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At what age did your DC stop napping?

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DS is 2 1/2 and is showing signs of no more naps. I really like/need that mid-day break. However, he is sometimes not sleeping, resisiting taking a nap, etc. This weekend he slept late and didn't take a nap and went to bed at his regular time. During the week so far I've had to wake him up early but he still doesn't want a nap, and still goes to bed at his regular time. He went down to one nap right before age 1 year.... which I guess is a little on the early side.

Today he told me he'd rather "talk" than nap or have quiet time . I have to ask at his preschool if he talks rather than sleeps. I seem him becoming the kid who is always whispering during movies, class, quiet times, etc. because he just has so much to say.

Just wondering what age your kids stopped napping. Maybe this is a temporary phase, or maybe I just need to adjust to no mommy-break in the middle of the day.
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My older kids stopped taking naps around age 2. Occasionally they will still nap, like if they were up late the night before or had to wake up early. I think it varies for every child depending on their routines and possibly how long they sleep overnight.
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My DD stopped napping daily at the age of 2.5 when her baby sister was born and I was unable to lay with her and nurse her to sleep. She will be 4 next week though and still occasionally falls asleep in the car if we are out and about mid-day.
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2 years 4 months
Family vacation in Florida
Ds declared, "I will NOT take a nap in Florida. And I wil not take a nap ever again."
And he didn't.
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My DS is 4 (turned 4 in september) and he still needs a nap. The only time he doesn't take one is if we are home all day and have no where to go... otherwise he HAS to have a nap.
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My 4.5 yo is still going strong on the naps. He did go through a phase where he wasn't taking them. He didn't want to stop what he was doing but would fall asleep during a well timed drive. He sleeps for at least 2 hours as long as there is no unusual excitement. Sometimes, he skips naps on weekends because he wants to play with daddy and we slept in a little. When he was in half day pre-k, before I withdrew him from the program, he wouldn't nap when he came home. I don't know if he just didn't want to waste valuable free time or if he was just too cranky or wound-up. IME, some of when dc gives up naps is the dc's need for sleep and some of it is just their exerting their will power.
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My 5 year, 1 mo is just starting to show sighs of outgrowing naps. This week she has taken 2 naps out of 6 days.
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My almost 3 and half year old still takes a nap about half the time. Ds quit taking naps around 2.
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DS was off/on from 2 on and finally dropped the nap at 2 and 9 months. By the time it happened I was starting to embrace the no naps days more often than not. The early, easy bedtime was very nice and easy to get used to. Had to put him to bed very early in the early days of no naps (6-6:30 to 7ish most days) and then he eventually got to 7:30 for a long time.

And now, he's 5. Only needs perhaps 10-11 hours sleep a night. Goes to bed close to 9 or sometimes beyond. Now THIS has been a tough change. My evening is "my time" and now that I'm down to an hour or two before I have to go to bed myself, I'm having to regroup and change my thinking. But then again, I'm looking forward to a time when having him up won't be quite as much work. I envision DH, DS and I all coexisting together, reading, drawing, quiet evenings with the family...

At any rate, changes like this can be tough to wrap your mind around, but hang in there. The "afternoon me time" is a tough one to let go, but I've found with all the big changes, there is something positive in there to hang onto.

The best to you mama!

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My daughter stopped napping when she turned 2.

My son never really napped. When he was a newborn he would take maybe 2 or 3 20 minute naps if I was lucky. After the newborn stage he didn't nap unless he was stuck in his carseat for a long time.

I want to know where are these mythical children who take an hour nap in the morning and a two hour nap in the afternoon and then sleep for 12+ hours at night. My kids NEVER did anything like that. Maybe I should donate them to science.
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DD started fighting naps shortly after her first birthday. They were completely given up by 20ish months.

DS napped longer... they were gone before 24 months though.
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It really varies with the child..

My DS stopped needing naps right before he turned 3. Though I do miss that downtime :P
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My ds was a champion napper. Oh how I loed those 3 hour naps. He stopped napping around 4.5-5. My dd was a power napper since infancy. If I got an hour nap from her that was a long time. She stopped napping around 3.
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All my kids stopped napping by the time they were 18months. My oldest and youngest were around 15months, my middle dd was kinda forced out of hers at 18months. Life became easier when they stopped napping because I didn't have to schedule events around them.
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DD#1 stopped taking naps at age 2.

