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suggestions to combat constpation?

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Any body out there have a good natural supplement to prevent constpation? Some days I swear I feel like I am going to explode (sorry graphic)
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Don't they say fiber? Try bran cereal or something. Lots of water.

Myself, I would try Colace.
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I just ate lots of prunes, lots, and drank litres of water, tried to sneak in fibre wherever possible - difficult when all I could eat was toast and crackers and the wholewheat version made me nauseous - and as much fresh fruit as I could eat

I did try psyllium husks but the intestinal cramps and gas were NOT worth it!
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if you can eat...

oatmeal for breakfast - i add raw oatbran for extra punch.

brown rice and broccoli anytime

and brown rice and beans make complete proteins (includes all the essentials) as well as being full of fiber.

and a TON of water. Like 2 liter's a day, or more, if you can.

and try sitting on the toilet a little longer. if you can sit there with your pelvic floor relaxed, it might convince everything to loosen up and "go" - hope that wasn't too graphic

if you take a fiber laxative (not a medicated one, that would be bad), get even more water. I've had the best luck keeping to the oatmeal for breakfast scenario, however.


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Water water water.

Walk walk walk.

Popcorn did the trick for me when I really needed some major help.

Also, when sitting at the potty and you do get to go, try putting your feet up on a footstool...get those knees up a bit. It makes getting it out a little easier.
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I found that 2 prunes and water did the trick for me!
I'd never tried prunes before and was amazed at how quickly they worked.
Good luck!
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I have irritable bowel when NOT pregnant and it sure is exaserbated with pregnancy hormones (did you know the reason why we get constipated in pg? Slows down our digestion so that we can get MAXIMUM nutrients out of our food, cool huh?)

my number one recommendation is NO artificial iron. Terribly constipating. I take blackstrap pills I got at the health food store.

I do tend to take Shaklee's herbal laxative just about every day (only one pill, regular dose is four) and if I have additional problems I drink a huge glass of prune juice with my vitamins. There's also metamucil/citricil if you need to do something different

Also before I go into labor I make sure I have those really yummy flavored prunes made by sunkist I think. Lemon or orange essence (I just get a package of each) and eat a ton of them after the birth so that first bm isn't terrible

Rebecca who seems to be the queen of constipation
due Feb 7th.
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Alfalfa pills are supposed to help. I can't take them because of a medical condition, but I wish I could.
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psyllium did the trick for me.

I just used some of my moms metamucil. She no longer uses it since I revamped thier diet for my diabetic high cholesterol step dad. (less meat more beans) But my high fiber diet did NOTHING against those prenatals!
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Prunes! I'm also eatting lots of fruits and veggies... it helps a lot.. got some fiber filled cereal yesterday, so hopeful it helps me out too! And I can second putting your feet up... I put one foot up on a milk crate, and the other on the edge of the tub... works very well for me.
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Are we taliking about going to the bathroom or labor here

All this talk of feet up and squatting......Thank you for all your advice. I tried the psylium husks with my vitamins in the morning and I feel a lot better.
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Ditto the prunes. I buy the Sunsweet Bitesized Pitted Prunes (now i think they are called Dried Plums--hehe). I try to eat four a day. i was eating 7 a day (according to the label, that was a serving) but it was working too well.

My daughter has loved prunes since probably age 14 months! I just slice them up into quarters for her. They are like juicy raisins. I think she thinks they are candy. I'm glad she never got that negative connotation into her head about them like I did when I was little (my mom drinks prune juice as her laxative and I just am so repulsed by it!) :P

Oh, BTW, I keep them in the fridge.
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I know how you feel. I have been very constipated with this pregnancy and NOTHING seemed to work.
My midwife suggessted SLIPPERY ELM. She said to mix 1/2 - 2 Tablespoons with hot water then stir into applesauce or oatmeal. I did it and within 24 hours I had the largest most comfortable bowel movement I have had in three months. I also experienced no cramping or any negative effects. I wish I would have known about this sooner. Laurie
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