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I went into my local health food store and asked about fenugreek. The guy working didn't know because he was filling in for the know-it-all lady. So he looked in a couple of books and let me read for myself.

One book said that it was useful for nursing mothers. The other book said "Not for use during pregnancy and lactation."

So..um, what's the scoop?
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Here is a great link to answer your question
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Thank you very much. Based on that article, fenugreek is NOT for me (family history of hypertension).

Story time: I would like to add that my grandmother (who was raised Amish) swears beer will beef up your supply. And if you want baby to nurse more to stimulate more production, make the milk sweeter by eating garlic. I don't know if it works or not since I could only drink about half the beer before I felt drunk (which my husband thought was HILARIOUS since I used to drink the boys under the table) and I could only eat just so much pizza.
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You might want to check out the book "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year". She lists lots of herbs helpful for lactation - red raspberry leaf, nettle, red clover, alfafa, blessed thistle and fennel.

Hops is mentioned too - which of course is in beer. I drank hops infusions when I was nursing - it increases your milk and also makes you sleepy (I had trouble getting back to sleep after night feedings). The only problem is it taste AWFUL! Maybe I should have had a beer!
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cathe...on another board, someone said the beneficial thingamajunk in beer is found in non-alcoholic beer, as well. So anyone who'd like to give it a try but doesn't want the alcohol could have some NA.

Let's find some positive things about tequila and breastfeeding. I'm really craving a margarita or several. *L*

That book sounds like it's got everything in it. Thanks for the info, cathe.
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Don't forget this herb--oatmeal.
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Daryl...Does instant oatmeal count?
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There a number of teas you can try. I like Mothers Milk tea. I found just a cup each day boosted my supply. (Plus I didn't like the BO fenugreek gave me. )

I found it in the organic & homeopathic section of my local grocery.
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mother's milk tea is great. I ordered it by the case at my local natural food store. (case is about 12 boxes)
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Sure, why not. Oatmeal bread, cookies, it's all good. (1001 posts, now. Let's see if it says senior member!)
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