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I’m thinking that I have a pretty good idea what she thinks about how I am raising my daughter, but do I really?
Just remember, your dd chose you for her mother, there is no one else in the entire world that can do a better job (my mom told me that once).

This whole conversation reminds me of a time when a pretty good friend told me that it was best to have kids in daycare by the time they are 1 so they "learn how to be with other kids." And honestly (again, NOTHING against daycare, or anything else) I think this was her way of rationalizing to herself that it was OK for her son to be in daycare. Who the heck wants a one year old who knows "how to act around others." Yes, my ds is kinda shy around other kids, but I personally think this is perfectly normal and healthy.
He is a crazy-head around family and close friends......complete extrovert and just a riot, and when we do go out to the playground or whatever, he is such an observer, it's like he drinks itin, and I love that! I think it is SO COOL!

Actually I have had several people tell me so many reasons pro-daycare, socialization, etc. and agian, I usually nod and shake my head It's tough being a mama. Im glad my son is having a true, happy, free childhood.

Does any of this make sense or do I need to be on meds?
I ask myself this several times a week! It's just hard going against what the "norm" is I think, people are programmed into thinking these things. Im glad we don't, and glad we have Mothering as a place for support and comfort.