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Anyone heard of using shepherd's purse?

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As I was looking through some of my herb books, I noticed that shepherd's purse helps the uterus contract and I was wondering if anyone had ever heard of using this as a natural labor inducer. My book says to only use it at full term and with the consent of a physician or midwife. Also it doesnt give a recommended dosage so if anyone has used this before, how much did you use and in what form?
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I looked up Sherpards Purse in "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year" - my bible for pregnancy related herbs. It lists shepards purse only as an herb to stop postpartum hemorrage or to stop bleeding after a miscarriage.

Here are some she recommends to induce labor
Blue Cohosh tincture 3-8 drops in warm water every 1/2 hour for up to 4 hours. She also recommends stimulating the uterus by rubbing your belly.

That is an excellent book by the way. It has lots of herbal helps for postpartum and baby too.

Good luck.
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Ooh. Does it say HOW to rub the belly? I've been rubbing downward...over baby's bum and sides in the direction I'd really LIKE him to go. We've also tried talking to baby at my lower abdomen and moving away...to encourage wiggling toward the voice.

It's crazy, but it's fun.

The other night my husband told dd to tell baby to "Get outta there!" and she did...she YELLED at my tummy. I thought he was going to burst out Alien-style. I told her "baby doesn't like it when you're that loud, honey." DH asked how I knew. Um, cuz the child's INSIDE me and he flipped out! *L*

That was OT, I know. Sorry.

Anyhoo...about this rubbing?
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I have heard of women using shepherd's purse for after childbirth, but it says in my book that it causes your body to produce oxytocin much like nipple stimulation. Also, my midwife told me it was ok to start with black and blue cohosh but I've read that you should absolutely not take it if your anemic--which I am (she probably forgot about that, she can be a little dingy). But I'm not sure if that meant taking it long term or what. I was wondering if taking it for a couple of days would hurt--I surely don't want to do anything that could potentially be harmful. That's why I thought the shepherd's purse my be a little safer. BTW, I have to get that book. I've heard so many wonderful things about it.
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clary sage externally?

how about a bath or massage with an herbal oil that's supposed to promote contractions? I've seen stuff on the web about clary sage oil. Since you have herb books at home you can check it out, I don't have good enough references here. I figure if it's not taken internally it shouldn't mess with your blood. It might also help just by being relaxing. My herbs person said to put a warm washcloth soaked in ginger tea on my belly, because it's warming. She's very cautious so that advice should also be okay for you. (My sense is that she calls for ginger tea as often as it might be appropriate!)

I don't like it that your midwife is being so spacey about the anemia thing. I hope you are feeling very well, though not in labor.
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it doesn't say anything about direction but says "softly but persistenly with or without oil".

It doesn't have any warning about anemia with blue cohosh, says it's a safe method.

Also says castor oil - externally as a belly rub and internally (2 ounces) followed by a hot shower . . . .
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my midwife had me acquire a shepherds purse tincture for use after birth to treat hemorrage. I think that is what it is more popularly used for.
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