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GLBT ally training?

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I have been offered an opportunity to go to a GLBT ally training seminar (sp).

Will this be worthwhile? Is this something helpful to the GLBT community?

It's at my university

Debra Baker
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It's hard to know if it will be worthwile since I have no idea who is teaching it, what the format is, etc. That said, why not go and see what you can learn? As far as being helpful to the Queer community, I guess that all depends on how you use any of the knowledge you learn.
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I'll just go and see for myself I'll write back and tell you what I learned.

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Hi there DebraB.!

I am a GLBTQ Ally, and have read many books and I am starting to really focus in on the Transgender community. It is an incrediable passion of mine, and I would encourage anyone to become an "Ally". My husband and I are well known at our local Gay/Lesbian coffee house as Ally's.....and are introduced as such. I am so proud to be human at these moments!

There are things to be taught at these conferences. Society changes by the moment and the GLBTQ's lives are at stake alot of the times. It is VERY political......and worth it.

I was asked by a wonderful F/M (female to male) friend of ours: "Okay, Kelly, why are you so involved with us? Why do you care?"

I almost cried.
My reply............"Because I have children. Because I want them to LOVE whoever they want to love. No matter their sex, colour, nationality, religion. Because I have children..........I fight."

**Thank you for caring, for learning, for making this world a friendlier place to be!!**

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If you think of it, gay people come from straight people (generally) and that should (in theory) keep gay people from being segregated and isolated because, hopefully, they would always have straight people who love them.

I have eight children and, statistically, I should have one of them turn out to be gay or lesbian. I guess that does give me a personal reason to be an Ally.

Debra Baker
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