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May I join the club?

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I just found out this morning that I am pregnant with #1. I have lurked on MDC for about two years waiting for the green light from my husband and now we conceived the first month we tried.

I have learned so much over these two years and look forward to sharing this experience with all of you!
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YAY CONGRATULATIONS... I just found out today too and am due the same day. So happy for you.... and glad that people are joining me.
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I'm here too!!!

HI ladies,
It's early yet for October due dates, I'm sure more will be joining. But until then, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

I just found out yesterday - this is our first child, though we lost a baby in a miscarriage in December.

I'm sure we'll be speaking more soon!
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Yay for you guys!

I'm posting on the Sept board, but I'm probably having an Oct baby like ya'll!
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