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Ultrasound Gender predictions: Error rate?

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I am wondering if "girl" predictions are more likely to be wrong than "boy" predictions.

I also wonder how often they're wrong - it seems the technology has improved so much that I've never heard of a "mistake".

Any thoughts?
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Sono's are definetly not Full Proof. My sister in law had 5 sono's and was told each time it was a girl. Birthday came and she had a Boy!. she is only the 2nd person I know personally that this has happened too.

I found out with my first two and began to wonder at the very end of pregnancy despite the great in between the legs shot that we got. This time we didn't find out. So I am anxious for our surprise.
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They got it wrong with my second. Told "absolutley sure" that it was a boy. Even showed us the between the legs shot with a dangly bit! So there was a big surprise come the birth!!

The midwifes in the hosptial told me it was the first time they could remember them getting it wrong in two or three years (and it's a big hospital).
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With my DD I was told she was a boy. They had 2 arrows pointing to the penis... well when she was born we quickly discovered other wise. We had a closet full of boy clothes and nothing for a girl. I can't wait to show the boyfriends that start coming around that pic. Mean Mommy .
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My cousin was told she was having twin girls (100% sure on one baby, and 80% sure on the second baby). Well big suprise, it was twin boys!
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We've been told we're having a boy, but my gut feeling through this pregnancy has been girl...it's odd. I even make a mistake sometimes and say "she" when referring to the baby! We do only have "boy" colours, but girls can live in blue too!! I would rather have it that way than the other way around, having a surprise boy and only having pink frilly dresses to put him in.

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We were told its a boy but never saw a penis. I even asked the tech if what we decided was scrotum wasn't in fact part of the cord.
She said it wasn't cord so I think we are good.
We have a girl name just in case.
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We got a very clear crotch shot with this one, and I've knit up a ton of stuff in pink. Not to mention we've been talking with our 2.5 y.o. about "Baby Sophie" for months! I do wonder occasionally what we'll do if it's a boy, but I guess the answer is that we will love him and name him an appropriate boy name, and maybe he'll get to wear some pink things at least some of the time.
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Totally anecdotal, but I've had two friends told they were having girls who ended up having penises!
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I don;t know about gender prediction error rate, but I do know that weight estimates can be +/- 2 lbs! That's a big error rate, if you ask me. esp. when you're talking about something weighing 6 or 8 lbs. If you were talking about something that weighed 200 lbs, 2 lbs wouldn't be a big deal. So if they get the gender right about as often as they get weight right, I'd say the error rate is pretty high.

Just to be devil's advocate, w/ the twins I was told 2 girls & I didn't believe it - I was sure I had one of each, so I was sure to have a boy's name & neutral clothing. But they were right - 2 girls!
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My u/s tech said she guarantees 98% right for "boy" predictions and 80% right for "girl" predictions...but she also said that our "girl" was as sure as she can get with any gender, and if it turns out to be a boy to come back and see her and she'll buy us a bunch of boy clothes!
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