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Any VBA3C Success Stories?

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Does anyone have any VBA3C success stories, in particular, those in a hospital setting? Any useful tips/advice you would give someone who wants to attempt VBA3C?
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Most important tip - don't hire a surgeon

Lots of great stories to read, home and hospy.
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An attendants perspective

Hello Ladies!!

Well, we have a new vbac'd, home birthed baby in our world today. The mom, who I have been working with over the past several weeks, had a BEAUTIFUL 9 1/2-pound baby boy at 6:05am.

She phoned at 4:15am and I was finally able to leave the house 35 minutes later. The roads were absolutely treacherous with ice!! I arrived at 5:12 and the amniotic sac had already broken. Mom was on the couch very calmly lying on her side, but the dad was nearly out of his skin. He needed something to do and I was able to provide him with plenty!!

I normally wouldn't do a VE, but this couple had planned to go to the hospital. Well, the weather had them choose a VE to have a little bit of an idea as to where they were. Mom was 7 or so cm's, with baby right there. They opted to stay safe and stay home.

As soon as mom went onto her knees and leaned into the couch, it was impossible for her to stop pushing. I did check again and found a bit of an anterior lip, that I held back for the next contraction. Once the lip was out of the way, the baby came through nicely. Moms legs were a bit too close together, so she relaxed and open them up a bit more, as it seemed as though the baby wasn't able to make the turn.

At the time, with no one but me there to assist this mom, I felt that the shoulders were a bit sticky, so dad helped mom get upright and drink down a big glass of water. I later spoke with another midwife and understood that the shoulders weren't stuck at all, but that time can seem to take on a life of it’s own in these situations.

The next contraction brought the baby out easily. He was born a bit white, but pinked up within a minute. His little head was absolutely beautiful!! There was nothing that would even remotely suggest that this baby had just been born. He was nursing like a champ and had a very nice time getting to know his mom and dad.

Because of issues with some of the family members, they headed for the hospital to get checked. They called their regular GP and asked his opinion and were given a great affirmation for staying home to birth their baby!!!!! YES!!!!!! He has set a time to see them at 2:30 this afternoon, at his house no less!!

I am SO VERY happy for this couple. The mom was an absolute champ!! This mom has had 1 vaginal birth, 3 cesarean sections, and now 1 home vbac.

The OB that she fired last Thursday, told her that she would not be allowed a trial labor, as had been told her prior, and was telling them that an appointment for a csec was needed the next day. There was even a mention of a court order. GRR!!! The reasons that he gave were bogus in my eyes. This was not a GD baby, the mom had no higher of a risk for hemorrhaging than anyone else, and I believe that we aggressively treated the supposed GBS, which was only divulged at the last minute.

Oh, the baby was born in anterior!! For the last few days, the little one was definitely posterior, but due to the mother’s persistence in working to coax her baby into an anterior position, she was able to easily birth her son. I am blissfully tired now. Thanks for reading this to the end!
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My mom had a VBA3C. Granted, that was 14 years ago, but she had previously had 3 sections all with classical incisions. All went very well for her except of course fighting tooth and nail with the OB over it
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I don't have any experience yet but I wanted to offer some support.

There are definately many stories out there. My advice would be to do as much research as you can. Arm yourself with knowledge, read lot of books.
That will help you to know crap when you hear it!

Eating right, exercise, etc. are just kinda common sense things. Good luck!
I wish for you a truly amazing VBAC!
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Thanks for all of your encouraging words & support. Would anyone recommend doing this without the assistance of a midwife. There aren't many midwives in the Charlotte, NC area and I was thinking of laboring as long as I could at home and then head to the hospital when contractions are 2-3 minutes apart. Is this too risky?
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IMO, no, it's not too risky. I plan on waiting till I'm in real active labor and pretty far dilated as well.

And remember, they can't force you to have a cesarean!
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Please keep us posted on your progress Shelley - you are truly an encouragement. I'm due August 06. I know it's early to plan for VBA3C, but I want to be as prepared as possible. Does anyone know of any good VBAC dvd's (what about the Pink Kit, has anyone tried that -- want to know before I invest the $118) Any supplies I should invest in now?
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