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attn: EDD 1/30/03!

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How are we doing, ladies?
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As I wrote you in PM last night, my water broke yesterday. I'm still not in active , exciting labor, just some desultory contractions. I have a midwife appointment at noon. The midwife on duty last night called me three times to check up on me, which made me feel cared for and reassured--she was not worried that I hadn't gone into active labor. (So glad I took that Strep-B culture so we can be mellow about that!) I'm feeling okay, continuing to leak amniotic fluid at intervals. I had a good night's sleep, a shower and I'm going to eat some breakfast shortly.

I'm a little uncomfortable because of the soreness of my pelvis but otherwise I'm moving around okay. I predicted last night that i would start active labor this morning. Well, maybe later in the day. If worse comes to worst I'll start taking more shots of cohosh tincture! I probably am in some kind of labor, it's just very boring and slow.
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There's always those nipples !! Twiddle twiddle twiddle (yah, I'm not looking forward to that !)

Good luck captain !! YAY !! Chellemarie, I hope you are soon - I'm not due until 2/7 but I had internal yesterday and like you, high, tight, closed, thick and posterior. yippee. I'm the other one they are haunting about baby size (9lb estimate last week)

Have a nice day ladies !
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captain...you're the last one I expected to hear from this morning. You're supposed to be pushing, not posting. I'm living vicariously through you today.

No pressure, though.

My DD's fever came back. God knows what he's doing, I guess. I can't be delivering a baby when my other baby is sick. We're going to spend the day napping, drinking orange juice and rubbing mommy's belly.

As soon as I've scoured ebay for nursing tops.

I'll be sending out some labor vibes for you, missy.
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Ah...there's our zombiemommie. I was wondering about you.

I've been measuring a week ahead of schedule until yesterday. Doc says it's probably due to less fluid around baby...so, more baby, less other stuff. He said it with a sort of menacing grin. (or was that my imagination?) I keep picturing birthing a toddler. That should make a 9-pounder feel less enormous.

Maybe. *L*
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Glad to hear everyone's "making it". Dh was under strict orders to shoot me and put me out of my misery if I wasn't in labor by today--but here I am still kicking
Captain...that's so great that your water broke! I'm glad somebody's got some news. I'm really hoping that's what will happen to me. I'm REALLY sick of having contractions 3-5 min. apart for hours and wondering if I should call everyone. A lot less guesswork if your water breaks. Well, I'm going to try to stay busy today to keep my mind off things. Good luck to everyone.
Captain.. hopefully we'll be hearing a birth story soon.
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Gaiamom, if you are having contractions 3-5 minutes apart, aren't you in labor? or are they just not doing anything? That's pretty confusing. I guess you have already called your midwife or doctor about that though, right? Your water might not break until the birth, or the baby might be born with the bag of waters--with a caul! Whoooo!

I have been having what I think are contractions but really far apart and undramatic. We are seeing the midwife in an hour and half. I am really really glad that I didn't tell my mom that my water broke! In fact I think besides my dh, we told only two other people. I've heard that first labors can go really long. I'm glad that so far it doesn't seem to hurt.

My dh is bopping around the house being super-silly. He's making a lot of jokes.

I hope your little girl feels better. poor sweetie.
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Well! I've gone from wanting to get this baby out NOW to reallllly wanting to wait til next week.

DD tested negative for Influenza A, but is coughing hard and running a good fever. If I were to deliver this weekend, she couldn't come up and see me and baby. I don't want that at all. SO, no more labor vibes for me! *L* How's that for a turn-around?

There is so much Influenza A in our area right now, the ped said we'll definately see mucho advertising for the flu shot next year. I think there were five kids in attendance at one of our elementary school's classroom's earlier this week.

gaiamom...good luck to you. You really are getting close. Right now "not much longer!" sounds a lot like "Come on...just one more push!"...but really, not much longer!

I'm glad you're not in pain, captain. First babies can take their time, but my SIL didn't have painful contractions until just before she got to push. She had bloody show at 3am and baby was born in the afternoon (I think)...not long at all!
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Well, if "contractions 3-5 min. apart for hours" means I'm in labor, this is surely the longest labor in history, because that's been happening since christmas: You see why I'm so emotionally exhausted! I keep thinking "this is it!" but then they stop and a few days later it will happen again. So I'm really cheering on that bag of water to burst wide open I did go get some blue cohosh today and am having a few contractions but I'm trying to just ignore them until they start hurting. Also I've been feeling a very uncomfortable stinging pain up inside, maybe my cervix stretching or something. Who knows?
Chellemarie, hope your little girls starts feeling better soon. No labor vibes for you!
Captain, first labors can drag on a bit but hopefully the hard part will come and go quickly.
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Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only January mama still pregnant!! I have been feeling a little down lately. My due date(and I really,really know it's only an estimate!)was Wednesday, Jan. 29th. But because my son came a week early and I've had this stupid intermittent high blood pressure, I'm starting to go crazy!!

I had *lots* of bloody show/mucous plug a week ago. I am now 3 cm dilated, my cervix is almost all thinned out, and the baby's head is down quite far. But I haven't had any contractions! I can't believe I'm going to have a February baby!! In the grand scheme of things this is but a short time, but still...

captain optimism & gaiamom I am rooting for you to have your babies SOON, except then I probably will be the last one to go(sniff)
chellemarie-sorry about the sickness! I can understand why you'd want to keep that baby in for a little longer!

#2 due 1-29-03
ds 3.5 yrs old
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