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mamabeth - the last couple of years I have dreaded Lent - my life was feeling like one very long Good Friday and I just wanted to jump to the Easter celebrations and hope they would change everything. This year I am actually glad it is lent. There was an Ash Wednesday mass at the kids' school and it was nice. Lots of stuff is happening for me deep inside these days, and the refelctive, reorienting, how-do-I-really-want-to-live stance of Lent just feels right. We do some neat things as a family with our nature table and some activities we only do at this time of year that I really enjoy - and they make Easter that much sweeter. That said, I have blown any idea of fasting for Ash Wednesday oh well. Sometimes we need to be nourished more than we need to fast. That is where I am at today.

Thanks everyone for your care. I am so frustrated because I knew this would happen with my mom, and the nursing staff just doesn't really listen to my opinion. I am glad she didn't harm anyone or herself. Seeing what I do, I really wonder how nursing homes are going to cope with the influx of baby boomers in a few years, especially with their usual attitude of high expectations - the $%^& is really going to hit the fan if things continue the way they are now.

Still coughing too much to run. I may go tonight anyway.
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904 is actually somewhere mid-to-bottom, while it's true, 905 is tops. That's the breaks. I got to check the "this is my first marathon" box, though, so maybe I get a cake or something. I mean, since the beer and brats are not really my thing...alcohol and pork, I mean. Maybe I get to run in a party hat.

Dh called and he wants me to go to the store for him before I go for my run when he comes home. That will put my run to 4ish intead of 3ish. I'm torn. See, 3ish is the worst time of day for me, but there's also a "wintry mix" in the forecast. What to do...? I want to run long, and the TM ain't happenin until the basement is much more near done.
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Hi ladies! Boy this is difficult not to have MDC at my disposal!! How dare they keep having a busy server and down for maintanance!!! ugh!

DH BOUGHT RUNNING SHOES!!! Okay, he has gained 10 more pounds, needs to go up ANOTHER waist size on his pants, and has decided to start running "with" me. He used to run, here and there, but not consistantly. When we met he would go for a run with me (I was not in the shape then that I am now, I couldn't run 4 miles then). He would start out way too fast, then I would be trying to catch up with him (he is much taller than I am too), then he would need to stop, I would want to keep going, it wasn't that great. Although when I got pg for the first time and my OB told me to stop running, he did walk with me and we had some great talks and time together. I do appreciate that he was trying to spend time with me and get exercise. He is much more couch prone than I am.

so fast forward to 6 and a half years later, he said he is going to kick my butt in running! so , would you kind ladies give me the link for the couch to 5K so that he doesn't try to do too much too fast (since my short runs are pretty long for a newbie)? I would LOVE for him to stick with it as I think it would help him mentally and physically. I really love the guy adn would love for him to feel better and stick around as long as possible. I know this isn't a guarentee, but it helps. thanks!

as for me, I was to run 4 miles today but took off as my left leg is really bothering me. I am tryign to massage, stretch through yoga, and ice, and ibuprophen in preparing for my race on Saturday. I really want under 53:30 and would LOVE to get under 48 for my 10K to qualify for the preferred start or seeded corrals. so I am trying to taper and rest the leg in hopes that it heals ultra fast!

sorry no personals, this is school time for my kids and one is patiently waiting for me! although I am reading along and thinking about all of you!

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Originally Posted by cRebRun
My back is SO bad. Went to the chiropractor and no running until Saturday for me. I can barely move still...it catches my breath and makes me gasp! ick

BJ Thursdays catching up with you?

Sorry...I couldn't resist.

I hope you feel better soon.
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Originally Posted by eksmom
"ask me about runner's trots"
"runs with one sock" (see this thread)

My favorite thing to do, really, honestly, is run. I also like to bake - cheesecake is a specialty (see why I run? ). I knit, but I am kind of off and on with it. I am musical - I play handbells currently. I am a FT WOHM - I am a statistician for a large hospital system.

ETA: Oooh, and I am Southern and proud of it (well, OK, there are parts I am not proud of but y'all know what I mean).

eksmom~just wanted you to know I am still thinking of a name and totally at your ideas !! Never would have thought about using my sock!
I played the handbells once, years ago and really liked it. Wasn't too good , but no lessons etc, but still fun!

hmmmmmmmmmm...........thinking.................:lo ve
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Runningmommy, fortunately (I guess) I have never had to use a sock. A leaf, now, that might be another story.
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quick post while I get a chance...mdc being down has taught me a lot about my computer habits and the needs of my family...I think you'll see me here even less.

I did run again today, whopping 15 minutes!! woo hoo run one walk one.
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hey it's the first of a new month. this thread has 43 long pages. what do you say we start a new thread?
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Babybugmama~i know what you mean, I try not to be on the computer too much either and spend it with my family.

loftmama~good idea for a new thread, I agree it's time

I just hopped back on here to ask about the vegetarian or vegan runners. I wanted to know how you get your protien, looking for ideas.
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Did it! here's the new thread: Cra-Z Running Mommies
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