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Admit it here: what have you had to re-buy bc you can't find the original?

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I'm hoping that this will help realize there are others there like me! I just had to buy new dog clippers bc I couldn't find the other ones. They were only $7, but still.......It seems dh and I are always re-purchasing things we already own!
This summer dh lost the attachment to the hose--- still, only about $8, but it drives me crazy! Then this morning I can't find the bag that I sterilize my breastpump tubes in. I only pump once in a while, so I really don't want to go buy a whole new box of bags. You get the idea.....
I could probably come up with another dozen items.....please tell me I'm not the only one! :
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A charger for our cordless drill. I have no idea where it went.
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Originally Posted by mamajessica
A charger for our cordless drill. I have no idea where it went.
Same here, only they sold us the wrong one and we had to return it. We still have no usavble drill. It's been over a year.

I need to do something before May, cuz to make room for the baby stuff in the bedroom we need to stack our stacking bookcases. A drill is not optional for this project. I guess we could always borrow one.

Or find the dang charger.
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Just fyi, home depot told us a new charger would be $20, then we went to a DeWalt store and it was $3.72 Glad we waited!
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I can't even count how many times I have lost the diaper rash cream and had to run out and fork out another $8 for more, even though I know I just bought a whole tube a week or so ago : .
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baby nail clippers
chapstick - I probably have 10 tubes around the house and car.
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pruning shears

i bought a new pair last summer because i couldnt find the old ones. was looking for them yesterday and they are nowhere to be found.
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Nail clippers. I use the baby size just because I prefer it. But it's so small that it's wicked easy to lose.

My daughter managed to lose three pairs of dance tights. I have no idea how, since the only place she takes them off is here. So it's not like she left them at the dance place (I looked there anyway, though). It was weird because they all got lost within a couple months, and it hasn't happened since. Luckily they were all in her old size so I just replaced them with the bigger size.
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Happens all of the time...

Glue guns-- and the glue rods to go in

gardening gloves---trowel--spade etc.

dental floss

my favorite pens--I buy in packs of 4, but still they disappear.

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A brand new jar of honey: bought it last week. It's GONE! I think maybe my little wild thing put it in the trash. I had to get more. It is simply NOT in my tiny little house.


nail clippers - then, of course, they turn up later

sunglasses - I am pretty sure they were stolen from my unlocked car, RIGHT in front of my house, during the day. :

car charger for cell phone - ????? no clue

I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them.
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the remote control for the t.v. -- i'm guessin' we've lost it twice because the most recent one we lost was a universal remote not a magnavox brand -- and we don't even watch t.v. that often
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Phew! I'm glad I actually opened this thread....

I just placed my mouse over the title and thought I'd read, "I had to replace my dog "

Glad to hear it was just the clippers.
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my gym ids...cost me $10 for a new one.....and my credit and debit cards. i love waiting two weeks for new ones in the mail (not that I have to Re-buy them, but I'm always losing them!)

i guess that's what happens when you let baby play in the wallet!

the biggest one for our family is sunglasses....i refuse to buy them at regular price anymore because they don't seem to make it more than a month. if they aren't lost or left somewhere, they inevitably end up sat on and bent in half!
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The cap for the clean-water reservoir on our carpet steam cleaner. It showed up under a tomato plant when I harvested the kitchen garden in the fall. So now I have two.

My kids replaced a computer CD for a game they liked and then found the original.

I have to buy a new copy of the book "Diaper Free!" soon because my old one has disappeared. I'll lend it out and lose the new one too, no doubt. I've lost lots of books by lending them out. I need to start keeping track.

Music CD's... I don't know if they fall out the door of the minivan or what but I'm always permanently losing them.

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Keys, endless keys- including paying for locksmiths to change locks and unlock doors. I used to loose atm and credit cards all the time also, earrings (of course I always loose one, and usually they are irreplaceable), I used to loose my dog leashes all of the time (at one point I had five or so floating around). Basically little odds and ends.
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always chapstick, nail clippers and diaper cream.

and more often than not, cat nail clippers. glad we are not alone.
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both pairs of our tweezers are gone...the normal-sized bathroom pair and the mini ones that I keep in my little travel bag.

Where'd they go!?!?!
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