I've got two words for you...


DD#1 is now 3 years, 3 months. and she has quiet time everyday after lunch in her room - on her bed, with quiet toys and music and books to look at. She stays in there for 20-30 minutes on her own. I can sometimes encourage her to stay longer. I never, ever force her, though. Quiet time is something I want her to enjoy and appreciate.

Also, you can also work on teaching your DS that YOU need "quiet time", too. I taught my DD#1 that Mommy needs quiet time in the early morning. I taught her was 7am looks like on the clock, and she knows that if she wakes up early, she can turn on her lights and play until 7am. Then I will go in and snuggle with her. My quiet time involves me staggering out of bed, getting a cup of tea and some cereal, reading the news a bit. I am so much more ready to greet the girls in the AM, if I can have my quiet time, too!

Your DS may not be able to read a clock well enough yet, but you can find other times in the day to start teaching him about "Mommy's Quiet Time". Find some times in the day where there is a natural break in the routine/rhythm of the day, where he may be in a quiet mode himself, and work in those quiet times for yourself.

edited to add - I know you said he doesn't want quiet time but, he doesn't have to lay still on his bed to have quiet time. He can just quietly play in his room with some quiet toys, books, etc. Some nice music. I bet if you started it slowly, like 10 minutes a day, and let him get comfortable with the idea, he might like it! Maybe!

Seriously, I did NOT think my DD#1 was going to go for quiet time. So my sister suggested just 10 minutes a day - setting a timer for her, so she knew when quiet time was done. Well, after about 4 days, she started saying, "I'm going to stay in quiet time just a wittle (little) bit longer, ok?" And now she is so used to it and likes it.
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Charlotte started dropping her nap at around 3.5 at home (would nap at her 3 day per week preschool though) But it didn't last, she napped well (at least 2 hrs a day) all summer (past her fourth bday) but had to give up her naps when she started in kindy this fall (five days full days, no nap.) We moved her bedtime to 7pm. She sleeps until at least 630 every morning, sometimes past 7. It was a horrible six week adjustment though when she started kindy becuase she was just so darn tired and really just barely capable of not losing her mind over it.

Silas, almost three, still naps at home and at preschool (same thing, three full days per week). He naps anywhere from 1-2 hrs at preschool to 2-4 hours at home. We lose his nap about once or twice every two weeks. He goes to bed at the same time as his sister, 7pm and sleeps until at least 7am.

Dh has huge sleep needs so we're pretty disciplined about the kids getting enough sleep. It seems to have a huge impact on their immune systems too.
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"I taught her was 7am looks like on the clock, and she knows that if she wakes up early, she can turn on her lights and play until 7am."

ditto this. Charlotte learned a LONG time ago that the clock had 'start with seven' - digital clock in our room. So she can get up, she can come and cuddle with us, or she can play quietly in our bedroom, does puzzles mostly, but that we're not going to be getting up until the clock starts with seven. Until then its sleepy time.
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DS1 just turned 4, he napped daily for 1.5-2.5 hours, until just the past month or two, when schedules changed resulting from the holiday's, birthday's, vacation time and a change in DH's schedule which now has him spending more time with DS. Now, he states an oposition to napping, but can't resist snuggling in next to me if I lay down, and still around 80% of the time, it turns into a nap.

DS2 is almost 2, and I don't think he's ever missed a nap. We live in a small house (4 of us in one bedroom) so the kids are not often out of sight, but every once in a while I'll go looking for DS2, to find that he has put himself down for a nap.
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My DD stopped napping at 2 1/2!
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Originally Posted by TiredX2
DD started fighting naps shortly after her first birthday. They were completely given up by 20ish months.
My dd did the same. I was working *hard* for that nap for the last few months, and finally decided it wasn't worth the effort.

I have to admit we started a bad habit of midday movies about that time :. She doesn't watch a midday movie anymore, but that was my sanity for a while!
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