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Please help!

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hello I have had a trying week. First of all, Saturday morning, I took a pg test- it was negative. My daugther was admitted to the hospital that same day. By Tuesday, I was sick with morning sickness and light-headiness. I called dh and crying told him to bring me a pg test right away- Just that day I had started my period. I took it anyway, and it was positive Only thing bothering me was the bleeding which wasn't painful, just felt like a medium flow period which tapered off yesterday to light pink. So, last night when I got back from the hospital, I took a pg test again. It barely shows a positive sign. Midwife said this worries her, since that could mean my hcg levels are down, thus I could be miscarrying. However, she thinks I may not have urinated enough on the stick, and this could have caused my test to function abnormally. So, as of today, Friday, no cramping, a little nausea, and a whole lot of mixed emotions. Everyone tells me that sometimes pg women have periods during their pregnancies. My mom said she had them through both pregnancies. Anyone have any experience with this?
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A while ago, the midwife told me that there is actually a huge percentage of pregnant women who spot. About 50% of the time (I think- I have a bad memory for numbers), the bleeding is nothing and the women go on to have healthy babies-- the spotting in no way affects the babies. The cause of spotting is usually not known. I worked with an Italian woman, and she told me that it is believed if you spot while pregnant, you will have a headstrong daughter(-:

Please keep us posted.
It is very stressful to see blood after getting a positive test. I hope everything works out.
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Well, I went to the Drs. today...

I had two pg tests today. The first at the Planned Parenthood Clinic, and the second at my ob's. Both came back negative. I was so not believing the results, but my nurse assured me that I may be so early along that the results are not showing yet. This however does not explain my positive results and my pg symptoms. So, at least I did not miscarry, since we still don't know officially if I am pg after all. So, I go back in a week for a serum test, and then if by the end of feb. I still have not had a period or the symptoms continue, I go back for more testing. Thanks for being here
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I'll be thinking about you and sending you energy
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Hi Mamabugsx2...I bled for 9 weeks with my dd, everything from light pink spotting to clots that I went to emerg for. She's fine and that reference to the Italian lady makes me laugh waldohood- headstrong she is!!

Hoping everythings ok with you...
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hmm...my hcg took awhile to come up enough to show positive even though I knew I was, but no bleeding here. My mom had a hell of a time convincing doctors that she was pregnant, even though no period, to the point they almost gave her fertility drugs..no heavy bleeding, but spotting for her...Sorry I cannot be more help...Good luck
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