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bfing going So Much Better!!!

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First off, thank you *so much* to all of you... you were all so darn supportive while I was struggling beyond belief with the whole bfing thing. There are still sometimes that it's tough (but they're *my* issues... not Lucy's .. she's latching on like a champ at least 95% of the time now!), but I'm working through it largely because of the support and suggestions I received on here.

For a while I really was just about ready to give up. Except that I couldn't because I was determined to make it work. But I sure thought about it... probably more than I should have. Instead, we kept at it and things are just going wonderfully.

Heck, I've even NIP!! Can you believe it?? Funny thing is dh was a bit... dismayed by the idea of it (silly dh) .... I mean, I was just going to Whip Out The Boob In Public?!?! Heck yeah, I told him. Well, I'm more discreet than that and had a baby blanket to cover anything But it worked! Plus, dh was all for it after that because we got to enjoy our meal instead of having a fussy baby. It's *WAY* easier to whip out a boob than to worry about where you're going to get a clean water supply with water at the right temperature, mix it up with formula (that hopefully you remembered), etc....

I'm stilll not so coordinated and pretty much need both arms since the only way I can get to really work the best is with the cross-carry hold (gosh, I *think* that's the name)... I can't get the traditional left-arm-under-baby-while-on-the-left-boob hold down (yeah, I can't remember the name of it, so I made one up)... I can get the football hold to work most of the time too, so at least I have two options. I still haven't quite mastered laying down and bfing, but we're working towards that!

Phew... lots of words just to say, "Thanks!" and "Things are going great!"
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Judy that is great! You should be SO proud of yourself. Good work, mama! And I'm so proud of you for the NIP! I'm the Queen of NIP ...the more you do it the easier it gets. The thing is most people never even notice what you are up to. And your baby is so much happier. Anyway, congratulations on your accomplishments...
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Judy thats awesome. I'm so happy for you. You are making me reflect on how awesome of a thing it is. It comes pretty easy to me to bf but for emotional reasons I am feeling really detached from my baby and not wanting to bf her for those reasons. I guess I should think about how hard it is for some people and try to be more grateful. Awesome about NIP...I can be a little shy about it, I try to consider where I am at when in reality it shouldn't matter.

Anyway...I am so glad that you stuck with it and its paying off. You are awesome! You are just proof that determination pays off with your awesome birth and success breastfeeding!!!!
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Way to go Judy!!! I am so glad to hear that things are better, and they will only get easier as Lucy gets bigger and better head control and you get more practice.
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I knew you could do it! Congrats, mama, and thanks for the update. Many happy milky moments to you and your precious Lucy!
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Great work, Judy! It sounds like you've certainly turned a corner.

(FWIW, I can't nurse with baby-in-left-hand-on-left-boob hold, either)
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thats fantastic!!!
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you rock!
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sometimes it totally sucked sticking it out and i probably did give her more bottles (formula) thank i would have liked, but i still kept up the resolve to keep going and it's totally paying off. actually, it's amazing the support i've gotten from people i don't even know (lots of people seem to ask me if i'm nursing... when i say yes, they're all so positive and encouraging about it!). but one of the big things that kept me going was one day that i was 'taking off' early on .. day 2 of just formula .. and poor lucy was just struggling like crazy with a bm... finally on day 3 it came out and was a chunker. right then and there i said i had to go back sooner rather than later.

her bowels have been much happier since
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