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I had to share my Goodwill experience...

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So, this might be very frustrating for some people, but I found it pretty ironic and funny. I am trying to get rid of all the extra stuff in our house, just like everyone else here. My last 2 trips to the Goodwill have included a worker or another "donator" saying, "Why would you want to get rid of that?" Umm... because I have too much stuff!!!! The woman today was shocked that I was dropping off a knitted afgan. Well, my mother bought if for us at a yard sale, even though I already had 4 of them in my closet that were made by her mother and grandmother. The time before, I was dropping off an oil Christmas candle set NIB. The worker just couldn't believe I didn't want to keep them.

I wonder how many people end up bringing home stuff they were going to donate because someone questioned them and then they couldn't go through with getting rid of it...
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I've had some workers question why I was getting rid of stuff before but it never made me change my mind. Once we got rid of two washers and two dryers that were still in great condition (mine and DH's from when we were single, then bought a new set of front loaders). Heck, at that point I just wanted them out of the garage! We recently moved cross country and our new house is smaller with no attic storage so more stuff had to go. The lady asked why I was getting rid of so many cooking dishes (nice casserole dishes, baking dishes, cake pans, cutting boards) - because my kitchen is very tiny! Before we had the room to have 7 glass casserole dishes, 5 muffin tins, 6 baking dishes, 8 cutting boards. (Wedding gifts.) Now it is down to keep what I use everyday or can keep in the closet. We got rid of some very nice stuff but we just didn't use it, I would rather it go to someone who will. Plus, the tax donation is also nice.
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I thought you were going to say you brought the stuff home.

I recently had a friend give me some clothes/shoes for my dd. The clothes are fine, I'll hang onto them but the shoes are really worn and I have a "thing" about used shoes....I'm afraid to take them to Goodwill now. I found out she goes to that one. I have to find another store!!
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It's none of their business.

But whatever.

Whatever you give may just make someone's day.
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Strange, maybe I just have bad junk, but NO ONE at GW has ever questioned my stuff... Hmmm, maybe next time you should just freecycle!
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Ooh.. I wish I had found your stash! I could totally use another glass baking dish! I am also on the lookout for some glass storage containers for flour, grains, and the like now that I am buying in bulk from a co-op!
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No, I haven't brought my own stuff back from Goodwill -- yet! I AM trying not to bring a bunch of new stuff back after making a donation. Also, my sister and I used to be bad about bringing stuff back into the house that my mother put out for a yard sale. Yikes -- no wonder I'm reading all these posts!!
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Originally Posted by SumnerRain
Strange, maybe I just have bad junk, but NO ONE at GW has ever questioned my stuff... Hmmm, maybe next time you should just freecycle!

I'm sure you have great junk I can't deal with freecycle very often, though. It has been a huge headache everytime I have listed something. Unless it's something I can't take to the Goodwill, I'd rather just donate it and use it on taxes. I won't go on about freecycle, though, as I know there has already been a thread on it!
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My only Goodwill story is that last month I was in the Goodwill and saw this unusual beautiful ceramic tray, oval like a bread tray. It had a marking on it, but I didn't know if it was meaningful. I had a feeling about it, and sure enough I saw that tray selling (from my town) on Ebay for $46 with 2 days left on the auction. It had cost $6 at the Goodwill.

There are treasures out there and one could probably make a living off them. But I do like just giving to give and enjoy the buying for the pleasure of finding a great deal for my family or someone I know. It's tempting though! My son sells unusual music on Ebay already and wants me to do thrift store buying if I tell him what it is and what to say about it so he can sell it for the both of us....I don't know - a "job" thrift store shopping for some extra income to lighten things up in our budget. I don't think I'd do it at the stores that really serve poorer folks, but our local Goodwill is in a high class neighborhood and their prices are quite high for a thrift store in this town!
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I've tried to spot 'good stuff' at the thrift store for resale. For a while I was buying books to sell on half.com, but I really was only able to break even. :

I keep an eye out for things, but I haven't really had much luck.
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be glad they accepted it! Shortly after we moved here my dad was visiting and took a TON of stuff to our local salvation army at 3 on a saturday afternoon- small applainces- clothes- lots of nice things- some pretty expensive- they said- oh we stop accepting things at 2. Oh- my dad says- good to know for next time- they said- no we will not accept those things now. Dad says really- you are telling me you are here now- I loaded up my car with all this stuff- and you will not accept it. Yes
He would have put it wherever they wanted him to.
Instead he pulled around back and set it next to the back door- I hope that they did not throw it out with the trash-.... jeez!
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I've often found stuff by the back door of thrift stores when I've driven back to donate. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. And I doubt they threw it out since it could help people. I mean, I see it there during even open hours, like the donors just thought they should leave it and didn't bother to knock or something.
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jumping in

I had another odd experience of the same kind: there's a charity here that is very similar to Goddwill. I don't have a car and was VERY happy to find out that they also pick up donations as I had a ton of stuff (A TON! - almost everything we have was given to us and whatever I can't use I give away so others can benefit too).

Well, when the workers came with their truck they were obviously shocked by the quantity of stuff I was giving away! There were about a dozen paper bags and I think they were a bit difficult for them to carry. They really rolled their eyes at me and even said "I've never seen someone have so much stuff to give away!".

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