking the Cascade Mtns in OR and the North Georgia Mtns. Haven't done much of either since dd was born a little over 4 yrs ago. I am ready to get back to them. Looking to go out West maybe this summer or next at the latest. I need some mountains!!

EKS- I can't even imagine. Maybe start googling for some nurition/digestive help directed towards runners...

mamaley & Tori- Welcome newbies!!

Lucenamama- I'm glad you popped in tonight. Was thinking of you during my swim. Drugs are not a bad thing. I second ND's words...

ND- YeeHaw knitting queen and power runner!! Speed runs are by far my favorite. I love the motion of the body when you settle into that awesome rhythm!

Patti Ann- Thinking of you. Hope you got a run in!

: everyone else....I need to get the groceries in from the car and crash hardcore. you all!!
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Hey Mamas, can i just share for a sec? Baby Dingo peed and pooped (In a long drawn out multi poop spectacle) on the POTTY!!!! With lots of coaching from Little dingo and their little friend Spencer it was a big big deal. Woohoo happy days are coming soon to my house.

I go to bed a happy woman tonight

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