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where do you put it all?

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Hi mama's....

For all you mama's with big families...where do you put everything?? I mean I have my two older boys, my nephew, and my sister in one room and then me and my baby in another room and the house is always a mess. My sister and I feel like all we do is clean and then it goes right back to being a big mess again! I think our biggest issue is clothes! Lots and lots of clothes, dirty, clean...everywhere! We were thinking of getting another dresser and I'm thinking maybe we have too many clothes in general, but there is alot of us LOL
Any tips??

*Housing is reinspecting our apartment next week and I'm trying to get threw all this stuff!! Time to get off the computerLOL
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I do not have a big family, but I thought I would offer my .02

Go through all the clothing and determine if you can get rid of any of it. It's true, there are a lot of you, therefore there are a lot of clothes. But are you sure it's all being worn?

Do you have room for another dresser? Are the beds off the ground or are they mattresses sitting on the floor?

There are great Rubbermaid or Sterlite plastic drawers that you can buy individually. I used to have these drawers under my bed when we didn't have room for a dresser in our master bedroom in our old house. They really do work well!

If you cannot put them under your beds, maybe there is room for them in the closet?

Also, if you flat fold everything, the clothing ends up taking up a LOT less room in their drawers/shelves/etc. You'd be surprised.
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We have just two kids and dh and I, but the clothes can get out of hand with us, too. A couple of mos ago I culled everyone down to one weeks' worth of clothes each, plus some dress up outfits. Dh has a lot of business clothes but those don't count. I'm talking about casual and play clothes.

All our clothes except PJ's and undies go on hangers. It's much easier to see what we have that way, and it takes up less room.

I have several plastic totes in the garage that are labeled "Nitara to grow into" and "Abi to grow into" and when the season changes, I sort the clothes, add and take clothes out. Nitara gets Abi's old clothes. When Nitara outgrows them they are donated since we won't have any more kids.

Toys: get rid of them!! I mean really, really cut down on the toys you have around the house. My kids have a lot less toys than they used to and they play with the ones they have left so much better. I donated a whole carload of toys to Goodwill. Less stuff to clean up!
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Is it just the clothes that are messing the apartment up, or what is it that is the problem?

I totally agree with USAmma, get rid of toys! My kids used to have so many toys, that they'd take them out, spread them around the house, and that was it. They never really played with them, just took them out and dumped them all over. I took some time to get rid of most of them. The junky ones went out immediately, or the ones I knew they wouldn't miss. The ones that I question I would put in a box down the basement, and if after a certain time they didn't ask for them, I got rid of them. Now they have a lot less toys, but play with what they have. I also did the same with movies. The ones that were liked but never really watched were taken to donate to the library to "share" so the kids know they can still go and rent them when they want them, and all we have are a select few of the really loved ones. We don't buy them anymore either.

Get rid of as much stuff as possible that you don't use. It might have to be a gradual process, as in my case, but it's working great. There has only been one thing that I wish I wouldn't have gotten rid of, and I can't even remember what it was!!

To organize, add shelving where ever possible. I added two shelves to my pantry, and dh built a unit in the basement. Collect Rubbermaid-type bins, shoeboxes, reg. boxes, and a marker and pack things away. Stick them in closets, under beds, anywhere that you have space. HTH
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