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Tax Question thread-

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I have a question... thanks!

We lived in California until April, then moved to Kansas. I worked in both of those states, and this summer I also worked in Missouri (never lived there, we're only a few miles from the border). I had state tax taken from all three states, plus Kansas City took its own tax (and they took a lot). Do I have to file in all three states? I'm pretty sure I'll get everything back - I always have in the past anyway - so I want to file for that reason... but 3 state returns sounds like a major PITA.

Also, what's the deadline for employers to get my w-2 to me? I've applied for grad school and a couple colleges want my FAFSA by 2/12, but I can't really fill it out without the info from my tax return.

Also, I cashed in a couple of returement accounts to move out here - one from the California State Teachers Retirement system and one little 403-B. They took 10% off each one to cover taxes. Can I get it back - I know I don't pay 10% of my paychecks in federal taxes, or anywhere near that. And it that now taxable income for 2005?

Thank you! Thank you! Thanks you!

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My DH brought this one up last night - is there a time limit (i.e. so many years out of school) in which you can claim interest for student loans? Thanks!
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Awesome Mama I have got a question,

Last year we incurred alot of medical expenses. I saved all of the EOB's from my insurance company. How are these used for Tax purposes and how can it benifit me?
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I have one - DH and I file seperately. Last year he claimed DS. Does he *have* to claim DS this year too or can I claim him instead? Does it matter who does each year- can we switch back and forth or does it always have to be DH since he did first? Does that make sense?

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pick me! pick me!

I just took a position as a 1099 contractor.
(as a therapist for autistic children...therapy sessions will be at their homes which I will travel to using my own vehicle...it's approximately a 30 mile trip each way)

What sort of deductions will I be able to claim and what documentation should I keep so that I will be ready for tax time next year?
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I have a question for you. We moved in May from a longtime rental and received 12K as part of "relocation" money from our old property management company. Basically, they paid us to move out. Well, when we moved, my DH filled out a W-4 form with the company, but no taxes were taken out of this money. We thought we would receive some kind of 1099 form or something for our own taxes, but so far, there has not been.

Do we still need to claim this money? Doing so will put us 2500 in the hole. Of course, I don't want us to not claim it if they are reporting it, know what I mean?
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My husband is a poice officer, this year we had to buy his weapon and duty gear. It cost about $1000. I put this in on my taxes but it didnt change my refund, should it?

Also I worked a job at the begining of 05, the income is about 200 bucks. Do I need to claim this little of an amount? I only ask cause I still havent recieved the W2 and I need to file pretty soon.
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Originally Posted by jlazx2
If anyone has tax questions I can answer them here.
Thanks a lot for your thread. I have two questions:

1. What is itemization/itemize(sp?)?

2. What people usually itemize (sp?)?

I have heard if you itemize stuffs you get more return. However, I'm not sure what is exactly that in the first place?

Thanks for your help.

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I have a couple questions too, if I may.

1. I only had a couple months of unemployment last year and didn't work at all so I didn't get enough in to HAVE to file this year. We have tax software and it says DH can get an exemption for me if I didn't have *income*. So, are unemployment benefits considered *income*? I didn't work at all, only received the benefits I had paid in for.

2. My federal return is always taken for a defaulted student loan, so if we file jointly (to qualify for EIC) how do we get my DH's portion of our return back? How long does that normally take?
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thanks for the reply

do you happen to know of any links that detail exactly what I can and can't claim?
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