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popping/snapping sound?

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for the last few days, i have been hearing a sort of snapping/popping sound coming from my belly! it is painless, but weird!

any thoughts??

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not sure, but i used to hear a weird swishing and swore it was the cord even when the midwife doubted it and when ds4 was born I had a cord over 40 inches!!! maybe it's something like that?
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I have clicking in my hips, pubic area, and back. Basically all the bones in the region. Like if I roll over in bed, my pubic bones make a popping sound. If that's where your sound is coming from, it's normal. Things just get loose and "clicky" near the end. The only pop I've ever had coming from my actual belly was when my water broke with DD - and it was loud and VERY apparent what that was, 'cause gobs of water then poured out, LOL!

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This might sound kind of gross... but I have a weird popping sound when I get gas... It is just the gas passing around the baby.. but when I lean forward I hear a *click click click*. Then I have a nasty fart. ugh!!! I never thought being pregnant would be this gross? Also, when I turn over my hips/pelvis pop. It's just the bones popping because there is so much weight down there that they are not used to supporting.

I havent had any popping sounds coming from my belly but I have heard the same thing about the popping sounds coming from your belly could be your water breaking.

I read an article about your water breaking... If you aren't sure if your water broke and you would like to find out, it says to put on a fresh pair of clean panties and lay down for 30 minutes. When you get up, if they are dry, it did not break... if they are watery... it is possible that it did. Of course, it could just be your mucus plug showing up...
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Okay, I am totally having this and was planning on posting about it!

For me, this is something entirely different from my bones cracking - it's coming from inside the belly, usually when baby is moving around. Sometimes I wonder if it's the baby's bones cracking?? I don't know, but it's like a snap, or pop sound. The first time I thought maybe it was my water, but nope! I've heard it four or five times in the past week.


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I had this when I was preg. with my dd. My belly would click all the time. The doctor even heard it and had no clue waht it was. he said maybe it was one of her joints popping and it was magnified by the fluid. he wasn't sure though. They checked her joints out really well once she was born, and they were fine. So we never figured out waht it was but ultimately it was just odd and annoying, not dangerous or anything. But I clicked till she was born. Hope that helps.
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i'm stalking your due date club waiting for news of babies... ( ellasmama, mraven, and more that i can't think of right now...) and just had to respond to this because i had it with my pregnancy almost 2 years ago and concluded AFTER our son was born and was sucking on his hand and then *CLICK* he pulled his hand out, that it must have been baby sucking on a hand while in utero and then pulling it out.

wishing everyone peaceful end of pregnancies and safe & beautiful births...

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Just today baby made a really big movement, and at the same time "SNAP!". It was so loud! Sounded just like someone pulling on an elastic and letting go.

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winnie, it sounds as if you and i are experiecing the same thing! i know it's not my bones. it is literally coming out of my belly! and it is associated with her moving about. i just can't imagine what it actually IS, though!! just when you think you've felt/heard it all!

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Do you think my little man has already got his hands on a sling shot and is shooting things inside my belly??

I think I'm in trouble.

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Had this happen with all three of my pregnancies. I have no idea what it was. I had a new popping sound this time around that was my pubic bone, but that was totally different. I thought the belly popping/snapping thing was kind of cool, but i'm wierd like that

Namaste, Tara
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My pubic bone popped too.. Wow, that hurt!!
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The same sounds came from my belly during my last pregnancy. It sounded like baby's joints were poping but the dr didn't think that was it. Then when dd was born, her joints would pop when she moved around so I confirmed my theory. She was fine and the it went away after a few weeks. It was funny to hear that coming from my belly though.
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you know, after thinking about it for a couple days, i think it is her hips "cracking" and it is loud from echoing through the amniotic fluid. the sound is right where i think her bum/hips are...my midwife looked at me like i was crazy......she was like, maybe it's her sucking her thumb (??huh, what?! that doesn't make any sense!) i just hope all is well with her..

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