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how many diapers has your dh changed?

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i don't know how to do a poll but Ethan will be 4 weeks this coming Sunday. can i tell you...dh has not changed one diaper!!!! anyone else?????
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Oh geez, I'm sorry. Your guy really sounds like he needs to clue up

DP has changed a fair number of newborn diapers, and he changes all of dd1's dipes while he's home... works for me, there aren't as many of them but they're orders of magnitude more disgusting
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when he was home for 2 weeks after her birth.. i only changed like 2 dipes!! now i change them during the day, but he's all about the evening changes!! He takes pride in the diaper duty! hehe
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He's pretty good about it. I don't ask him that often (maybe a few times a week) but he's always happy to help. He's also learning the cloth diapering lingo. I was impressed when he asked me the other day, if he should use a "prefold" or a "kissaluv". I thought he didn't know the names of them. He's still afraid of the snappy though.

He's also pretty much in charge of our ds's pottying (he'll be 3 next month) when he's not at work.

I love that man.
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When my DH is home he changes every single diaper for both kids. He was on Family leave for 3 weeks after the baby was born and I only changed one diaper during that time because he was gone to the store. Now that he's back at work I miss him so much!!
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When dh was home from work after the birth he did most of the diaper changes. He said "you have to nurse all the time, I'll do it." LOL Now he does it about once a day. He doesnt mind cause she is happy on her change table but alot of the times if he is just holding her, she is fussy cause she knows he doesnt have the goods (boobs.) LOL
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In 15 months, my dh has only changed between 10 and 20 diapers. In the beginning, he would change them once in a blue moon. I think he was a little intimidated by her size. As she's gotten bigger, he does more. He has a high gag reflex and does not do well with her poop. It's mostly my doing though, because I have always just done everything for her. But he's a good helper and doesn't mind to change her. If you want him to help out, you may have to ask. You may also wanna wait a little onger. SOMe guys are intimidated by the littleness of a newborn.
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while he's probably done only 5 or 6 of m's, he's taken to changing k a lot, so it evens out. especially 'cause he has to deal with toddler poop!
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he does sooooo much other stuff (takes care of ds, including his diapers, cooks, cleans) that i don't really ask that of him. he does it if i ask him to and will do it if he's watching her by himself but otherwise i do it.
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My husband did all of the first meconium diapers, or "tar poop" as he liked to call them. Obviously, as time went on, I started changing the majority of the diapers because he works. But when he gets home, I don't hesitate to announce that it's time for HIM to change the poopy diaper (heck, I'll even wait a few minutes if I'm expecting him soon). He doesn't do much else at home except play with the boys and give them their bath (he's great at those things, but completely domestic-task handicapped!), so he can certainly change some diapers.

- krista
mother to Ryan (3, self-weaned in Nov.), A.J. (2, still nursing), both born at home, and babe #3 (due Aug. '06)!
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My DH changes them if she goes while he has her. But...he has been a stellar ECing guy and consistently catches 3-5 pees and usually 1 poo each evening! At night he's not doing so well with DS, unfortunately. Our poor ECed DS, who is now a day time full graduate, has been wetting his diaper 1-2 times a night and waking up with wet sleeper pants too. Meanwhile our newborn is sleeping without diapers about half the time... DS sleeps on the other side of DH now, and so I can't get him on the potty in the night like I used to...and DH just doesn't notice. Or chooses not to notice?...Makes me so sad. But I guess overall I can't complain...some guys just don't get it. At least for the most part we don't have 2 1/2 year old poopy diapers to worry about.
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