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Zefyre ZenDavid is here!

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The Stats...for Zefyre ZenDavid

born Jan. 25th at 11:27pm
due Jan. 30th
weight: 8lbs 1oz.
length: 21 3/4 inches

Wow what a wild ride! Like I said in my post yesterday I new I was in labor by 3:30 when I went for my walk. It progressed nicely throughout the night and we went to the hospital at 9:30 and 2 hours later he arrived! I'm home now and very tired but very, very happy with my little bundle of boy.

I'll say more later!!
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You were pretty close on the time, too! I'm impressed!
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what a cool name too!
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Yipee and congratulations on your new little one!!! Can't wait to read the story of his birth!!
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Congratulations and welcome baby Zefyre! What a cool name!
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Right on!!! Sohappy for you and I love his name!!! HAPPY BABYMOON!!

Namaste, Tara
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Congrats! I love the name. Right on my due date!
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Congratulations, Angela! I am so happy for you! Happy babymoon!!!
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LOVE the name! Congrats!!!!!
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Wow! You made it home fast! Congrats!
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