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Birthing Clothes?

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So, I am expecting my first baby somewhere around february 16. I feel pretty prepared, I'm planning on giving birth in a birthing center, without the use of drugs (hopefully) where I can labor in a jacuzzi. Right before I give birth, I will be getting out of the tub (hospital is not allowed to do water births) to deliver the baby. I feel pretty ready and have been trying to pack my hospital bag but I don't know what to bring. What should I plan to wear to give birth in? A bathing suit top for the jacuzzi? or do I wear a bra? or nothing? and what do I wear if I can't give birth in the birthing center for some reason and have to go into a regular hospital room?

I need some advice. What have some other people worn to give birth in?

Thank YOU!
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I personally have been completely naked for each of my births. They were all in a free standing birth center with only people I knew and wanted in attendance (DH, my kids, close friends, doulas, one of my midwives and one nurse from the birth center) so I didn't feel exposed and was most comfortable with nothing on (especially for laboring in water and for water birth). If you think you'll feel more modest, you can wear a bra or swimsuit top or even a t-shirt.
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All of mine have been in a hospital so I've always worn their gowns for the birth, then changed into a gown of my own. If I were going to be in a tub then I'd probably wear either a swim top, sports bra or just a bra. You could wear the swim top or bra or whatever in the water and when you get out, have someone give you a tee shirt to put over yourself if you are more comfortable that way.

good luck to you!
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Last baby was the 1st one I wore my own clothes and boy did I feel so much better. I just had on a comfy pair of shorts and a big comfy t-shirt that was sleeveless. I just took the shorts off when it was time to give birth and that was that.
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I am planning on wearing a big t-shirt, like a size 4x, to cover my behind . I will be birthing in a hospital. Last time I was induced and wore there gown, I wasn't allowed to get up so I was stuck in bed. This time I plan on using a tub and I figured I would put a big tank top on.
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If you plan to be in the tub right up till birth, then you probably won't give a rat's behind whether you're dressed or not at that point. Once you give birth you'll likely want baby right on your bare stomach/chest, so you may not want to bother with anything, but just a sheet or blanket in case you feel cool. A big tee shirt or your own comfy gown is a good idea in case you need something, though, and it'd be better to have it and not use it than not have it and wish you did. Just remember, nothing that you care about getting stained, b/c of blood, colostrum, etc.

I labored mostly at home in my comfiest clothes with my first. I birthed her at a birth center and didn't wear anything in the birth tub. I figure if my butt and vagina are naked, why bother to cover up my boobs? But it's up to your comfort level and whether or not you generally get annoyed by clothes if they're a bit uncomfortable (which I hate).

Good luck packing!
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Whatever you want! Seriously, it's up to you, even if you are in a hospital. While they might night be used to it, I know of moms who have stripped off the gown while in labor at the hospital because it wasn't comfortable. Personally, I was in nothing from the time I got in the tub at the birth center for "pain control" to the time I got dressed to leave the birth center.
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Hi Lolafanana! I am also in nyc and am due on feb 14th with my first! are you by any chance birthing at the Brooklyn Birth Center!?

I have been tossing ideas around of what to wear. I think i'm gonna go with a loose just-below-the-knee skirt that is super comfy and a tank top with an optional sweatshirt (zip) for temperature regulation while i'm moving around.

i'll be nude in the tub, and i suspect, wont bother getting dressed afterward. i have to admit, i dont want to wear a XXXL teeshirt early in labor (when i might still have enough wits about me to think i look like a dork!). but i know as time goes by i will care less and less which is why i think i'll end up in nothing.
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I wore onyla t-shirt, though I never was in the water. Interestingly, it was the same t-shirt for both births, and it just happened to be what I was wearing when I went into labor! So if I want labor to start next time, I suppose I'll put on the same shirt!

- Krista
mother to Ryan (3, self-weaned in Nov.), A.J. (2, still nursing), both born at home, and babe #3 (due Aug. '06)!
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I am gonna be nude. Even if I transfers, they can pull me in there butt naked.

My friend (who is normally a very modest person) was already in transitiion when she got to the birth center, she jsut stripped nude and jumped into the birth tub. She said at that point, she didnt even care. I am sure she was planning on wearing a bra or something.
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WOW! thanks so much for all the responses. it totally helps. i think i'm gonna wear a sports bra but may wind up peeling that off when it gets right down to it. giving birth is such a vulnerable and exposing experience that modesty in terms of dress seems kind of pointless, i think. and it'll just be me and my husband anyway

hey brooklyn lisa! i'm not giving birth in the brooklyn birthing center but at st.luke's/ roosevelt hospital on 59th and 10th ave. their birthing center is beautiful and if the pain winds up being unbearable, i can always be wheeled up to have an epidural, which wouldn't be ideal but it makes me feel more comfortable knowing its there!

thanks again everyone! i'm feeling much better and may even go pack!
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