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i have the flu

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dh had it last week and i thought i was ok until Wed. when i woke up with a sore throad, etc. i am taking Emergen C and sucking zinc but not much else i can do for me. but what about Ethan? i haven't noticed anything until today when he seemed to be congested a bit. he has a ped. appt. on Mon. (thank goodness...just for my reassurance) but was wondering if anyone else knew of anything i should do for prevention for him.
i am trying really hard to eat...ive been eating 3 meals a day and drinking alot and its horrible for me b/c it hurts to eat but i want to make sure hes getting enough nourishment.
i just feel like $hit!!!
i know someone else on here had the flu w/ a Dec. babe but can't remember who...and my head is busting too much to search!!!
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aww, you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon! The Vit C will go to him through your milk so just keep doing what you are doing. The immunities in your milk protect him well. You can also take oscillococcinum for yourself and it helps you to feel better too. It's homeopathic so you probably have to get it at the healthfood store.

Feel better soon!
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Do you have a juicer? If so, juicing an entire piece of citrus fruit, peel, seeds and all, has worked well for my family. Raw honey is good, and so is garlic as far as foods that heal.

Drink as many fluids as your poor throat can handle. Sorry you're going through this, mama. But, it's wonderful that you're nursing because Ethan is getting all of your wonderful antibodies as your body fights this infection.

Rest as much as is possible for a mama of three, and take care of yourself!
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I am sorry to haer you are sick. I had the flu last week, or should I say a stomach bug. I hear again and again that the breastfed baby is the only one in the house to not get sick, just let Ethan nurse as much as he wants to. That was true in our house. Sam is also only got congested. for congestion some of the recomended things are using saline drops to mostien the babies nasal passages and then suction any boogers you can see. Keep the baby at an angle, tilt the bed he sleeps in with some books under the head end, or let him sleep in his car seat. Moisture helps, from a vaporizer or humidfier. Though some are more concerned with mold from those, the shower works. You can eat as hungry and not push yourself to eat more than is comfortable. Your body will make milk at your expense. In countries with widespread malnutrition, the breastfed babies are the healthiest, even if thier mama is not properly fed. While you do need to eat some and more importantly drink to keep up your strength, Ethan will not suffer if it is not your normal diet for a few days. Take Ethan to bed and nnnurse and rest as you can.
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Sorry to hear you're sick. Maybe it was me you were thinking of that had the flu? I had it about a week post partum, then Samara got it. She was hospitalized at 11 days old. Stayed in for 2 days. She got over it quickly. Just keep an eye out for fever. If Ethan seems kind of withdrawn or lethargic that'll be a clue. I hope you feel better soon! And I really hope little Ethan stays healthy.
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Sorry mama! That sucks. I hope you feel better and baby Ethan stays nice and healthy. Josie has a runny nose. I'm hoping its not flu!
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thanks everyone for the kind words. yes birthjunkie, it was you i was thinking of. Ethan doesn't seem to have gotten this other than a small amount of conjestion, but he doesnt even stop bf'ing so it cant be that bad, right???
we do take a shower every day (my only time to "myself" since he will sit in his portable swing while i shower then i bring him in with me)...so he gets that benefit.
i bought some TM tea for sore throat w/ echinea (?). at this point, a bad cough and horrible sore throat are my symptoms, but i just can't wait until its over...
birthjunkie...i don't know how you handled her being in the hospital. hope everyone is better in your home now. same to you atozmama!
healing vibes all around...really can't wait until spring!!!
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i'm hoping too that E doesn't get sick.

i got the flu also (like bethany) at one week after lucy's birth and it sucked. she didn't get sick at all thank goodness!!

sending healing vibes your way!!

(and ... can you believe this is my first nak post??)
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